Our crazy reactions to everything that fits into the 'Twilight' category

Have you ever seen a Volvo in the street (or in my case, on the bus) and screamed your lungs out, 'VOLVO!'?
Did you scream and/or faint when you saw Edward Cullen on the film?
Is it your dream to own a yellow Porsche 911 Turbo?
Do you know whether or not that is correct?
If you answered yes to any of/ most of/ all of these questions, share your crazy stories here!
It will be fun, and no one will laugh as something like that has happened to them!

We will kick off with my story entitled 'The Girl who cried VOLVO!!'

Once there was a school girl named Alice, she lived in England.
One day, her mother -a school librarian -ordered the popular Twilight Saga for her library. She let her daughter read it before she put it out on the shelves. Her daughter loved it and read her own copies many times (though, in this world she is considered to have read it about an 8th of the time everyone else had.) but, our story happens further along this time, March, when she invites a friend over to her house one evening after school. They travel by bus to get to her house.
Now, you see, this bus stop is across the road from a taxi place, one of the taxis there is a silver Volvo...

She gets on the bus, two of her friends behind her. Suddenly, the silver Volvo backs out of the taxi place. 'VOLVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' she screamed, such a high-pitched, girly scream. Several people look at her. She laughed.


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Comment by Chauntelle Cullen on June 16, 2009 at 6:38am
LOL.. okay.....
Jaycee let her daughter convince her to watch the movie Twilight on DVD (she never went to the movies, figured it was another teenybopper movie.. YAWN) and well, she liked it. Enough to make her pick up the book.. She read Twilight in two nights, DESPERATE for more at 3 in the morning, she snuck into her 12 year old daughters room and stole her copy of New Moon, made a pot of coffee and settled into the leather recliner. By 430 Jaycee was bawling, sobbing, yelled out a few times "NO, DONT YOU LIE TO HER" (lol, sad I know).. Next thing you know its 4 days later (carrying her daughters books to work to read on her lunch break) she finished the saga.. Jaycee became infatuated. She put the movie on her ipod, has been scoping the local Jeep dealers for a Silver Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4door (that she WILL be purchasing) and has had an artist create her next tattoo, "La Tua Cantante" with a shooting star over it to be branded to her lower back! Jaycee has also joined a few wonderful communities online that have become more like support programs for other obsessed ladies and gents, Her fave.. Twifans.com and Twitter, aparently Dr. Cullen keeps her up to date there, (LOL) Jaycee's 12 year old daughter has been looking into 12-step programs for her mother in hopes to reign her in BEFORE New Moon comes out in November. Unfortunately, the popular shopping locale Hot Topic has started with merchandising for New Moon and all hope seems to have been lost! Jaycee will continue her spiral into la la land desperately hoping for Midnight Sun to be completed and praying for a fat tax return to buy her a ticket on the Twilight Cruise in August of next year.

How was that? LOL Yes, I am "Jaycee" hahaha
Comment by HattieFang on June 16, 2009 at 1:02pm
Hehe i just wrote about this in a differant blog!
I want my mum to bet me a C30 but there isnt a hope im going to get one! So instead o got toy versions of a C30 and an S60R from ebay!
Then the other day me and my friend were crossing the road on a bad bend ( I know stupid thing to do ) when a car came flying round. The car slammed on the brakes but our hads were on the bonnet trying to save ourselves ( Stupid idea im no cullen but it was a reflex). The car stopped anyway before it squished us! It was my neighbour in her ne C30! I nearly scream every time i see her car I love it. Anyway me and my friend were a little shaken but carried on walking. We said if it would have been anyworse it was the best possible car to do it! We would have been slightly happier about being put into intensive care!

Im just glad me and her arent the onlt ones who shout volvoevery time we see one! =]


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