Panico Tv's footage INSIDE the "Isle Esme" House

I found this today on You Tube and the first thing i thought was.... YOU STUPID BLOODY PAP'S LEAVE THEM ALONE!! Then after that i thought how the hell did they even get in there with all that security?? Now the video below i warn you this is a rough idea of what you will see:
The inside of 'Ilse Esme' house
The director, crew and even Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
The Director say "Action" but you dont really see the scene

This video isn't the best quality theres alot of shaking around it looks like the guys trying to do it in a rush and tries to hide the camera half the time but you do see inside the house and you cant understand a word there saying unless you speak the language??
And don't ask me what there doing with the garlic cause i dont know?? i think he had to find it im not quite sure??
anyway anyones thoughts of how ridiclious the pap's are?? and how much of an invasion of privacy this is??

Please watch the video on your own terms!! you have been warned it has some spoliers in it!!
P.S. Sorry if it didnt work out my first time trying to but a video on here!! so if it doesnt work ill just give you the link in the comment section anyway enough of my blabbing your probably thinking shut up and just let us watch the bloody thing!! well now i am!1 so enjoy or not your choice.......

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