Noel Fisher Speaks About ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2′

The ever charming Noel Fisher sat down with the gals from Noel Fisher Fans last month and spoke to them exclusively about ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2′ and his future projects.

Can you talk about your costume in Breaking Dawn Part 2?

The funniest thing about the costume was the boots. We both had these little elf boots, they’re really really cute. They had absolutely no grip on the bottom, like smooth. So every time before running on the fake snow, we’d say to each other, ‘Okay, you alright Guri? Don’t break anything. I’m going to try not to break anything.’ Stopping or doing anything like that was really difficult, but it was fun. It all worked out really well.

Did you get hurt at all filming BDPt2?

I didn’t, thankfully.  I had these suede riding pants that had no give at all and that’s one of the funny stories I’ve said during interviews, that the back of my pants just ripped like twice.  I was so happy I wore black underwear that day and not some strange color, polka dots or cupids.

One of our favorite scenes was the arrival scene with the wolves. How was it working with the CGI wolves?

That’s my favorite scene. The CGI wolves are really fun to work with, because it’s one of those very funny movie-making magic moments where nothing is there. They’re just not there for the scene in the woods. They just gave us general areas to look at and there would be a tree there or something. In the showdown scene, they would come in with these big cardboard cutouts of wolves and stick them next to us. When we would do the running scenes, you would literally have someone running along side next to you holding a cardboard wolf. It was a really funny moment.

The other really cool thing about the arrival scene was the fast running. That was one of the coolest things I have ever done. There’s a huge carpet that they lay out, about 150 feet of carpet, like a rubber carpet. You just stand on it and they pull it on a truck at about 20-30 miles per hour and you’re running while being pulled on this carpet with little elf shoes. No, actually for that one they made us wear real shoes. They were really about safety with everything. There’s a lot of cool stuff in it…the stunt people we worked with were amazing. I got to pretend beat up the badass from Tron – the guy with the mask in the new Tron movie. He’s like the really hardcore guy. I had a whole conversation with him, because he’s one of the Volturi and I’m like, ‘Dude you could kill me so easily in real life, but you’re making me look like I’m tough.’

What was your reaction when you read the big twist at the end?

I thought it was genius.  You can do a lot of things in such a different medium.  In the book, you can have the thoughts so specifically laid out and it could become really tense and you can talk about all the tension in the thoughts.  In movies, you have to show it. You can’t show thoughts and there’s only so many times you can do like The Wonder Years voice over thing and it doesn’t work for a conclusion or a climatic ending to this really epic series and especially epic movie.  So I thought that it was just a really good idea that they took powers that are in the book and created a scenario as to why the decision get made that happen in the book.  I thought it worked seamlessly.  It wasn’t something that was way left field and works with conjunction with the books.  I was really happy with it.

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