Okay Im 12 this is my FIRST Book...It has type-os and might not make complete sence im completley aware of that.So now you can read the book but please dont be retarded and comment saying you didnt s…

Okay Im 12 this is my FIRST Book...It has type-os and might not make complete sence im completley aware of that.So now you can read the book but please dont be retarded and comment saying you didnt spell this right or whatever if i did something wrong i will fix it LATER.Continue...


Chapter 1:Awaken

I awoke one morning from another dreamless sleep if thats what you wanted to call it being cold pale and bloodthirsy wasn't
the worst part the absolute worst part was the endless night.Night was the most natural time for our kind-the perfect time
for lurking in the dark and attacking the helpless town people.
I set up not really anxious to start off with another borning day at Armurchy High School.That was the time that was
pure tourcher for our kind with living a couple hundered years you tend to know everything.Or at least you know everything
worth knowing.

I got up quickly and got dressed grabbing my books for the hell on Earth that awaited me....

When I made it outside she was already there beside the car-"Ragen"I greeted her she nodded.
Ragen was my sister her dark brown hair chopped to the very top of her shoulders.Ragen was only 15 when she was changed
though she could pass for about 18.With her endless silver eyes she stared at me.

"Your doing it again."she mumbled climbling into the front of my blue 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle.

"What are you talking about?"I asked confused as she slamed the door.

"Stop being well.......You stop it just because your bored living like this dosen't mean I need to hear your thoughts
on the subject!!!"I smiled understanding.
"Im sorry Ill try to be someone else today."
"Good,"she agreed as I started the enigne."its really annoying to hear everything even the things I like to know like who
this new girl is 'Cassandra'?"she hissed her name Ragen hated not knowing things it was probley the only thing that could ever
get her annoyed.
"Its okay sis youll be able to hack into her mind soon enough."I teased

We pulled into the parking lot slowly thanks to the huge gray jeep infront of me.We parked at our normal spot noticing nothing
it was just your average Thursday-well as average as it can get when the town is full of Vampires.

By the time I slid out of the car and grabbed my library book I finished in 1987 Ragen was already standing beside me.
"Would you quit doing that someone is going to see us-"she shhhhed me.
"Whos the mind reader big bro I got this besides noone around here even understands the word imagination let alone has one!"
she laughed.
"The sacrifice of living in Georgia,"I added in a mocking tone.
She hugged me quickly-in a hurry to dig deep into the average teenagers' minds yet agian.

I walked slowly to the cafiteria in no hurry to smell the warm sent of a thousand children.I was shocked at how easy it seemed
to be for Ragen even though she was only 87.The blood was never a problem for her she just simply had greater discipline.I
could handle being normal (just the thought of that word brought a smile to my face)as normal as possible.

When I entered the building for once noone looked over at me and that frightened me going unnoticed hadn't ever really been
something Ive experianced in the last oh 200 years.
I walked by some cheerleaders that suddenly hushed each other in order to hear the gossip being passed from group to group.You
think that by now a new student was no big deal with us all being in high school but thats just it it didnt matter what grade
for this small town had very small expectations.

The rest of the day was pretty much just like that though I did finnaly discover in Bioliagy what they were gossiping about
the only thing I would be interested in though not as interested as a human male or Ragen.
The blonde girl across from me tapped Brianna whos name I only knew because we were forced to be partners one day-on the
shoulder.She turned around and I tried to act as if I was mearly just sitting there.
"Shes from California her name is Cassandra Estail shes 17 and shes like really weird."
That was all I had to go on when I noticed a small gray jacket glide across the room from the door.The girl mummbled something
to the teacher who sniffed agreed then handed her a paper.
She turned around refusing to look up from her feet as she crossed the room to sit at the group across from me.
I studied her sitting there her posture what she carried-a small cackey colored bag with the annicials C.E on the side.
The bell rung then to soon in my onpion.I stood up in a hurry to get out of this room because the class after mine had to do
blood typing I'd remember to thank Ragen for the warning later.
When I got out of the room I kept replaying what was said about the girl.....and all the questions I suddenly had for her.

Chapter 2:Confusion

For once it was nice to go to my least favoriate class History for which I only hated because I had experienced just about
everything in the book so it was sort of like reading a book about your life.I stopped at my locker just to notice the small
fragile looking girl was right beside me.Her locker within two feet away from me.I tried very hard to only focuss on switching
my science book for my history book and slidding my library book into the back of my locker glancing briefly at the only
picture in my locker.It was a picture of myself,Ragen,Arron my older brother who I havent seen in a couple of decades,and our
parents who were currently unavalible.I sighed and shut my locker in no mood to miss them.

I turned to face the girl-she was looking down I noticed she had just dropped her books-I to quickly reached for them.She
paused thinking she smiled shyly then I gently handed her her books she turned annoyed looking for some reason and slamed her
I stared after her wondering what I did to upset her.Then decided since Im going to hell anyways why should I care.I couldn't
quite let it go though.I mumbled uneasily to myself until I entered the classroom where I noticed she was sitting exactly one
seat and one row away from me.I sighed again and sat down I hadn't realized it had been loud enough for her to hear until she
rolled her eyes and shook her head mumbling"stupid idiot why do I always do that."
I smiled trying to comfort her but her eyes were already focused on her history book.I wondered idoly until Mr.Eitheridge
called the page number out.
We were currently studying the civil war which I unfortunantly got to live through.So of course I was bored out of my mind as
usual.I did have to constantly fight the urge to look at her.I decided to give in once or twice.Each time I looked at her she
was facing the front and was mindlessly twirling a strand of her shoulder length wavey light brown hair.I decided to study her
face more the way the light from the wall lenght window made her skin flawlessly perfect.I noticed the difrences between her
and Megan the sweet girl with brownred hair that set right infront of me.Aside from the obvious differences with their hair
color,clothes,and faces Cassandra wore no make up where Megan wore a light lipgloss with some pinkish color eyeshadow.Also
Megan wore a heart shaped locket with a dangling pair of earings where Cassandra wore only one ring it was a purple gem in the
shape of a square with two tiny diamonds on its sides.

Thats when she looked back at me she started off with anger filled eyes that slowly melted into her thoughts she blinked
trying to understand something then she looked down at my hands- placed lightly on the table-and stopped caught her breath
then she turned quickly ignoring her torn thoughts I could tell.I thought for a moment still confused what did she think and
why did it frighten her she looked terrified.

I laughed knowing thats the only inteligant reaction.
She quickly looked back at her History book completly lost.I noticed her move her hair so that it covered her whole face from
my veiw, though she didnt move fast enough to hide her fear or was it confusion?
"Mr.Hemingway."Mr.Ethiridge cleared his throat.
"Yes sir,"I waited patiently for the question he was going to ask.
"What was the date of the first official battle of the civil war?"he asked eyeing me because I knew the answer and didn't have
to stumbel around in my mind to find it either.
"July 21 1861."I answered quickly.
"Hmmmmm.....Correct,"he mumbeled completly peeved that I knew the answer and wasn't even listening.
I loved that part of being 270 is that I could simply freak everyone out just by saying'I was there'.
"Pay attention people."Mr.Ethiridge scolded.
I kept my eyes on her the rest of class trying to decifer her reactions.
She could easily be the most interesting person in the world or she could be a stuck up snob,but could I really believe that.
The bell rang for lunch then and I Was in a hurry to see what Ragen found out and what was running through the girls mind when
she caught me staring at her and why she reacted the way she did.

I nearly ran into the cafateria to find that Ragen looked even more irritated.
"Whats wrong?"I asked suprised at the weakness in my voice.
"I cant hear anything anymore I cant even hear what your thinking whats wrong with me.?"she sounded like she was pleading.
"Nothing maybe its just gone maybe your normal now well aside from the being a vampire."she half smiled at my attempt to make
her feel better.
"So lets get this straight you have no clue whats running through her,"I nodded toward the new girl that was sitting in the
far corner of the cafiteria with noone"mind,no idea what she thinks of....................me?"I asked suprised at what faith I
had put into Ragen to be the answer well to know the answers to all my questions.
"No.But what why do you care what she thinks about you?"she asked me the one question I had no answer to.
"I dont know something about the way she acts and looks shes not like any other........person Ive met."I blinked confused at
my own words.

"Woahh are you like interested in her?"she asked confused.
I considered it as we reached the lunchline.It took so much to understand my own feelings.I grabbed some food no need to be
picky its not like I was going to eat it.I hurried to the opisite side from Cassandra in the cariteria.When I set down I
pretended to nibble mindlessly on an apple.
Ragen wasn't far behinde me she had only gotton stopped to be asked to the valentines dance in 3 weeks.I have to admit that
the way we looked the whole'inhumanly beautiful'was useful at times.But then again annoying at others.She quickly and politly
turned down the offer.Ragen was sweet,funny,smart,loyal,and caring, but she just wasn't the type of person that believed in
'love'I often felt the same way never having been in love only added to the doubt.
Ragen quickly set down beside me"You are aren't you?"she acused gasping dramaticaly.
"I don't know not that I know of..."
"Well this is inconvineiant, the day your not sure how your feeling I cant even get into your head and decifer your thoughts
for myself."She ended with a 'Hmmmmmmph.....'.
"I dont know but I have to know her."I ended truthfuly.I stared over to the last table she was looking down at her salad.Her
light hair swept to the oposite side from me just enough so that I could se her face-considering.
"Go talk to her..."Ragen intercepted my veiw to annoy me.
"I cant I dont know what to say...........and I dont know how to act."For once that was the truth I was feeling actually
nervous, concerned about my impression.I wanted her to see me for me as much as she could comprehind anyways.
"Here's an idea dont act be yourself well for the most part minuss the fangs"she giggled.
I sat there thinking but when I looked back to the table she was gone.

Chapter 3:Annoyance

For the rest of the day my mind was else where we had no more classes together and I never once saw her in the hall the only
way I knew she was even still at school was because I saw her once at the end of the day climbing into her Camry Hybrid 2010
with a silver paint job.I was quick to get into my car knowing Ragen could always 'walk'.When I reached the car I noticed
Ragen was already there smiling her half smile.
"Hello"she said a slight edge in her voice.
"Hey,"I glanced up to look for Cassandra but she was gone.I sighed again.
"Everett, what are you thinking its killing me not to know?"she turned to face the side window when I didn't answer.
"I dont know honest,"I was prepared for her evil stare"I just she looks fimiliar and her last name'Estail'where have I heard
that befor?"I questioned myself.

That night it was impossible to relax enough to not call what I did sleep even for a vampire.I decided to think through my
thoughts, and actions to try and consider the exact moment she became horrified or angry what ever the emotion I needed to
understand her reasoning for it.I used my free time to create an idea of what talking to her would be like of how to say
things and most importantly what to say!I still had no decission made when it was time for me to 'wake up'.

That day at school I decided I would keep my eyes to myslef.I made a very persis effort to stay out of her way from waiting in
the door for Ragen at lunch to hanging out in the class room in order to give her time at her locker.
And by the end of the day it had worked she had not seemed angry to anyone she spoke to or frightened by me.

Ragen was no more patient today excited to get home because Julian an old family friend had called the other day promising a
visit tonight.
Julian was Ragens best friend of our kind they had never been more then just friends though Ragen knew she idolized every
second with him.
Julian had been changed befor me in the year 1734.Not sure on the date because he awoke alone in a dark alley behind a old
pub in England.
Julian had long wavey hair with hazel eyes that were only silver while feeding.He looked like an average skater guy in this
time though he had been originally born in 1714.He never stayed in one place for long desperate for the excitment of travel.

When the doorbell finnaly rang I wasn't suprised to see Ragen run to the door.I still beat her though she wasn't fast even now
as a vampire she just smiled irritated and then she pushed me out of the way.
"Julian"she greeted him bitting her lip.
"Ragen Im so glad to see you, you look..."He stopped in time to except her huge hug.
"You have to visit more often not just every hundred years"he cut her off.
"I was busy taking care of something-"He said mockingly.

That night we went out to some bars where Julian played at a few open mic. places.

I took off early at about three in no mood to party with them and I didn't want to ruin Ragans time with Julian though I knew
she would worry about me when I left.I decided to go home and take a long shower to give myself time to loosen up.It helped,
after the shower I pulled out some of the blood that Ragen had gotton from Riley yesterday.
Riley was a doctor and a vampire he could very easily tell a persons blood type and could very easily sell it.He never harmed
his patients and had been around humans long enough to control the thirst.He was a suplier for many of our kind.
I drank slowly as I watched the news I noticed a girl had gone missing her name was Grace Estail.The last name stunned me.But
I realized the girl disapeared around here and I remembered what Brianna had been told about Cassandra being from California
and I decided that they probly weren't related.They had a younger picture of the girl they said the girl was now 17 but the
picture was takin when she was 15.
I shut the t.v off and went to rinse out my glass.I did some research on the Estails and found a local branch of Estails were
born here.They had migrated here from Germany and they were slayers.I stopped there and had to hold back a laugh.Slayers were
supposed to kill us they had exist before I was changed and my brother Arron had told me about this women Katherine that had
tried to slay him.He talked about how she wore garlic and carried a cross.I laughed aloud knowing the only way to kill a
vampire was a stake in the heart or to burn all the pieces.I closed the laptop and went up stairs to sleep.

When it was time for me to wake up I got dressed quickly I noticed that there was a light layer of snow on the ground so I
grabbed my leather jacket.I slid it on and walked outside feeling no difference in the temperature.Ragen wasn't already at the
car so I had to wait patiently.It took her no longer then two seconds to get from the front door the the passanger seat.
"How come I never get to drive?"she complained.
"Because your only 15 remember,"I smiled"its illegal."
"Yeah I forgot."she smiled.
Her phone rang then.
"Hello,"she said quickly.
"Oh yeah I was thinking about maybe putting the tables where the bleachers are,"She was helping the dance commity set up.
Her convversation took the whole ride to school.I understood most of it though I didn't really care.
When we pulled into the parking lot Ragen was waved to by the other group of teenage vampires.I waved and we walked over to
talk with them.They were discussing the missing girl as well which suprised me the only reason they would be talking about a
missing human is if they were sure she was no longer human.
"Wait so someone changed her?"I asked confused.
"Yes we found her a couple of months ago wondering the streets here she has no idea what happened the only conclusion we can
come up with is that it was Arron.Im terribly sorry for accusing him but, you know that he likes to cause problems for us."
The beautiful black haired girl said.
"No dont apoligise your right it was probly him and I will confront him about it later."
"Later,wait your not going to call him here are you?"Ragen asked irriated.
"Yes why not he should come home every now and then after all theres no place like home."I said in a steirn voice.
"Okay but no fighting in the living room I just finished redecorating so if your going to fight take it to the kitchen ooh or
my room Im dying to buy a new dresser."She smiled Ragen loved Arron she was just pissed that he was never around they were
close before it all.I didn't blame her I hated him I would love to litterally stab him in the heart.I smiled considering that.
"If Arron is coming you have to call the others so they wont kill him before you ask him."she laughed.The other covens of our
kind hated him because he had caused them all to move once or twice before with his careless feeding.

The bell rang and we headed off to class when I saw her.She was getting out of her car.She had gotton to school late for some
reason.I told Ragen to go ahead she smiled and hugged me.
I walked toward the front door.She stopped at her car looked at me and sighed.I held the school door open for her despite her
"Thanks,"she said in a hurry.She walked into the office,told the women she was late ,and that she was sorry.
I smiled at how inoccent she apeard in there with her hair pulled up into a pony tail with jeans and a light blue shirt on
under anohter hoody.This one was brown with white writting on it.She grabbed a paper from the lady at the counter and shoved
it into her bag.I waited right behind her.She turned and seemed starttled to find me standing right behind her I smiled and
slid beside her.The women handed me a paper and told me to get to class.
I caught up with Cassandra in the hall.
"Hello"I said as I walked by her locker.
"Hi"she said annoyed yet again.
It was silent for a moment then.
"Did I do something to you?"I finally asked.
"No.YOU haven't."She said as she grabbed her bioliagy book.
"Whats thay supposed to mean?"I asked cautious.
"It means I know about you and Ragen and I know you know but you haven't done anything."She said skeptical.
"What exactly do you know?"I asked as I leaned against the locker beside her.

Chapter 4:The Truth

"I mean I know what you are and I know all of it.I know how to kill you and I know what you do to us well humans."She
"But your not scared and you haven't told anyone?"I asked skeptical.
"Are you crazy of course Im not going to tell anyone they will have me put into an insane asylam.Why would I be afriad, you
cant hurt me."She finshed sure of her responce.
"And what about the whole I cant hurt you thing what makes you sure about that?"
"This,"She pointed to her ring."it protects me from your powers whatever they are and the mind control you cant control me."
She shut her locker.
"Wow your awfully sure of yourself."I smiled
"Yes I am.I know all of it,and Im not afriad but Im not stupid."
"That explains things."
"Explains what?"She asked as she turned around.
"Why Ragen cant read anyones mind."
"Oh sorry if thats inconveniant for you I just cant risk it not after what happened to Grace."she sighed.
"Wait Grace was your sister?"
"Yes, and one of you killed her."She grew angry.
"No shes alive well not really but shes not dead."I said in a low voice.
"Did you,wait so shes one of--you?"
"I did not change her though I know who did and yes shes a vampire now."
"Can I see her?"She pleaded
"I dont know were she is and thats probly not the best idea right now.And we should get to class."
"Shoot.Oh okay yeah thanks and Im glad we have an understanding."She smiled and turned for her first class.

I couldn't help but to wonder about her sister and why she was sure that it was one of us.I couldn't focus on anything but
that and that she wasn't afraid of me.

I was sure I was going to have to tell the others and Cassandra was going to have to see Grace.
I was still deciding on how to tell Ragen when it was time for Bioliagy.
I walked through the door and imediantly felt a swirl of relief because I wasn't going to have to hide from her.Yet I didn't
know what all she knew but I could guess what had set her off the first day.
I glanced at the ancient ring on my hand.The only reason we could walk out in sunlight.I was still looking at my hand when she
walked in.
She walked right beside me.
"Hi ummm....excuse me."She slid beside me and sat down at her group.
I sat down at my seat eyeing her suspiously.
"Today we are going to learn about chloroplast electronmicrographs."Ms.Romano announced.

Class passed by quickly.When the bell rang I stood not feeling paitent enough to wait for Ragen in the doorway so I walked
ahead to the cafiteria.

I sat down at an empty table when I saw that Ragen was sitting with Avery Lennox the eldest of the teenage coven we had spoken
to earlier in the parking lot befor...well befor I knew the truth about Cassandra.
I sat there feeling quite different when she walked in.
She was walking with Bridget,and Veronica.
Bridget was cheer captin and I realized now that she was the blonde that had told Brianna about Cassandra.I gazed at her evil
Verionca was sweet she and her brother got transfered her last year something about their mother being sick.I smiled as she
walked by she looked at me and then ahead of her to see that Dalton her brother was standing infront of them.
I turned to face my tray of untouched food.
"Hi Im Dalton Parker and your...,Cassandra right?"He extended his hand toward her.
"Cassie,and its nice to meet you."She nodded and they shook hands.
"Ummm Cassie this is my brother."Veronica smiled shyly.
"Oh yeah."She turned toward me.
"Cassie sit with us today."Bridget said
"Umm yeah I guess-that would be nice."She rolled her eyes befor looking back at them.
I smiled at her.They went through the lunchline stopping occationaly to grab something and slid it onto their plates.
Her exspression stayed cautious and slightly agravated as they asked her questions about California.She took her time
answering everyone not enjoying the attention.
I decided to leave lunch early to go call Arron.Though I didn't really want to waste any time around her it needed to be done.
He didn't answer which never suprised me so I left a message saying-
"Arron I know you changed her now your going to take care of her she has a family shes not going to be forgotton they know and
they know how to tell us apart from the humans-So call me we need to talk."I hung the phone up and slid it into my jacket
It was still to early to go to my next class so I decided to listen to an old cd Ragen had made.I was about half way through
the cd when someone knocked on my window.
"Hey ummm...Can we talk?"She asked smiling widely.
I nodded as I opened the passanger side door.

Chapter 5:Questions

She slid in and closed the door quietly.
"Okay,earlier when you said you knew who changed her were you serious and if so then ummmm who was it?"She asked quickly
shifting her gaze to the window.
"I was serious and his name is Arron hes well.....hes my brother."
She caught her breath.
"So your going to warn him arent you your going to let him live after what he did to her!"She screamed as tears started to run
down her face.
"No,no please be quiet I cant kill him hes my brother but I am going to make him pay he will be forced to train her teach her
all the rules and everything about us."
"What rules?You vam-you kill people all the time drank their blood and leave their bodies to rot I dont think any rules can be
applied to that."
"No actually I well some of us vampires dont kill people we have suppliers."
"Suppliers?"She met my eyes for the first time.Her exspression changed sofened but then hardened again.
"We only drank donated blood."I admitted.
"oh."She looked out the front window trying to avoide something.
"Im sorry about Grace."
"Thanks..Im sorry about well....about freaking out on you."She smiled shyly the same smile from the first day.
"Dont apologise its nothing really."
I started to get out of the car when, she wispered.
"Im still sorry,"Her voice grew louder.
"about what you are it seems like you dont like it being that way I mean."
How did she know this no how did she know me .
"Its not that bad I mean I get to see alot of history and well people."I said as I shut the door.I went to her door imediantly
I opened it slowly and poilitly.
"Thanks..."She said looking down.
"Your welcome Cassie."I smiled when I heard her heart skip a beat when I spoke her name.

I have to addmit that having no secrets between us frightened me and he frightened me for more than one reason...One she saw
through me completley and unconrtolingly she saw it all.And two...I liked having a human know even if that said human was
born and raised to destroy me.I laughed on our way to the parking lot after school.For some reason Cassie had decided to ride
home with us which was different not that Im complaining because we had alot of work to do.
When we reached the car I opened her door for her agian-she seemed irriated about that-and then got in the drivers seat.
"Hmphhhh....."she sighed loudly.
"What is it about me now that bothers you to the point of insanity?"I asked completley serious.
She looked at me and then quickly turned her head-I was begining to wonder at this point why looking at me bothered her.
"Its just.....this isnt right no this isnt normal!"she laughed oddley at the end.
"Well nothings really normal with vampires in town..."I implied.
"True, but Im refuring to this,"she gestered her hand toward me.
"What I look like everyother-..."shut cut me off.
"No not how you look though you are ummm....very unique.Your to.....nice arent you supposed to be like....ummm...evil?You know
black cape fangs coffins?"she added quietly.
I smiled.
"For a slayer your not very wise on the subject."I laughed.
"For a vampire your not very scary.But Im serious whats the deal with the mannors and 'yes mam no mam'?"she asked looking out
the window-the rain had began agian and it was starting to fogg everywhere.
"Im just well....,"I reached out and grabbed her chin gently forcing her to look at me."old fishioned."I finished sounding out
of breath.She smiled and then fixed her gaze on the clock.
"We should hurry I have to be home by six."she was facing the window again.
"Okay,"I started the enigine."now its your turn to answer something for me.
She seemed suprised.
"What do you want to know...?"she asked skeptical still facing the window.
"I want to know why you do that."I stated staring at her.
"Do what?"She asked seeming to come back to time now.She looked over at me.
"Why you cant look at me I mean I know you know what I am but you said your not affriad..."I grew silent.
She sighed.
"Im not affriad of you Im affriad of my......feelings toward you."She admitted.
Shocked I slowed down and pulled of the high way.
"Why I mean what are your feelings that your affraid of...?"
"Im having second thoughts I mean like maybe Im crazy no wait Im definently crazy but I mean....I like you more than I should.
More than you like me and well just more than I thought possible with anyone ever before."she shrugged.
I had to do something quickly she had to know that there was no possible way that her feelings for me could be stronger then
my feelings for her.....
So I looked at her as she stared at her hands pulling on the strings of her gray hoddy.I took a deep breath and took her face in my hand.
She caught her breath as I touched her and her heart rate excelerated.She looked at me fighting tears.
"Ive had over two hundred years to love someone but noone can compare to how much I love you."I stared into her eyes not breating.
My phone rang then.
"Hello,"I said agravated as I released her face.
"Everett.Its time to catch up some its been so long."Aaron said.
"Aaron this is not a good time,"
He cut me off"After all theres no place like home.Ill see you at home.Be sure to tell Cassandra I said hello."I could feel her gaze on my face as my expression hardened.
"Stay away from her...Or I will kill you.Your my brother and I understand that but if you come near her I will destroy you."
"Okay Ill remember that."He said mockingly."Just be sure that you stay out of my way and dont make me wait to long...You know how impatient I can get."
"Goodbye Aaron."I spoke quickly and closed the phone.
"What was that about is Aaron here in Armarchy is he coming after me whats going on?"
"Im taking you home now we will have to do this tomorrow hes not getting anywhere near you."
"Wait what no Im going to see Grace!"The tears broke through again."Shes my sister I need to see her."
"And you will but not tonight.If he gets anywhere near you I wont be able to stop him he cant get that close."I grew quiet.
"I dont think he'll hurt me I....Ive never met him before he has no reason for wanting me dead."She seemed sure that he wasnt going to hurt her,but she didnt know him the way I did.Accentually were all selfish creatures but Aarron was dangerous,and only after what others had.
"Not tonight."I started the car.
"Were not through discussing this!"She screamed as she slung her head back against the seat.
"Cassie yes we are.Your not going to be anywhere near danger Aaron falls under that catagory."
I had pulled back on the road now.
"Fine.But tomorrow Im going to see Grace."She stared at me until I agreed.
"Okay but can you promise me something?"
"Promise me you wont go outside alone tonight well until hes gone."
"I promise and can you promise me something in return?"She asked hesitently.
"With in reason."
"Promise me that youll be there tomorrow-at school I mean,you seem like the type that noone can ever keep around."I stared at her eyes full of hope.
"I promise."
Chapter 6:The past

NOW ALL RIGHT BELONG to Me!!!!!!!!!!Tehya Nicole Long

As in if you copy YOU DIE OR ILL BITE YOU EITHER WAY(:so be smart and dont mess with me.k?Love you all have a nice day comment if you read the book just so ill know.

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Comment by Lone Nelly on March 11, 2010 at 12:29am
I havn't read you post, but I will later... From me: Perhaps be a little nicer approaching people to read you stuff. I found myself getting a little offended. The positive. I like you consider this is YOUR work and you are being smart about it. I think it is awesome you write and have the guts to post it.
Comment by Bleh on March 11, 2010 at 3:00am
Okay that does make sence.Later I will try a........softer approch to people.And Thank you(:
Comment by Lone Nelly on March 11, 2010 at 3:05am
Yep - you probably just tried to be funny, but in letters that often can be misunderstood and you come across in an unfortunate way.
Comment by Lone Nelly on March 11, 2010 at 5:54am
So I read the first part... I have to say if you are only 12... then seriously keep at it. I like the way you use words, you pull me in. You have a specific sense of detail I REALLY appreciate. For me that is pretty spectacular since I have trouble making sense of your story. :-) I AM going to be retarded. You need to spend time on the sense of it... who is talking to who and that sort of thing. That is where you loose me. Some sentences are sooo long I get lost again. So when you adjust those things I think you have a pretty strong gift compared to your age. You have so much time to learn and be truely GREAT. So I would take every single creative writing class I could if I were you. KEEP GOING we all learn along the way, but what you posted is a great starting point - just edit through it!
Comment by Taylor Girl on March 12, 2010 at 1:19am
i havent read it read it completely but its good till where ever i have and dont worry bout the typing errors cause that always happens


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