Pictures of Robert Pattinson & Tweets From the Eclipse Press Junket

- @hollyoutbreak : He had to learn new skill of running properly
- @hollyoutbreak: Robert Pattinson: Edward has changed since the last two movies.
- @hollyoutbreak: Robert Pattinson: As the series goes Edward accecpts he is part of the world
- @BUZZNET: Has Robert ever been in a fight over a woman's love? He says yes, but it was less about love and more about pride #Eclipse
- @taryder: Rob saw Twilight for the first time a few days ago on tv!
- @BUZZNET: Robert just said he's NEVER seen Twilight before until a few days ago on TV! WHOA WHAT?? #Eclipse
- @BUZZNET: He says it was really cool to see his own song in the film and he loves doing his music. Also, hes CRACKING EVERYONE UP WITH HIS BRITISH WIT
- @colliderfrosty: Rob was asked about all the fan sites and does he check them out. He said some of them know his schedule before he does.
- @BUZZNET: Robert says its incredible how much his fan sites know and how quickly they get their info. He thinks its amazing how many there are.
- @BUZZNET HA! R-Pattz says he checks the fan sites occasionally for his schedule when he can't reach his agency and needs info ASAP.
- @BUZZNET: He's talking about his role in Bel Ami. "Everyone feels entitled these days" So does his character who is "completely amoral and talentless"
- @BUZZNET: That last tweet doesn't sound funny but the way Robert said it had us cracking up. He really speaks the Queen's English #Eclipse
- @taryder: Rob says he checks his fan sites when he needs to know his schedule and can't get in touch with anyone
- @BUZZNET: Re: RPATTZ/KSTEW GOSSIP... he says that he understands the fantasy of it all. Truth about it is...drumroll... here it is... "I don't know"
- @BUZZNET: He thinks Eclipse is the most accessible of the three films and is a bit of an action film (agreed). #Eclipse
- @colliderfrosty: Rob just said he has never read breaking dawn
- @BUZZNET: Robert Pattinson says he plans to read Breaking Dawn after he completes his current film. He should read MARK READS TWILIGHT on BUZZNET!
- @taryder: God he's adorable. Rob says the lenses he has to wear is what makes him brooding and miserable in twilight
- @BUZZNET: He thinks maybe Edward needs a haircut. A shaved head, perhaps. OMG CULLEN'S GOING BRIT BRIT! Just kidding. #Eclipse
- @colliderfrosty: Rob says he found out breaking dawn would be two films when the press release went out. And says he met bill condon recently at a bar

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Comment by Carmen Rohde on June 12, 2010 at 4:30pm
He said that he didn't know that Breaking Dawn was going to be two films but Kristen did? She was told to be available for 6 months. Who's lying?
Comment by Cynthia on June 12, 2010 at 4:54pm
Rob is Lying. Sorry but true. He said the first time he saw Twilight was on tv? UMMMM... If you watch the commentary on the Twilight dvd, he, Kristen and Catherine we're watching the movie and commenting the whole time. That dvd was released over a year ago!!! What's that about?!
Comment by WillyNilly on June 12, 2010 at 5:03pm
i think he's just joking! It seems that way to me anyway.
I mean he watched it but if you actually listen to the commentary he's just taking the piss out off himself the entire time. I think he meant really watching it, and actually seeing it as a whole movie!
Comment by Gabrielle on June 12, 2010 at 7:57pm
Think robs means actually hearing it and not talking through it the whole time
Comment by ♥TwilightSagaObsessed♥RobsGirl♥ on June 12, 2010 at 11:39pm


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