Phoenix Twi-Tour: Flirting and Feeding

(Continued from "From Green Room to Backstage")

First up onstage was the hilarious, Edi Gathegi. Who admitted to just watching New Moon in a private theatre with Stephanie Meyer - which he actually tweeted so make sure you're following him on Twitter! After his Q&A, we called up his VIPs to do their "Meet & Greet" backstage again, but Edi's lunch had actually arrived.

I asked him if he wanted to eat before or after, reminding him he had to run out to photo ops right afterwards... and he proceeded to wolf down his sandwich. The VIPs were kind enough to let Edi have a moment to himself...

Which he ended up being all kinds of naughty with me. 0_o

OMG that boy is a flirt! But he is SO easy to talk to. Funny and down to earth - and BUILT. He gave me a super tight hug (Kellan - watch out - Edi's hugs might be tighter than yours!)

Anyhoo, I dished it back to him and he threatened to "tell him."

"Tell who?" I asked. Edi grabbed my left hand and said, "Him."

I laughed and with a wicked grin, I told him, "Oh hell - what are YOU talking about. I'mma call him tonight and tell him myself."

I wish you could've seen the way his eyes bugged out. I was LMFAO.

Apparently, Gil Birmingham pulled the same stunt with me when he got backstage. I narrowed my eyes at him and gave him s***. "What the hell. Have you been talking to Edi??"

He gave me wide eyes, so apparently, not - lol.... but if we thought Edi was a flirt... Gil kicks his ass, hands down. Did you know, Friday night, after the concert, Gil kicked it poolside by the firepit with over a dozen lovely fans? Guitar and all - and hit on the beautiful @curvyamazon and @vixen_vamp.

I bet some of you are wishing you went to Phoenix now. ;)

Up next? The Wolf Pack - Alex Meraz, Gil Birmingham and Chaske Spencer

Alex MerazGil BirminghamChaske Spencer

Gil joined Chaske and Alex onstage for the Q&A - and afterwards, Alex gave us a preview of what to expect from his dance troupe later that night at the ball.

Impressive. Sexy. Beautiful. Inspirational.

My favorite part? After they were all done onstage, Alex picked up trash from the stage and helped put the chairs back. It made me think of his lovely wife, Kim, who I got to meet earlier in the Green Room (really sweet and pretty!), and what a beautiful couple they make together.

When the three of them returned backstage, I had all of them (Gil, Chaske & Alex) standing around a 10' round table, banners ready for signature. Instructing each of them where to sign, I realized to myself, "OMG. I'm standing inches away from these incredibly sexy actors, and they're eyes are all on... me."

It took me two milliseconds to reign it in and push that thought out - the last thing I needed was to turn into fangirl right there and then. Can I just tell you? How these pics don't do them ANY justice?!? Gawd... I've no idea if it registered with them, but... whew! Can I get a drink in here, please? ;)

Mike WelchMike Welch came back to do his Meet & Greet with the VIPs, and when it was over, I told him security would escort him back to the Green Room. Except... he kinda dawdled a little bit, until he asked - ever so shyly - if it'd be alright if he just chilled backstage with us until photo ops started in 15 minutes.


WOW. I was floored. I told him he was more than welcome to hang out here whenever he wanted... but security said they needed him for some signatures so begrudgingly, he made his way through the back doors.

But c'mon, now - tell me that wasn't sweet?! Later on during autographs, I actually got to sit next to Mike for the last bit to "feed" him items to be autographed. You know how it goes - the fans give their item (picture, magazine, book, etc.) to the "feeder" - who passes it on to the actor.

He was soooooo generous. Said yes to just about every request made, no matter how tired or hungry he was. Apologized to everyone for the long line and thanked them all for waiting. I TOLD you he was a sweetheart!!

Coming up next... the Vampire Ball.

(To be continued...)

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Comment by candace charee' on August 27, 2009 at 9:32am
it is very cute to see how shy mike is in person =)
Comment by Wicked Faery on August 27, 2009 at 9:38am
Purple ~ they absolutely are. :) I was trippin' when I met his wife - she is a sweetheart - you'd love her. And thank GOD my eyes didn't bug out when she mentioned she was just waiting on Alex. lol - Saturday was THE best day out of the wknd... but more to come, fo shore. ;)

Candace ~ isn't it a trip how shy he is? But he's always great about taking pics and stuff with the fans. Or that booty dance he did - down to the last 10 autographs and he hadn't eaten yet. Had to call his sister to let her know he wouldn't be able to make it to dinner after all and to go on without him (insert awwwww here) - and he STILL gave booty dances and hugs to til the very end. Luv that guy =)


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