On The Teen Beat" Interview part 1 With Ashley Greene Skateland And Breaking Dawn






Q: How did you like all the '80's details in the film, particular your hair and costumes?

AG: They were very fun, certainly a departure from anything I've ever known. I'm very I think simple in my fashion, my hair and makeup and all of that stuff. I mean, it was fun. I looked exactly like my mother which was the funny part. I sent my mom pictures and her and my dad were like, 'This is crazy and uncanny.' So it was fun to be able to do. Honestly, when else am I going to be able to wear blue eye shadow.
Q: Your character is the kind of music aficionado in this movie. What kinds of music did you end up appreciating and liking as a result of this movie?
AG: As much as I hate to admit I didn't really know who The Cure was. I know, I know, but I do now. I do now. The director made me a compilation. I think that I had twelve CD's of '80's music. So The Cure was definitely one. I think Joy Division was another big one that I kind of now have an appreciation for. But I was sadly not well versed in '80's music before I did the film.
Q: It wasn't the Totally '80's compilation set was it?
AG: No, it wasn't. It was a bunch of burned CD's.
Q: In what ways was Michelle, your character, like you and in what ways do you think you're different from her?
AG: I'm definitely hardheaded and I think of myself as a strong girl. I'm kind of no nonsense as well. I'm driven. Right out of high school I moved to L.A. to kind of pursue my dreams and do what I wanted to do, and of course had the plan and path to go to college like everyone else and then decided that if I didn't do this I was going to regret it. So I kind of bit the bullet and did it. I think there's a lot of similarity there. I think differences are probably how much she's into music. I don't know that I would've had as much patience as she did with Ritchie Wheeler. I think that might not be one of my strong points. So that's kind of a difference between she and I.
Q: Can you talk about working with Shiloh Fernandez? You two have great chemistry in the film.
AG: It was really, really fun working with Shiloh. It was fun and easy. I kind of knew from the chemistry read that it was going to be great and easy from the second that we started bantering and working back and forth. We butted heads a few times on set, but I actually have an appreciation for that because we're both artists and I think that we both, in the same scene, sometimes have different views on our characters and what we would do. I actually really appreciated that because we'd butt heads and then we'd come to an understanding and go from there. I think that we actually learned some things about ourselves and our characters in the process, but he's still a very close friend of mine and it was a really positive thing that I took out of the film.
Q: At what point did you film Skateland in the Twilight series? Was it before or after the second one?
AG: It was before, right before New Moon. It was a while ago. This is something that I filmed like two years ago.
Q: The after-effects of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan temporarily halted filming of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn" in Canada’s Vancouver area. What’s the latest update on the filming?
AG: Everything kind of got turned upside down and inside out. We got the least of the brunt of things. We have to be thankful for that. But really, it’s more about that we had to pick up and move to a different location and switch scenes around, but we are certainly moving forward and carrying on. It’s not really going to affect the film too harshly.
Q: Do you have any comment on the disasters that have hit Japan?
AG: I’ve certainly voiced my opinion — as have a lot of my other friends — about raising money for Japan and being with them and praying for them, because I think it’s something unpredictable and horrible and unexpected and really unfortunate and heartbreaking. I certainly send out my prayers and my thoughts to the people and to their loved ones and lost ones. And hopefully, we as Americans are going to do everything we can to help them rebuild.
Q: Did you and Shiloh ever get a chance to talk about working with Catherine Hardwicke, even though he made Little Red Riding Hood long after this film, what she was like?
AG: Yeah. Shiloh was actually one of the frontrunners for Twilight and so whenever we were doing Skateland we certainly had discussions about her and I think that we kind of have the same opinion on her, that she's just fantastic. She's wild and crazy and eccentric and very fun to work with. He kind of after the Twilight process remained friends and in contact with Catherine and I know that she really did like Shiloh for the film and he didn't just quite fit. So I think it's really cool that it did come back around and that he was able to work with her on Red Riding Hood.
Q: Have you seen the film?
AG: I haven't seen it, no. I really want to. I mean, it looks very cool and beautiful. I'm going to see it, absolutely, and kind of support him. I'm very excited for him that he finally got to get out there and do something.
Q: What about working with a writer/director on this film. Does it make it easier when you have questions on the film, working with Anthony Burns on this?
AG: Definitely. He kind of had all the answers and because it was kind of based on their adolescence and they grew up in this small town. Some of these characters, the character that I played is actually a person that exists that they know, who I met while I was filming Skateland. So, yeah, that's definitely helpful and they know everything.



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