The Daze

Here I am walking down the hall ever one yelling move,move got to get to class. It's like I'm not there. it's like every thing is in a daze except that one guy. That is like a goddess That is pale white skinned and a perfect frame. He never says a word he just keeps walking. Then he says wait you drooped this. He hands it to me and leaves, i am never to hear or see him again. No one will again.

The Creepy Fog

Here I am on the bus looking out the window. The fog creeps off the grass and fields as if it is trying to darken the earth. it's like that moment in a scary movie . It's like the air is getting thinck and it is hard to breath. All it takes is one look one breath then it's your death.

This is a story i wrote

I thought i was all alone

I thought i was alone in this world. I thought no one cared. i thought i was alone in my time of depreesion and despair. I thought no felt this way. i feel so down and depressed that it's enough to kick and spit. i build this cold dark box to hide and cry in side. i biult this box to hide from the agganie and despair of the world. I built this box knowing no one would care. Ithought well if i die no one would be there or care. i try and try to keep people out. i sit in the cold and sielnt dark wishing and waiting for the pain and despaire to stop. i sleep and breathe what little air I have left. When, I heard anosie on the out side of my depression box. I asked who is there wanting in my box. it is i it is i your best friend. I said no go away I do not want to share my feelings with you or any one . Everday it happend again, and again. Till one day my friend built a door and came write in. i said no get out it is mine i do not want to share the pain in side. She said non, no its not that at all it's my pain and despaire i want to hide. i said i thought i was all alone that no one else felt this way. She said this is it i am done here is the gun. No,no do not do that lets sit down and chat. She said no I'm done I'm sick of people and the hell i have to go through. Wait i know, I know I am to but let's just wait and think about this. Just then she polled the trigger. i sat down and began to cry and quiver why,why,why did she die. i gotr up and opened the door and went it to the sun. Is aid I am done hiding and not trying will some one pelase talk. All my friends came up to me and said you're not alone belive us. So from that day on I would sit down in a spot and begin to talk .

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Comment by TwilightTrinity AKA Shaun on October 6, 2009 at 3:40pm
very nice sophia,you have quite a talent.Feel free to read my blog posts too.I have 2 songs i wrote and 2 discussions i would really like your opinion about

God bless:-)


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