Official Breaking Dawn Review ( by me:) ***spoilers ahead )

Ok, so bare with me because i havent been on here in a loooonng time and i might be a little rusty. But fear not Twifans, i am as passionate as i have always been about Twilight. "Now i dont know what ive been told, but the bed breaking scene never really gets old." (Now say it with me all together now) lol sorry i had to. WOW WOW WOW you guys i just dont know where to start but i will say that this is by far the BEST of the series. I mean honestly i thought Twilight was a solid good movie.. New Moon just really skyrocketed it for me it was amazing.. but Eclipse, ehh, although it was a good movie, it kind of just didnt keep me too interested (who am i kidding Eclipse wasnt my favorite book either. :P) but Breaking Dawn literally just made my jaw drop i could not look away from the screen. So, without further are my highlights and what i thought overall of the movie:


1. The Wedding- beautiful! (ive seen KStews interviews of her saying how she didnt really have to act -especially the kiss lol- and that it all came very natural) and i definitely saw that come across on screen. Ive always loved Iron&Wine's "Flightless Bird, American Mouth" its so simple yet so romantic so i thought it was the perfect choice for the wedding song.. idk about you guys but Jessica made me laugh the hardest with the whole "Eventhough shes not captain of the volleyball just kidding" haha! i loved that.. sorry ok im going into too much detail moving on


2. The Honeymoon- I thought it was very tasteful and it really did feel like that innocent first time kind of love it was so romantic...(I especially love how they added in Bella crying because of her dream having sex with Edward-it was exactly how i imagined it in the book :)) I was also impressed with Edwards/Robs portuguese he sounded hot. lol


3. Jacob/Breaking Away- A+ for Taylor Lautner (as well as the rest of the cast) and his acting skills man was i impressed. i LOVED the scene where he finally steps up to Sam Uley (lol i read in another review that it was a bit reminiscent of transformers which is true haha) but i really really though they did a great job with it.. it gave me chills nonetheless.


4.Bella/Bellas Pregnancy- I was so relieved to see tears streaming down Bella/Kristens face as often as i did lol.. As for the people that have read the books know that Bella cries quite a bit during the series which is all good cause shes a girl ha...(I just wanna add the cute little moment between Edward and Bella when he hears the baby? adorable.). but i will say i was so impressed with the special effects/CGI on Kristen as she was just withering away it made me feel really sorry for her haha..she was so fragile :/


5. Bella Giving Birth- ONE WORD: IN-TENSE! It was pretty crazy i almost got the urge to look away but i didnt of course... The screaming and blurred vision made it perfect. Renesmee is sooo cute :) (oh and hot Dadward *swoon*) ha


6. Edward Saving Bella- ok besides the wedding, this is the other scene that made me cry. Dare i say it, it was one of my fav scenes. Robert gave such a great performance in this movie i was astonished, honestly. He almost seemed manic as he was trying to save Bella. It was soooo heartbreaking i really felt for him. And the weirder part is i cried even harder when he started biting her everywhere cause it really showed that he was willing to do anything to keep her alive and he would Not give up. Mad props Dadward.


7. Jacob Imprinting- I cant describe it as any other word besides (Magical?) lol the way they did it was amazing. Little Renesmee growing up getting even more beautiful. It gave me the chills.


8. Bellas Transformation- *sigh* ahh, 8, the number of New Beginnings as they say (the irony :P). Let me just say, as quickly as i can (Melissa Rosenberg asked fans quite awhile ago on her Facebook what she thought us fans want to see in the movie- or something along those lines.) Of course i responded being a very faithful Twiheart (is that even a term??) anywho i had told her that i wanted to see inside Bella physically and see how the venom takes over and for the movie to end with her red eyes opening .. well my point is everything that i shared and asked/suggested strongly lol was put in the movie (and hopefully in BDPT2)so i cant help but take credit for the great effects haha... Needless to say i was blown away and CANNOT wait for the second.. and last movie :(


Well thats my review, i apologize for the rambling on some (or most of this lol) Its the beginning of the end for us Twifans.. but Twilight will forever be in our hearts. :)


Oh check it out i went as a vamp :D whatcha think?? not my best work but good enough i suppose ha


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Comment by michelle on November 20, 2011 at 1:20pm

You Awesome as a vamp :)  Loved your review and agreed with all of.. the best one yet..Now cant wait for BD part 2

Comment by Twilight_is_Love on November 20, 2011 at 6:50pm
You make a lovely Vampire :)


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