Press conference 'New Moon' with Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner

It was a day like any other for the fans of New Moon, the second episode of the Twilight saga - the blockbuster of the time. On a sunny Sunday afternoon, the eve of holiday, the actors Kristen Stewart (Bella) and Taylor Lautner (Jacob) took part in a news conference at the Grand Hyatt in Sao Paulo.

In addition to journalists eager to see 15 minutes of unedited film - which was not aired, should be provided Only trailers known New Moon - and know more about the teen stars of the moment, a crowd formed outside the hotel.

Girls between 10 and 16 years were screaming, crying and begging for an appearance of the protagonist couple of long days that come 20 theaters. In vain. Kristen Taylor and posed for photos, participated in a friendly and only the collective. Left to journalists to explain the rowdy fans who have not played or chatted with the actors. It was work. And it was only appropriate that we speak.

Kristen Stewart impresses with maturity. At 20, she made it clear that he knows very well what Bella did in his life. Detached, using two watches, one on each arm - is it to control the time in another part of the world and not lose contact with Robert Pattinson? - And far more stylish than her character, the actress said that Bella grew and appeared in this second film.

"In Twilight Bella believed in herself. Now Edward breaks up with her, which is lost and only recovered with the help of Jacob. New Moon, the book was written from the point of view. We have a much more reflective and philosophical, the characters are more mature and Bella is becoming a woman, "says the frail and disheveled Kristen.

If Bella is becoming an adult, Jacob has a great influence on it. The character of Taylor Lautner, only 17 years, is the protagonist of New Moon. That the book. In the film, although very prominent, Jacob still needs to share the spotlight with the heartthrob of Twilight, Robert Pattinson. The young actor, however, shows that he knows the importance of his character and steals the show at the conference. The film can not be him, but the interview is.

"So I just Twilight, which had only four scenes, I started working out and eat a lot to gain muscle mass. I knew I had to relocate to be Jacob New Moon, "explains Taylor.

The dedication of the actor is impressive, after all, for a long time, rumors that he would not repeat the role wandered around. But Taylor did and did not disappoint the fans.
"I think in everyone's mind, Taylor was the right person for the role. He gave much to it, "said Kristen, who over the 30-minute interview, was full of praise for the companion of september. However, the actress made it clear to their fans Robert "Edward" Patinsson be with Bella.

"The Jacob's perfect for her. The insecurity of Bella disappears with Jacob. But unfortunately, the girls do not take the best decisions and Edward is Bella's soul mate. The Jacob is the great friend, Edward's great love. "

The actors told to read the book series by Stephanie Meyer was important to write the characters. And Kristen went further: he confessed that was the book that made you decide to Twilight, and not the script.

"I read the script and thought the character had nothing to do with me. Then told me that the book was very good and when I read, I realized I could take something else away. Each chapter of the book is important to do films. "

Just over 24 hours in Brazil, Kristen and Taylor left the hotel only once: to know a steak. Taylor liked the Brazilian barbecue, and Kristen was impressed with the grandeur of Sao Paulo.

Speaking of fans, who did duty from Saturday morning at the hotel door, Taylor showed his gratitude. "Our fans are very passionate and I think Jacob has many fans in Brazil. I also like his personality. "

For these fans, the players left their impressions on the new chapter in the Twilight saga: is a movie very different from before. Twilight was a smaller sphere, because the director was more independent. In New Moon the thing slows down, is a film more vivid, "says Kristen.

It's up to Taylor Lautner define what lies ahead in New Moon. "My favorite scene of the movie is an action, because the boys like action. But New Moon is not just that, and is more than a vampire story. It is a love story. "

Now it's wait and see if the love of Bella and Edward will survive the charm of Jacob. If you depend on the charisma of his interpreter, this duel between vampire and werewolf will pay off.

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