Noel Fisher Talks About the Twilight Phenomenon, Breaking Dawn and Bill Condon with The Deadbolt

Noel plays Vladimir of the Romanian Coven. 


THE DEADBOLT: As far as Breaking Dawn goes, how strange was it to shoot in the same city that you grew up in?


FISHER: [laughs] Well, it was great actually. It was the first time I’ve ever gone back to Vancouver for work. Since I moved to Los Angeles, I've never booked a job that was shot in Vancouver other than Breaking Dawn. Most of Breaking Dawn is shot, at least the stuff that I’m involved in, most of that was done in Baton Rouge. There’s some stuff we did in Vancouver and it was a lot of fun. It’s been great! It’s super fun going and hanging out with the family. The hotel they put me up in is literally a block and a half away from my sister’s apartment. I get to go back home and see family and friends and hit the sushi restaurants.


THE DEADBOLT: What’s it like to step onto the set of such a huge phenomenon?


FISHER: It’s interesting. Everyone’s really friendly and great to work with. That’s the really amazing thing,

everyone on this is great. It’s been really fun.


THE DEADBOLT: What’s it like to read the books and get so much imagery in your mind from that experience and then step onto the set?


FISHER: Well, that’s the best part about filming and the different aspects of taking the book and turning it into a movie. All of the different people, from wardrobe to the set designer and having all of these different things come together in something you can touch and feel, it brings it up to a whole different level. I think they did a really good job of interpreting Stephenie Meyer’s books and turning it into something you can watch.


THE DEADBOLT: What surprised you most about working with Bill Condon?


FISHER: Just that he is maybe the kindest person I’ve ever met. He’s just super excited to be working on this. I’ve said this a couple of times, but I just love that he will take the time for anyone. He’s just genuinely interested in hearing your ideas and talking about whatever is going on in the scene, even if you’re not a huge part of the scene. He just wants to layer this and layer this into something just beautiful and I think that’s a very wonderful thing in a director to find.


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