Nicholas Stoller Movie Web Interview on 'Stretch Armstrong'

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Nicholas Stoller, director of Stretch Armstrong, sat with to discuss what to expect with the upcoming feature film...


I see that you’re writing Stretch Armstrong. Is this something that is actually going to happen soon?

Nick Stoller: I have (the script) open on my computer right now. Rob Letterman is directing. And Taylor Lautner is starring. It’s a big, action-type of superhero movie. It is outside of my genre wheelhouse, but it is really exciting to work on it. There are certainly comedic elements to it. But it is very much a superhero movie.

I’m assuming that you are around my age, and that you had a Stretch Armstrong doll when you were a kid?

Nick Stoller: No, I didn’t have a Stretch Armstrong. But I had a friend that did.

This probably sounds stupid, but it so clearly sticks out in my mind. When I see the words Stretch Armstrong, I think of the rubber on this doll getting cracked and dirty, and this jelly oozing out of him. It was devastating when my mom threw the disgusting thing in the trash. That, too me, is Stretch Armstrong. Will we see that referenced in the film?

Nick Stoller: Yeah. I don’t know if we’ll see a mom throwing him in the trash. But I think that is a common thing that people have said to me. When you are a kid, you want to see how far Stretch Armstrong can stretch. I think part of this ties into Hasbro launching a new line of toys. This is not a toy that kids are familiar with now. So they are re-launching a whole line of crazy stretch toys to go along with the movie. Its fun to create a whole universe. There was nothing to the back-story, so it’s exciting.

And you say its going to be a superhero movie?

Nick Stoller: Yeah. It’s going to be a total superhero movie. There is nothing to base the story on. There were never any comic books, or anything. We’ve gotten to have complete creative freedom in terms of creating this universe. Which is kind of daunting, because Marvel has sixty or seventy years of stories to play with. It’s also kind of great, because we’re not beholden to anyone. We are not beholden to any stories. We are not beholden to something that started in 1960. We get to create this from the ground up, and make a very current, fun, superhero story.

With the old toys from the late 70s, they did have Stretch Monster, and the two Stretch Octopi, which all had that gross grape jelly in them, as opposed to the Kyro syrup that was in Stretch Armstrong. Are any of them going to be incorporated into the movie?

Nick Stoller: No. It’s just Stretch. Stretch is a lot different now than he was in the late 70s.

What sort of nemesis is he going after in this movie if its not the green Stretch Monster?

Nick Stoller: I’m not sure what I’m allowed to say about it. I’m new to the world of not being able to talk about stories. I come from the world of comedy, where you can talk about what ever you want. But Stretch lives in a very grounded, real world. Our inspiration is as much The Dark Knight as it is the Bourne movies. His nemesis is a rogue element. Not to get to into it, but they are rogue soldiers. Those are his nemesis.

For years, DC Comics as tried to get Plastic Man off the ground as a feature film. Did you have to look at those comic books to ensure that you weren’t heading down the same road as that iconic character?

Nick Stoller: No. This is quite different from anything else out there. Our fundamental story is a ways away from that. I am not worried about him being too close to Plastic Man or Mr. Fantastic from Fantastic Four. It’s quite different. It’s a lot more grounded in the real world, assuming that you had a guy who could stretch. What would that look like? He’s not creating parachutes. It’s a much-more grounded look.

Source: Movie Web

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Comment by Eden Courtney on October 11, 2010 at 5:57pm
Wow, this sounds like a tremendous role for Taylor. In the past, I was not much of a superhero movie type person, but the ones they make now are pretty great - Iron Man and Iron Man 2 (I had to be dragged kicking and screaming to see the first one even tho I love, love, love Robert Downey, Jr. LOL


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