I admit it, I’m a flirt. If a guy flirts with me it’s really difficult not to flirt back. I’m married, and quite happily, but I can’t change the fact that I enjoy the back and forth banter and rush of flirting with a good looking man. My husband finds it amusing. Thank goodness I have a man who isn’t the jealous type and knows I’d never stray.

Where am I going with this you ask? Well, on Friday night at the Twi-Tour in Phoenix I spent some time flirting with Gil Birmingham.

As you may have read in my Twi-Tour Phx Day 1 post, Vixen_Vamp and I spent a bit of time hanging out at the fire pit next to the pool with Gil. What? You haven’t read it? Well get your ass over there and catch up! I’ll be here when you get back ;)

Okay, now that you’re up to speed I’ll give you the whole story about what went down by the pool.

There were probably about a dozen girls spread out around the fire pit on the comfy cushions, many of them had obviously been enjoying the bar inside…lol… Everyone was relaxed and enjoying themselves. I walked into the circle and took a seat on to my left, with a few girls who were mid conversation. Gil was sitting over to the right, beyond the open walkway talking to a couple of women. When I looked over he was stroking the tattoo on some woman’s arm admiring the ink. (yeah…he seems to have a thing for tattoos…) I was seriously surprised by how good looking he was. I had seen him just a little while ago from a decent distance when he was playing guitar on stage but up close he was, well for the lack of a better word, yummy.

For a while I talked to the ladies I was sitting next to, including Vixen. After a while she moved to a spot a little to Gil’s right and was talking to another woman. I had a great conversation with a lady from England and when she got up to leave I decided to join Vixen. The only spot available on that side was two seats away from her, RIGHT NEXT to Gil. So I sucked up my courage and got up. He was talking to the woman on his left, who was giggling like crazy, so when I sat down I turned to the other side where Vixen_Vamp was and joined started talking to them. After a few minutes of talking I felt a gentle tap on my left shoulder and turned to find Gil’s smiling face, inches from my own.

Gil , smiling at me asked, “Are those polka dots?” I glanced down and he was gesturing to a portion of my obviously red and white polka dotted dress that was draped across my thigh. I hadn’t realized that when I crossed my left leg over that my dress had slid up a ways exposing a good portion of my thigh. Oops…

“Yes” I replied, splaying out the dress across my leg to show him the dots that were all over my dress.

He frowned a little, “Why did you cover your leg?”

“To show you the dots”

“Maybe I asked the wrong question. Are those legs under there?” Wish you could have seen the wicked grin on his face…

“Yep, and they’re really long too” smiling, I the dress fall back to where it had been before. Only this time, with less of my thigh exposed. His smile grew and he started to say something but the woman on the other side started giggling again and was tugging on his sleeve to get his attention. He turned and was talking to her again. So I in turn, I shifted back to the conversation I had been having. I must have switched the way I had my legs crossed because he caught sight of my tattoo on my ankle.

Nudge on my shoulder “Is that the only tattoo you have?”

“No, I have four”

“Oh yeah? What else is there?”

“I have the sun & the moon on this leg", showing him both sides of my ankle, “the stars” turning so he could see the tattoo between my shoulder blades “and I have half of a heart on my hip”

“Why half of a heart?”

“My best friend, my maid of honor, has the other half”

“Can I see that one” There’s that damned grin again.

“Uh…not in this dress…”

“Well when do I get to see it?” Still grinning at me, this man has no shame…so I continued to play along.

“You find me tomorrow at the Vampire Ball and I’ll show it to you.”


“Sure. I’ll be wearing black leather pants, and a fur corset. Find me and I’ll show you the one on my hip. I’ll be hard to miss”

His eyes on mine, “Yes, yes you will…” His reply was quiet, almost rumbling… I know I blushed…
(Oh my goodness, I’m getting all hot and bothered just remembering it! LOL…no wonder this man is said to have a harem of girlfriends)

Shortly after this exchange everyone started drifting off and we left to go to sleep.

I was on cloud nine…thank goodness we decided to take the shortcut instead of getting a ride out to the room. What a fun way to end the first day of my Twi-Tour weekend…

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Comment by rolls_wit_vamps on September 29, 2009 at 6:07pm
woooow, you got balls chick, I woulda died lol


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