Q&A with Breaking Dawn Part 2 stars Andrea Gabriel and Rami Malek

Breaking Dawn Part 2 stars Andrea Gabriel and Rami Malek sat down to talk about being part of the Twilight franchise, fans, hanging out with their coven, The Bunk in Twilight, and the silly questions they get asked.

Twilight‘s not really in my sphere of enjoyment but I get the fandom. I get why 16 year old girls go crazy over it.  I go bonkers over other stuff. Where either of you fans of Twilight before you starred in it?

Andrea Gabriel: I hadn’t seen Eclipse, but I saw the first two because my sister loves it. She’s actually older than me [laughs] but she loves it. We would go and see the movies together.

So you’re all caught up now?

AG: I am now. I actually saw Eclipse when we were shooting Breaking Dawn Part 2. I watched it in the gym while I was in the gym.

What was your favorite?

AG: I thought New Moon was pretty good. It was annoying because you’re thinking ‘Get over it girl’[laughs].

Rami Malek: I liked the Twilight. I thought was a cool little indie movie. I wish they could’ve kept it in that vein for the rest of the movies, but it would’ve been impossible. That’s a juggernaut you’re not getting in the way of.

The Twilight franchise blew up almost immediately. I could identify with elements in the first movie like having a crush, fitting in, and being the new person at school.

RM: I think a lot of people identify with that as well. There are some funny moments in the first film. When they’re sitting in that chemistry class and Edward can smell Bella, that’s hilarious. That’s a scene that sticks out after all the films. People remember that moment.

I interviewed Maggie Grace and Mia Maestro and they said their coven hung out a lot during the filming. Was it the same with the Egyptian Coven cast members?

AG: Totally, and we did way cooler things. Our stuff was way cooler. We hung out in New Orleans.

RM: It’s funny how it was like high school in that respect. You hang out with your coven and that’s your group of friends.  Ok, now you go hang out with that group and go skiing. We just said that’s cool, we’ll go hang out in New Orleans.  We were in Baton Rouge. It’s an hour away so it was easy to get out for the weekend and come right back.  We’d work hard and then go enjoy ourselves in one of America’s greatest towns. Much like Seattle is.

AG: We went down about 3 ½ weeks before any of the other covens showed up. We shot one scene and then we had about 3 weeks off.

How did you both end up getting involved in the Twilight series?

RM: Much like you get any other roles, with your agent giving you a ring. I remember them saying “Twilight” and I said, “Ummm not my cup of tea.” They said you should probably take this. I said OK and went in for the audition. When I got the job I remember getting really excited thinking it was cool. I wanted to be a part of something that was historic in a way. Now I’m really glad I did it. I met some great people working on the film and some good actors. The director, Bill Condon, I’m happy to have known him and worked with him. I look back and say I worked with an Oscar winning director and an Oscar winning DP as well.  And the fans have been pretty phenomenal.

My fear would be messing up and facing rabid Twilight fans.

AG: They want to like it. Everyone just wants to see it flushed out and they might have their own idea of what they want it to be. The fans are very pro, they’re not anti.





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