Ok,ok,i confess... I'M A TWILIGHT MOM!!!!!! LOL!!!!

Say it,out loud... say it!!" I AM A TWILIGHT MOM!!!!!! LOL!!

Well i confess i am adicted to twilight!! ,i have to thank my 15 year old daughter for that.I love to read almost anything,and i try to keep up w my kids( i have 3 girls,but my oldest is the goth one) i like to read what they read,but in the begining when she started talking about it i didint really found it interesting although when i saw the movie trailers i found it quite interesting,so i got her the first book,she was instantly hooked!!!,but not me yet.After i saw the movie it kind of sparked my interest,like somehow i was curious,that there was more to it that what they portayed in the movie(it hapened the same thing w Harry Potter,i'm a Potter fan too) so i starterd reading.I was instantly hooked!!!! now i understood my daughter,my 14 year old was also hooked but not as strong as my oldest(or me).I've always been facinated by the whole vampire,witch,and all things mythology since i was a teen myself,so i totally enjoy it. Besides is something i get to share w my girls it gives something to talk about that also leads to talk about more real things too (plus it gets me on the cool mom category!!) Stepenie has become another one of my favorite authors,and i am looking foward to read The Host(pretty soon) after i read Breaking Dawn when i can get my hands on it(out of stock in all the book shops here in PR) but for now eclipse is my # 1 fav book followed by twilight and then new moon.I'll let u know if that changes after reading breaking dawn.I identify with both bella and Edward in many ways,i think that i have a little bit of both in me,and there a similar situations in the book that i have experienced in real life so i guess thats why i like the series so much.She has brought out emotions in me that were put away for manny reasons.I have laughed,cried,i've felt the love that they feel , the exitement ,the frustation,the HOT!!! phisical emotions that they feel for each other(not a lot of writers can do that),every emotion that the caracters have, is like i am right there when is happening,is kind of hard to explain in simple words i hope i am not the only one that feels this way.

Anyway to all the twilight moms out there feel free to coment,write a note,or add me as a friend,the more the merrier lol.I guess that's it for now,hope to hear from all u Twilight moms out there i know there are a lot!!!

P.S. I am so proud!!! this is my first blog EVER!!! lol, not so bad huh???

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Comment by Alison Genet on February 15, 2009 at 12:33pm
Great first blog and I am a twilight mom or twilight 30 something lol. welcome to twifans. you will love it here! I too love the mythical genres
Comment by Aimee on February 15, 2009 at 4:46pm
Welcome to the best site on the internet! We are always happy to get another Twimom or a Twianybody, for that matter!
Comment by Reneesme on February 15, 2009 at 7:13pm
Nice blog mom!!!!!!!!!!
love it!!!!!!!!!!!!


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