Pics And Fan Encounter: Kellan Lutz Outside of Jimmy Fallon

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  Translation By @Lauren from @gossip_dance
My friend and I arrived outside the NBC studios and at 4:30 to wait for Kellan, when we had only two people waiting with posters of Twilight. We did not know if I would get there, since studies have three doors, but we were waiting. Every car that came shouting "There, there is Kellan ....oh no, it is Kellan, "and when it is under a woman cried and my friend told me something I heard as" is super famous ", but actually I was saying it was Kellan, and saw him, coming to us . I said I do not know, as I said, but finish the camera holding and passing it to the Coni for me to take a photo. I hugged him with both arms and said something like "ohh, big hug, i like it" and embrace me with both hands ... then signed some autographs and took pictures with my friend while we said it "Kellan, we are from chile" "where", "chile", "ooh, cool" ... and then, signed the subway map of New York (yes, twice for the same map lol). 
People passing us wondering who he was, and Kellan said nobody understood, to say Twilight, everyone wanted a picture with him. His agent told him as "Kel, we have to go now," and promised that his departure would take all the photos in the world, so you still waiting, but apparently word got out and I get a lot of people (those things that lead to the strong cast everything and then sell) and there were many great men, so when he left his verdaderasfans were after him, although it is noted to his agent, asking him to turn around saying that their Fans were behind it ... it came back to take a picture with us and we autographed Ashley Lucky magazine, if only we had autographed a so Coni shouted "for her too, please kellan" lol (yep, we were not prepared to autograph us something of him or Twilight) and she said "oh! Ashley ". Then he asked for a hug with a kiss and we gave it, really was incredible. People stepped on us and threw hair Coni, so shout "Oh, my hair" and I tease him Kellan to stop. 
His bodyguard told him he was 5 minutes or lose the plane, so I sign a little closer to those monkeys with papers to sell and went ... definitively a great experience! 

Thanks to:@VeroCanales & @ConiSantis 


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