Nikki Reed Confirms We'll See Jacob Throw Dog Bowl at Rosalie in Breaking Dawn!!

Nikki Reed was at the Nashville TwiCon on Friday March 11th and Twilight Lexicon was there & shared some of what Nikki had to say via Twitter
  • She says Taylor is really sexy in the scene where he hits her in the head with a dog bowl.
  • She likes Rosalie's honesty since she herslef is an honest person. Says a lot of the characters in the book don't say what they think but Rose does.
  • She describes the way Rose and Bella bond in BD as being very intimate. She and Kristen are also bonding from that.
  • Right now she is closest to Elizabeth and Peter but friendships have grown and changed over the series.
  • Says Kellan is a funny guy but he is also very generous, sweet, and a gentleman to a "T."
  • She says Taylor in his full spandex outfit with the hood is HIGH-larious.
  • She's having a good time with this film. Says she didn't know they would use Rose as much as they did for this film.
  • The most difficult movie for her was New Moon. JUST KIDDING! She wasn't really in that one!
  • She has a blog. That's all she has that is official.
  • She still wants to film a 100 Monkeys video but they just don't have the time right now.
  • In Baton Rouge she went to the gym a lot with Kallan and to the stake house with Taylor.
  • She volunteers at a dog shelter near her house.
  • Says working with different directors is great becasue they each are excited to do something new and bring a different energy.
  • Says she is really drawn to the wolves. She thinks Emily is a very interesting character. And all the boys.
  • She think everyone will be so emotional on the last day of filming that they will just leave and not say anything.
  • She doesn't think of herself as a typical leading lady.
  • She never takes things for granted. Says when there is a tremendous amount of love in a room, like there is here, she is very touched.
  • Her advice to young actors: turn and run! Do something else! LOL!
  • She says you go to school to be a doctor or lawyer and eventually you will be. Acting isn't like that. You never know when you will work.
  • She says she respects the crew. Think about wardrobe ppl who are there B4 you and there after you. If you think you're tired, they're REALLY tired.
  • She loves seeing Taylor work on set. Says its nice when your working with pale people to look at a nice, tan chest!
  • When she read the books it 'ruined her world' that Edward left Bella.
  • She also confirms that Taylors abs are just as rock solid as they always have been!
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Comment by irum pattinson cullen on March 13, 2011 at 1:46am
She is awesome!!!!!!! And yeah, loveeeeeee that scene!!!!!!!!!
Comment by Rachel Hernandez on March 13, 2011 at 6:34pm

Jacob hitting Rosalie in te head with the bowl had to be one of the funniest things. I couldn't stop laughing! So happy that it is going to be in the movie.

Comment by ashley ordiway on March 14, 2011 at 11:19am
yes j lopez in the book right before the whole volturi thing everyone makes out with their partner i guess to say there good-byes im not sure i dont remember
Comment by TwiORdiE on March 15, 2011 at 8:48am
Taylor's tan chest, Taylor's abs, steakhouse with Taylor, Taylor's really sexy scene throwing a dog bowl at her... She definitely has a midi-crush on Taylor lol


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