Noel Clarke (winner of last year's BAFTAs) Takes on Negative Critics that Say Kristen Didn't deserve The Rising Star Award.

So I’m asked to be on the Orange rising star award jury after winning it last year and I’m glad to do that. We (The Jury) watch a hell of a lot of films and after weeks and weeks come up with the final five people and they’re announced.

Then of course Lots of other people chime in with their opinions about who should be on there, because there’s always people who think they know better, but that’s fine too, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

People want Tahar to win, they love A Prophet (I do too, it’s a great movie). People want Carey to win (She is brilliant in An Education, if you like the film or not). People want Jesse to win (He carries Zombieland and is great in everything he does) People want Nick to win, he has a huge following, is british, possibly the best young actor full stop and is gonna go far. And of course people want Kristen to win… But the only difference with her was this… As many people who wanted her to win, there were equally vocal people who absolutely didn’t want her to win. The other nominees didn’t have that animosity against them.

I said nothing. I couldn’t. I wasn’t allowed (and as most people know Nick Hoult is like a little brother I wouldn’t minded if he won. P.S that is not why he was nominated. he is that good) So why does it all bother me? Two reasons.

Firstly: I know how that feels. Last year although loads of people wanted me to win, because my films don’t seem worthy to a lot of vocal people, there were a lot who were saying. “I don’t care who wins as long as it’s not him”.

Even after winning I still have to deal with comments like this.

“Nonetheless, she was very charming when interviewed backstage and told that previous winner Noel Clarke was ‘passing the baton on’ to her. Presumably, this baton represents starring in quite small British films that no-one outside of this soggy island has ever heard of for a relatively small fee, so I guess she has a lot to look forward to”.


That’s just one of the perks of the job! Please do thank these people for me like I know you guys can. ; )

Anyway… Secondly: It’s not fair on her. Life isn’t fair, but her dislike is unfounded. The girl is actually a brilliant actress and people are only hating on her because every piece of great acting work that she has done has been eclipsed by the juggernaut that is twilight… Lets be honest, that’s what it’s really about isn’t it? People not liking her because she stars in those films that do so well and they are not considered worthy by the snobs. Personally, I don’t mind em. They ain’t the godfather, (Neither was AVATAR) but they’re entertaining.

Adulthood- (my film that won me the bafta for those who don’t know it. And this is me for those new here or not aware of me before sunday ) -was one of the highest grossing BRITISH FILMS of 2008, 1st or 2nd. But you wouldn’t know that because people don’t want you too, then it got ignored everywhere apart from BAFTA. Not that I would ever compare my films to anything Kristen Stewart does. But why hate on a person because they are doing well? It makes no sense. Also she was cast in that film because of her talent. That’s how films like that are cast. Not everyone thought it would blow up like it did and so what that it has? She is actress who took a role. That’s what actors do.

So we end up at the BAFTAS. The British academy awards. I step on the stage, do my little speech and read the envelope. “Kristen Stewart” She comes up does her speech and leaves.

We go back stage, exchange a few words while walking to Edith, then do the interview. Then we go round the front and take the pictures. It’s Madness. Hundreds of bulbs flashing and everyone wanting a piece of this girl. We have a couple more words. I tell her well done again and I leave.

So what did I get from our little chat and the hand on the shoulder in the pic. And these are my opinions only. I got a sense of a lovely, nervous and shy girl who respected the other actors she was up against and was a bit overwhelmed by winning. More importantly than that, I see a girl got into this acting job because she wants to actually act and play different roles. There is a difference between wanting to act and wanting to be a star.

It’s difficult at any age when you can’t go anywhere with out people wanting a piece of you, and she is still young. People who said she was weird on stage, well… I don’t really agree. It’s a little daunting up there, I would love to see some of her detractors get up in front of 2000 or so people with only your name as notice, (she didn’t know she was getting it) and half of those people be people that do the same job as you and are looking at you from head to toe, and all you want to do is just not fall over. It’s not easy.

In closing, don’t have a bad word to say about Ms Stewart. And there is no agenda here, I’m not kissing anyone’s ass. I don’t do that… I’m not getting anything for this, I don’t profess to know her because of our one meeting, I’m not on her radar, probably won’t get to work with her and I may never see her again, But she was genuinely a really, very nice girl, and being on the jury I had to watch almost every movie she’s done, that we could get our hands on from the last few years and the girl can f****** act, there is no question about that.

So. Would i have liked Nick to win..? Sure.

Am i upset that Kristen won? No way.

Did she deserve to win? Yeah she did, and i’m glad she did.

She was talented enough for us jury members to put her there in the first place and the public support her the most. Done deal.

She may be a Mega star now, but she is still a rising star in terms of where her career is going, because just being in a blockbuster doesn’t make you a good actor. The girl is talented and has made some smart choices beyond the big movies.

So mark my words… If anyone will be known for much more than twilight in about 20 years time, it’ll be her.

P.S out in June Teaser here.

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Comment by Alina Cipriano Cullen on February 23, 2010 at 8:30pm
OMG so awesome!!
Kristen totally deserved it!
Noel Clarke did good!
Comment by stephanie cullen on February 23, 2010 at 8:31pm
at last someone that had brain and is not a j******, he was very nice and yes he is damm right!! she did diserve that cause she is a great acctress!!
Comment by Bella all the way on February 23, 2010 at 8:38pm
Wow. Praise to that. Thank you Noel Clarke for taking time defending our beloved and talented Kristen. She really deserved the award .
Comment by cookie on February 23, 2010 at 9:43pm
Amen to Noel Clarke everything he said is true. I believe the majority of Kristen haters are in the US. The Brits love Kstew that's why they voted for her and she won. She got nominated for her acting on her previous movies since she was a child star, they even showed a clip of Panic Room. Just her being nominated is an honor and proves that they respect her as an actress. And Noel only met her the night of Baftas. You're awesome Noel Clarke and Bafta nominating committee for recognizing her talents. Not to mention she was awarded Woman of the Year! She's the youngest Orange Rising Star winner and I believe the youngest Woman of the Year Winner! What an honor! Love our Kstew!
Comment by angelaopao on February 23, 2010 at 9:45pm
who would say something so stupid?
we all know that kstew deserves the award,
i know what's wrong with him?
pure hatred and jealousy!!
hahaha!!!i hope he burns!!!
Comment by cookie on February 23, 2010 at 9:47pm
Amen to that Erica, some people posting here previously who shall remain nameless had nasty things to say about her acceptance speech of which I wrote try going before hundres of your peers not to mention millions of viewers, see if you'll be okay.LOL
Comment by kristenlovesrob on February 23, 2010 at 9:59pm
thankgod someone said something. i love this guy. this was exactly what i was thinking-everyword he spoke. kristen deserved that fully and avatar is NOT the godfather-ts just succesful-like every movie that is succesful-it gets hated on. i love kristen and she really deserved that
Comment by Carmen Rohde on February 24, 2010 at 2:06am
@angelaopao, did you really read this article? He said some very nice things about Kristen. He defended Kristen and he enumerated the many reasons why Kristen deserved the award. He showed absolutely no jealousy,hatred or animosity toward Kristen just the opposite. He described how the jury had to sit through all of her films not just Twilight. He was being very respectful of Kristen. I'm really glad that he stood up for Kristen because she is a very talented actress! I am very glad that she won the BAFTA's Orange Rising Star Award and the Elle Woman of the Year award!
Comment by Carmen Rohde on February 24, 2010 at 2:11am
@Erica, I agree with you!
Comment by Auj on February 24, 2010 at 5:21am
Great article. What a cool guy.
I'll remember his name. I'll watch out for him.
What he said is true. Kristen is great in the Panic Room. And the Cake Eaters. I love that one.
Even with the stupid, atrocious wigs poor Kristen had to wear.


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