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Scene Louisiana  interviewed Peter Facinelli about Twilight, Nurse Jackie, and others....


MH: You filmed the first few installments of the Twilight franchise up in the Northwest. Was it a big shift coming down to Louisiana for the final two films?
PF: I actually enjoyed it, you know? I love the scenery there, the food, the culture. I shot a movie in New Orleans a while back and I’ve always loved Louisiana. So getting to go back there was kind of nice. What was really nice about it was it was so warm there. We went up to Canada and it was freezing cold so it was a little bit of a treat to be able to walk on set in a t-shirt or go to dinners.

MH: Did you have the opportunity to make it back to New Orleans?
PF: I did. My family came into town and I took them to New Orleans and we had a good time. I think I tweeted a picture…there was an old photography place where we walked in to like a costume place where you could put on some old New Orleans garb and take a picture like an old time photo. So the kids had a lot of fun with that and I took the kids to Bourbon Street during the day, as they were hosing down the streets, and my little daughter said, “Why do they hose down the streets?” I said, “Because grown-ups throw up on it all night long.” She was like, “Dad, you can’t take me here ever again.”


MH: Is there any connecting at all through the doctor you play on Nurse Jackie to Dr. Carlisle Cullen?
PF: Absolutely none, which is what I love about it (laughs). They’re so distinctly different. I mean, they’re probably 180 degrees from each other. When I was thinking about doing the show I thought, “What a fun thing to do because I have this one character, Carlisle, who’s kind of the rock of the family, he’s very mature, he’s confident, he’s compassionate and the leader of this family who everyone looks to. Then you have this other guy who’s basically very immature, self-absorbed, childlike and I thought, “What a fun world…to play two doctors who are so completely different that the only thing they share is the same white jacket.”


MH: And you’ve been shooting both Twilight and Nurse Jackie simultaneously, correct?
PF: On last couple of Twilight movies, I’ve done double duty, doing both at the same time, so they kind of overlapped. I thought it would be really difficult, but it actually was refreshing. I’d be doing three days on Twilight, doing Eclipse or Breaking Dawn and then I would fly back somewhere else and all of a sudden be in a completely different environment doing a completely different character. It broke the monotony. I love both characters so much that it was fun to be able to go back and forth between the two. Sometimes people ask me, “Do you ever get the lines confused or the roles confused?” They’re so distinctly different that, no.

MH: They’re both just kind of incidentally doctors.
PF: Yeah, that’s the only thing that I guess they do share is that they’re both doctors.


you can Read the full interview here


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Comment by BB Cullen on October 2, 2011 at 8:45pm
Haha!! I Love PFach!! Lol and his daughter is so cute!! Lol
Comment by Carlisles Sarah Ann-Marie Cullen on October 4, 2011 at 2:34am
Wuhuuuu I love Peter!!! =)


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