So since reading the twilight series for the third time completely, this time taking more then just 4 days to enjoy the entire saga, i had a dying desire to see if i still had what it took to enjoy the creation and feelings of character development and writing of my own.. its been quite a long time since i have played with the idea... creative writing in high school anyone? But the nagging feeling that i NEEDED to write and twilight completely being my inspiration i sat down today, after a long night of actually having the story develop in my head as i tried to fall asleep, let me tell you thats NOT easy to do without actually ending up DREAMING about it (i know how Stephanie Meyers felt when she'd dreamed about her characters), and typed out what was created. Let me first add, that as i fell asleep last night, i only had the very first paragraph running through my head, over and over and over again. As i sat here writing tho, the rest just poured out... i love that feeling... pouring out as if it wants to tell its own story and you are just the pencil and paper it needs as its utensil.... heh.. anyway.. please feel free to tell me what you think thus far... i wish i didn't have to stop here for now.. but ugh.. housework beckons and it won't do itself (unfortunately!)

A Plague of Emptiness - Forever

Laying there flat on my back, I stared up counting the endless black speckles that dotted the white tiles of the ceiling, praying sleep would come take me soon. I knew that if the pattern of sleepless nights continued as they had been, my mind would lose all grasp of sanity, descending me further into a mental state of dementia. I instinctively rolled over onto my right side as I had every night for the past seventeen months and stared at the door, laying more then three quarters of the way open, the light from the hall cascading its glow across the room. I could see the clothes I wore today strewn across the floor along with the rest of the past weeks laundry, I laid there, promising myself I would take care of it tomorrow, if tomorrow ever came. I knew it was a fruitless promise as I had been promising myself this same thing every day for the past week, never having the mood or energy to do much of anything when morning did break across this cold lonesome h*** of a town. I closed my eyes and once again quietly prayed for sleep to take me; I needed it as much as it needed me.

I was running through the forest again, my heart pounding a mile a minute as adrenaline filled my body, I could not remember such a horrendous feeling of nausea and fear wash over me as it did right now. They were coming for me next, taking all that mattered to me only moments ago, he was my world and we were only out camping in the open meadow surrounded by these now seemingly foreboding trees as a way to retreat from the monotony of our everyday life.
I had been the one that did not want to come out here, not this weekend, feeling in the pit of my stomach something was not right, or was not going to be right. But he had insisted along with my sisters that everything was going to be fine and that it was something the two of us needed so we could refocus our energies on more important things and rekindle the flame that seemed to recently become only a spark between us.
“… a spark?”, I had asked almost shocked, never thinking of him as anything less then the most important person in the world. If my universe had one center of orbit, it had been and always was going to be him, “… a spark”, I repeated.
“Lets just go and have fun, its going to be the kind of weekend you enjoy most, cold, wet and most importantly absolutely boring with nothing to do”, His voice and words rang clearly through my head again, remembering his joking nature as he spoke those words, tears threatening to escape from my citrine coloured eyes.
I had to keep running, and run I did, they were coming after me next. They had found us cuddled together staring up toward the sunlit sky, our skins reflecting the light that shined down on us, so much for the wet rain he had promised me was going to encompass us this weekend. I should have known from the point that the sun did break through the clouds and began to shine its light on our little makeshift camp that something was out of place, neither my Daniel or sister Cynthia had ever been wrong before when it came to the pattern of the weather or the forecast of upcoming days. But for once, I was truly just enjoying his company with no outside interferences and no worries that there was something that needed to be done, that I would not find myself having enough time to do.
I ran, faster then the wind but still knowing in my mind not fast enough, had he still been alive, he could have hauled me onto his back as he had so many times before playfully, calling me a light weight in his joking nature, and made our journey even faster then my human legs could carry me, but he was not alive, and my legs had to carry me out of here, away from those that were now hunting me. I could not keep my mind from wondering if I was just running in circles or if I was going to find the break in the forest that would lead me to the big house. Of course, I knew this forest by heart having spent much of my childhood in it with my more extended family as we hunted and learned of our new ways, if thirty-five could be called a childhood, it was what they all considered me and my sisters for the decade that had followed.
As these memories and visions clearly passed across my minds eye, relaxing me only momentarily in the run for my life, I became faintly aware of the darker shadows a few hundred feet up in the distance. I took in a deep breath, not a scent I was familiar with, but no danger was surrounding the smell either, I continued to pursue the path I was on, only to late did I realize it was the lurking shadows of the figures I was trying to run away from. I stopped instantly as if the speed I was running had been no more then a jaunty walk, if my heart could pound through my chest, from the fear that cascaded on me now, like the waterfalls at Niagara fell into the waters below, it would have.
They were coming toward me, slowly, almost animated, I turned to run the other way, noticing they were in front of me again, the same distance as they were behind me, I turned left, again they were there.

I screamed, the nightmare always ended there, not daring to continue on to show me what happened next, as if I could not, was not allowed to, remember. I rolled over to face the open vastness of my queen size bed and threw my arm across it, praying this morning would bring the warmness of him laying there, of course, it didn’t, he was gone forever, and I was again alone to face the facts that the night had past as it always did, leaving me alone on yet another dreary rain filled day.

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