Phoenix Twi-Tour: From Green Room to Backstage

Catherine HardwickeEdi Gathegi
Even with all the changes that happened with our special guests, I was still keyed up for my third round of Twilight Conventions: The 2009 Twi-Tour in Litchfield, AZ

My first post? "The Green Room." And who comes in before everyone else? Catherine Hardwicke, Director of the "Twilight" movie.

I was sitting at the table when she arrived, and she walked over and put her stuff down, still talking with my supervisor, Val. But when her eyes found me, she gave me a curious look, which I returned with a smile and stood up to introduce myself.

She has the most GENTLE handshake, and was so warm and friendly!

Not five minutes later, Val comes back in to let me know that "my presence has been requested backstage." I'm not quite sure what led up to the change, but I was actually relieved. I had only been in the Green Room for an hour and was starting to go stir-crazy. I kinda need to stay active!

The rest of the day? PURE INSANITY.

Everything was running late - the auditorium wasn't set up yet, registration was late - everyone was SUPER grumpy. OMG. People were giving attitude left and right. We had all newbies in the auditorium so I started assigning spots for security, giving the scoop to our first-time volunteers.

Later, I found out that since I'm "backstage" - I don't have to worry about working security. "That's someone else's job." But... since we were so short-staffed, I couldn't seem to help myself. Problem is, I missed most of the dialogue for both Catherine and Edi Gathegi's Q&A sessions. *sniffles*

Autographs was, again, nuts. We even had to move it out of the auditorium and into the hall. Can you imagine how difficult it is to keep people from taking pictures when the talent is sitting... right... there...?

Now it's about 10pm, and everyone is anxious for the concert to start. I'm done with the autograph line - completely missed any photo ops - and finally head back to my post backstage.

Going in, I notice someone's having fun making shadow puppets behind one of the big screens. And when I step behind the black curtain, I find all of Goodnight Juliet kickin' it there, just chillin' out and having a good time.

"You know you're putting on quite a show there, right?" I told the guys. Which just got them even MORE animated and hyped up. I chatted with Niki (Lead Vocalist and Founder) for a bit, who was both texting and tweeting at the time - she's super sweet and her hair is just gorgeous!!

After a bit, Mike Welch takes the stage with his version of Bohemian Rhapsody and more, and soon... it's Candace Charee and Gil Birmingham.

Mike Welch Gil Birmingham
Wickedly talented, Gil played a couple of original songs for us - which he confesses he'd never before played in public. I wish I could've stayed for the whole concert, but it was midnight, my dinner had just arrived, and I was about to fall over.

I snuck back to my room and called Hubz again to give him the final low down for my first day.

*** Photo Credits: Special thanks to Chauntelle Chandler for sharing her pics!! ***

(To be continued...)

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Comment by Wicked Faery on August 25, 2009 at 11:13am
OMG - it was crazy, but you got that from Atlanta, right? Whoo!!
Comment by Wicked Faery on August 25, 2009 at 12:31pm
Ooh - what a fantastic idea! We totally need to hit 'em up for a musical montage... hmnn... is Weitz on Twitter?? And working backstage? Loved it. If I could choose my post from here on out - IF - I would most def choose backstage. :)
Comment by candace charee' on August 25, 2009 at 12:37pm
HaHa Love this! Too bad you didnt stay for the whole concert cuz you missed Mike Welch Dancing on stage with me for one of my songs!!! It was awesome!! I will post the video as soon as i get it edited :)
Candace Charee'
Comment by Wicked Faery on August 25, 2009 at 12:53pm
I heard about you guys! I was so bummed I missed ya - it was either fall on my face in bed or in the auditorium - lol! I hope I'll be able to catch you at another one - will you be in SF or LA next year? We totally need to hook up on Twitter, too - let us know as soon as you get the vid posted? *mwah!*
Comment by candace charee' on August 27, 2009 at 9:36am
ha ha yeah hun it was soooo freaking funny!!! I am going to try and get on with creation for as many tours as possible!! I am going to the eyecon twilight convention in september orlando fl. And then they said they will probably put me on the whole tour which is like 10 cities!! one includes san diego in april!! But i think u knew this cuz u posted about me on twitter lol :)
Comment by Wicked Faery on August 27, 2009 at 9:44am
I got your back, girl. :) Will let you know when the post goes live - between you and me and Chauntelle (@vixen_vamp) - we can totally get the word out. ;) That is AWESOME about doing the whole EyeCon tour - whoohoo!! You go girl!!
Comment by candace charee' on August 31, 2009 at 4:01pm
Thank you sweetie! I really appreciate you!!


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