Please read this story that I have written. It's called "New In Town". I'm not near finished, but should I continue?


The antagonizing pain that I felt, as his sharp white fangs seeped into my skin. I could feel the blood draining from my veins, as he sucked from my neck, very peacefully, and neat. My heart was pounding so fast, that I hardly noticed anything else going on. I told myself that I would never live through this, and I knew I would be correct. Finally, I felt the jolting pain in my neck release, and I slowly and painfully found myself going to the light.

Chapter 1:
A new town

Moving to a new town. Not so great for me. The town is so tiny, and where the cabin is at, is not so sunny at all. I'm going to live with my mom Joanne in Silverton, Colorado, while my dad Chuck goes back to the military. From what I have read in the newspapers, Silverton seems very quiet, but the criminal rates are rampaging at high stakes. I am entirely frightened to move there, but I'm sure I'll live. On the bright side, I can't wait to see my mom. I consider myself similar to my dad though, because he is so quiet, and keeps things to himself. Unlike my mom, she is a crazy hair brained mother. I don't know how I could live with her craziness, but sometimes, it's a good thing to laugh with her. The thought of going to a new school, is pretty scary, for the cause of me being too shy. But on the other hand, I will be glad that I'm going to a new school, because I haven't grown up with the people in Colorado, so they will never know what it is like when I grew up to be a 17 year old. Driving from Oregon to Colorado will be so long, that I just wish even more that I didn't have to leave my home to move to another.

Chapter 2:
Starting Over

I felt so stupid when I walked through the front entrance of the school. For such a small town, the school was filled with hundreds of students. Finally, when I had my nose stuck to a school map, someone noticed me. He gladly greeted himself as Tyler. I don't understand why he would come up to me, for he was such a hot guy. But I knew I would never have a chance with him. I suddenly felt my cheeks go hot red, when he asked if my name was Megan. I really hate it when people call me by my real name. To me, it sounds really pathetic. I finally got the guts to say, I go by Meg, if that's fine by you. He agreed, and then tugged me by the arm to the office. To surprise, he took a microphone, and announced on the inner come, that the new girl has arrived. I thought to myself, some friendship this is going to be. My cheeks turned flush red, which made me angry, because I really don't want to be the center of attention. Finally, lunch came, and Tyler decided to introduce me to the whole gang. One of Tyler's friends Jessica introduced herself to me. She seems pretty chill. All of a sudden, the lunchroom doors flew open, and everyone got silent. Then two people walked in. There was one girl, and one guy. In a way, they both looked similar. They were both very slim, and pale. They both looked very beautiful to me, like they were celebrities. I asked Jessica who they were, but all she did was glare.

Chapter 3:
The Group of Two

I thought Jessica was already hating me, but she got out of her glare mode, and started talking. The guy is Jack, and the girl is Claire, she said. As you can see, no one likes them. I thought to myself, okay, I wonder why nobody likes them. Jessica said, they keep things to themselves. I looked over at the two people, and said, yeah I noticed. I started to notice that everyone was going on with their day again. But what I was curious about, was why Claire and Jack were the only ones not eating. Finally, Claire noticed that I was looking at her, and the only thing she could do, was glare. The scary part about that, was that her eye color changed from silver blue, to red instantly, and then went back to the original color. I told Jessica that I would be right back, so I went over to Claire and Jack, and introduced myself. Once I introduced myself, I noticed that Jack was grinding his teeth together, but I'll never know why. His eye color was slowly turning from a golden brown, to a dark black color. Just seeing that happen, made me get goose bumps up and down my spine. I could feel Jessica's eyes burning into my back with anticipation. Claire cleared her voice, and said I think it would be best for you to leave now. I thought to myself, how rude, to not even say hello. I walked back to Jessica. She sounded like she was angry at me when she spoke. She said, what the hell were you doing talking to them? I told her, I thought it would be nice. After lunch, I decided to walk to my language class alone. When I walked through the classroom door, I saw him.

Chapter 4:
Not Wanted

I silently walked to my seat, and sat down. Jack speedily clenched his fists and covered the lower half of his face. Was there something that smelt bad, or what? Just in case it was me, I sprayed some perfume. I looked back towards Jack, just to find myself getting offended. All he did was glare at me the entire class time. Once the bell rang, I grabbed my bag and ran to the girl's restroom. I looked into the mirror, and caught myself breathing heavily. I splashed some water on my face to calm myself down, and then walked out. Sure enough, Jack was standing directly outside of the girl's restroom. What is your problem?!, I asked. He looked at me with confused eyes, like I was crazy. He didn't answer, so I asked another question. Is there something wrong with me? His mouth finally started moving, and the exact words that came out of his mouth, was yes. I felt my face go very hot. Nobody wants you here, he said, so just leave. I didn't want to leave, but I did want to punch him in the face, but I just couldn't because everyone should know that I'm very uncoordinated. All I did was glare at him, and walked off to my mom's car. I wish I had my own car, so that my mom would have a chance to go places again, but at least I can get to the places that I need to go, such as school or home. And I think the best place to go right now, is home. When I got home, there was an old Subaru parked in the driveway. When I got out of the car, a guy just about my age, came running towards me, calling my name very excited like. His skin was like a light milk chocolate color, and his eyes were a dark chocolate brown. Overall, he was an outstanding, young man. The only unattractive part about him, was the Mohawk that he had. Once he got to me, he said hello, I'm Mark. I said hello back to him. Do you remember me?, he asked. Is this some kind of guessing game?, I said. I tried to think back in time, but nothing rang a bell. We made mud pies on the reservation when we were five, he said. Oh yeah, now I remember hanging out at your house. Yeah, ummm, your mom bought this Subaru for you, so I thought I would bring it over today, but I got to get back home soon. Wow thanks, I said. Do you want to eat dinner before you leave?, I asked. Sure, he said. After Mark left, I thought about Jack, and got goose bumps up and down my spine. I decided to take a nice hot shower, to let my mind release on all of the stress that I put on it today. When I got out of the shower, I put my old sweats on, and comforted myself in my warm bed sheets, and closed my eyes for another night.

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