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Hey, all! So, if you've stumbled across this story, you should know...I DO NOT OWN these characters. I am not the awesome SM. I have, however, decided to make sure that my favorite characters get the honeymoon they deserve...

As the ocean water began to lap at my shoulders, I realized how warm I was. The water that encompassed my body was warm. The need that was growing in the pit of my stomach felt warm. Even Edward was warm. I was suddenly reminded of my threat to spontaneously combust if Edward refused to grant me my one wish. How wrong I had been! This would surely be the cause of combustion. This moment I had been waiting for seemed to already be stoking small flames around and inside me. It was a glorious sensation. Who knew so much heat could feel so good?

As I pondered this, Edward stopped his descent into the water and silently turned to face me. He gazed into my eyes as his warmed hands reached up to hold my face and caress my cheekbones with his thumbs. After a few strokes, his thumbs moved downward, slowly, to rub back and forth across my lips. I rested my wrists on his shoulders and concentrated. Breath in, breathe out, I reminded myself. I refused to pass out tonight. He seemed to notice my efforts, and my favorite crooked smile appeared on his face. I couldn’t help but grin a little myself.

“I love you, Bella,” he whispered to me, and his lips met mine for a slow kiss. Although it was slow, it was more sensual than anything we had shared yet. His lips were pressed harder than usual against mine, and there was a definite edge of deliberateness, of need even. An edge of heat. For a moment I remembered the kiss we shared after our graduation. This kiss had an edge similar to that one, but it wasn’t fright or desperation this time. It was slightly frantic and nervous, but determined, and even excited. Somehow, the cross between our nerves and our need was combining into a delicious new sensation. A thrill ran through me. I liked this.

Without breaking our intense kiss, the hands that had been lovingly cupping my face started to slide down my neck, over my shoulders and down my arms until they circled in to hold my waist. I moved just a little bit closer to him, reveling in the sensation of his bare hands on my exposed skin. In response, his hands slid slowly up and down my sides, heating me further with every new inch of skin he touched. I tried desperately to keep breathing.

My efforts were undermined. Ever so slowly, the hands that had been caressing my sides slipped higher than ever before, and his thumbs grazed the side swell of my breasts. I gasped at the contact that I had forever wanted but had never known. My tips were instantly hard. He pulled his head back and looked at me, his eyes smoldering with lust. Either my reaction or the look on my face seemed to spur Edward on, and his hands swept inward, deliberately caressing my nipples before starting to knead my breasts gently. It felt so good. I could feel the warmth growing quickly deep inside me, and I choked back a whimper. Edward seemed to have heard it anyway. He smiled widely and continued the torturous circles. Could I get any hotter?

Apparently, I could.

“Bella,” he breathed, “you’re so soft.”

I couldn’t help it this time. A real whimper escaped me. The sound seemed pleading, desperate even. Great, I was already losing it. But as I looked up, I could not feel ashamed. The sound seemed to spark something in his moonlit eyes, and he gripped the sides of my chest and pulled me to him, almost roughly, though I knew it would never be rough enough.

There was no space between us now. Breathe in...breathe out, breath in...Oh, god! His chest was much warmer than usual, but I could still feel a slight chill against my breasts and I felt my nipples harden even more against him. I knew he could feel it, too. I wondered if I should be embarrassed, but I couldn’t feel anything but the heat that was coursing all around and through me.

My hands responded without my brain sending any conscious orders. They were suddenly all over him, whipping through his hair, sliding quickly over his strong shoulders, the defined muscles of his back, down his solid arms. Edward took a shuddering breath and leaned into my neck. He kissed and sucked gently on the skin below my ear and under my jaw. He knew what that did to me, and his efforts did not go unrewarded. I shivered in what was hopefully a delicate way, and locked my arms around his neck to pull him closer. He continued his familiar route to my collarbones - I loved it when he did that. But suddenly his lips left his normal route and dipped downward, onto the top of my breasts.

I gasped again in euphoric shock. My arms that had been pulling him toward me impulsively switched directions to start pushing him downward. More, more, more, my thoughts urged him, but I couldn’t make any sound. I realized that in my anticipation, I had forgotten the rather important action that I had been trying to focus on. Breath in, dammit! Breathe in! As I drew in the breath I was trying to take, I heard him take a breath, too. Then, his face dipped into the water and his lips grazed my sensitive nipples.

“Oooh!” The small cry escaped my lips without my permission. Again. How embarrassing. At least I had air in my lungs to moan with, I reasoned. A moan escaped from Edward too, and the vibrations on my pert nipple caused me to moan again, louder. Edward chuckled, and I moaned again (was he doing this deliberately?) as he dragged his lips across my chest to my other breast. Oh, the sensation! How dare he hold this back from me for so long! I silently thanked god that he had seen reason and allowed me to feel this way. But my thoughts were scattered again as he gently pulled my tight point into his mouth. He did it so carefully, using just his lips, but it was enough. Another frantic cry escaped me and I threw my legs around his waist in a fiery burst of need. I was suddenly very appreciative of the water we were in; it had made this movement very easy.

Edward threw his head out of the water and let it hang back in a movement so fast I hadn’t even seen it. I realized that my sudden action may not have been the most prudent of choices, considering my breast was in his mouth. An apology began to form on my tongue, but at that moment he leaned his head forward to face me. My apology, and my breath, stopped short.

There was fire. Fire in his eyes that was so hot I could feel the heat increase between my legs.

“God, Bella,” he half-moaned. His voice was so low, and deliciously rough. Crushed velvet.

As I reveled in the new sound, I realized the probable cause of it. My legs were wrapped around his waist, and my heated center was pressed firmly against a very hard and firm part of his own. Breathe out, breathe out..no, no! Breath in, breathe out! My eyes locked with his and I examined the fire I had never seen before. It took me a moment to identify it. And then it hit me.

It was passion. Pure, unearthed passion. Oh god, Edward.

His hands reached back and wrapped around my ankles, then started to slowly slip upwards. Thank god I shaved my legs. With the sexiest smirk I had ever seen, he slid his hands upward, around the swells of my calves, under my knees, up the back of my thighs, until they finally settled . . . right on my ass.

I was definitely burning. I considered breaking my eyes away from his scorching gaze to see the flames for myself, but I couldn’t do it. I would let the fire consume me before I looked away. His eyes were alight with want and need, and - most excitingly - mischief. A gentle squeeze on my ass elicited a low, throaty moan from me and he responded by gripping me even more firmly, and pulling me into his obvious erection.

“Edward!” I panted. Could he really be doing this? I watched him through my pleasurable haze to convince myself he really was. His breathing was harsh and slightly uneven, but not quite as rapid as mine. His smirk was still in place, but his lips were parted slightly. He gave my ass one more deliberate squeeze with that sexy smile and a sudden realization hit me full force: Edward, my Edward, was an ass man. A wave of the fire that I was beginning to recognize as arousal pulsed through me and I gyrated my hips once over his length. The smirk vanished as his jaw dropped and his eyes closed. Where was all my confidence coming from tonight? It didn’t matter, I decided. Victory was sweet.

But it was short-lived. He seemed to regain his composure in a moment and, with that mischievous look back in his eyes, gyrated right back. My eyes rolled back, along with my head, and I realized I was dizzy. Dizzy? Oh right, breathe.

“Do you like that, Bella?” he asked in a smoldering voice.

“God, yes!” I answered truthfully. How could I not?

That got him. He moaned low and deep as his hands gave a parting squeeze on my ass to grip my forearms and raise them over my head. His head began to descend back down to my chest when I realized that this new position put me completely on display. I knew it was irrational, but I couldn’t help the blush that rose up to my cheeks. Where the hell did my confidence go? He noticed, of course, and raised his head so that our lips were just centimeters apart and our eyes were level.

“Bella, you’re beautiful. So beautiful. I can’t begin to describe to you...” he trailed off. I knew I was being silly, but his words reassured me and I felt my confidence boost back up a notch. I leaned into his lips, and he kissed me back. I could tell he was trying to take it slow, trying to tell me through this kiss the words his lips were unable to form. He loved me. He thought I was beautiful. We were meant to be together. He wanted me. It was a beautiful moment.

Until my body reminded me of our position. My legs wrapped tightly around him, his strong hands holding my arms above my head, his hardness pressing into me. I moaned into his mouth and he returned it with one of his own. The fire inside me flamed to life again and I couldn’t help one more rub up and down his hard member. His breath hitched and our kiss quickly changed pace. Now it was rough, frantic, and needy. After a few moments, he pulled his lips from mine to let me breathe and quickly pushed his head down to start teasing my breasts with his mouth.

My lips may have been free, but that didn’t mean I could breathe.

His hands released my arms and circled around my back. He pulled me tighter to him, making me arch up to meet his mouth as he continued to kiss and lick my eager breasts. The fire was shooting all around me now in hot bursts. I noticed a throbbing between my legs and couldn’t help the need to rub up against him, not just once but in a steady, undulating motion.

“Uuuuuh, Bella!” Edward moaned as he pulled away from my chest. It was the sexiest thing I had ever heard, and it drove my hips with rabid force repeatedly into his. He hissed through his teeth, then quickly lowered his lips again to ravage my mouth. This kiss was hard, unyielding, desperate, and so, so hot. I realized with a jolt that I was moaning - loudly. I tried to remember when I had started, but I couldn’t pinpoint the moment. Only the fact that it had been a while ago. I also couldn’t stop. As the friction between our bodies increased, I only grew louder and no amount of willpower could ebb the flow of my cries.

I suddenly found myself lying on soft sand with a warm ocean wave brushing over my ankles. The movement had been so quick I hadn’t even noticed it. I looked up to Edwards face, just inches from mine, and gave a soft whimper as I slowly registered every part of our bodies that were touching. I felt no weight, his hands were clasped around my wrists which were once again above my head, but our bodies were connected everywhere. Our chests were mashed against each other’s, our legs were entwined, even our feet were wrapped around the other’s. But more importantly, his erection was just barely pressing into the place where I wanted it most. Where I needed it most. Was the world spinning? Oh, right. Breathe...breathe...

“Bella,” he whispered intensely, “I need you to tell me...I need you to tell me the moment...if anything...”

“I will, Edward. Please, I need you.” I half assured him, half begged him. I wanted this so bad. I was throbbing and burning and I knew only he could give me what I desperately craved. He nodded and slid his hands off my arms and into the sand on either side of me. I instantly wrapped my arms around his stony biceps. He seemed to take a moment to help his control, and I took this window of opportunity to do what I had been dying to do. I looked down.

My breath caught. Screw breathing. I could see him now. I could see his thick length jutting out past my bellybutton. Another round of fire pulsed through me, melting me. He looked so delicious, but, oh god, how would he ever fit? I looked up to see him staring at me, sexy smirk in place. As ifI wasn’t hot enough, I felt more heat rush to my cheeks. Oh hell, I got caught staring.

His smirk softened and his fingertips brushed my cheek.

“Oh, Edward...” I whispered.

“It’s okay, love, it will only hurt for a moment. Are you ready?” He asked tenderly, though he couldn’t hide his want from me. It was there, a hidden, rough edge to his soothing voice. He wanted this just as badly as I did. The flames licked inside me and I nodded at him.

Slowly, gently, he edged his way inside me. Oh, god! There was no pain yet, just an overwhelming sensation of pleasure. This is what I had craved since our first kiss tonight. For him to take me, to fill me. Edward was slowly releasing his breath as he slid further into me. He watched my face intently as he did, checking me for signs of pain. I tried to give him a strong look back, but in the next instant, I felt it. I had been broken.

I loved and hated the sensation at the same time. I loved that he was inside me, finally. I hated that any pain had to disrupt my bliss. Edward stayed perfectly still - as only Edward could - and waited. I took a few breaths and looked into his eyes again. There was so much love in his gaze, I could feel it bore into me and warm my heart. My Edward was so wonderful.

The tightness in his eyes, however, warmed something else inside me again. He liked this, and wanted more. I felt no more pain as I gave him the nod he was waiting for. Slowly again, gently, he slid out of me by a fraction, only to push himself further in.

Further...further...every inch seemed to caress something wonderful inside me, and I cried out.

“Are you okay, love?” he asked, in a strained voice.

“Yes Edward, I’m okay! God! Please more!”

The moan that ripped from him was the most erotic thing I had heard yet. It struck something sensitive deep within me at the same time that he pulled out and thrust back into me again. I moaned loudly, and, checking to see that I was still okay, he thrust again. I was panting, moaning, burning. The delicious friction of just these few thrusts was igniting the fire that had been growing all along. In my heat-induced frenzy, I threw my legs over his hips. I could instantly feel the difference, how much more of him was inside me, how deep he was penetrating me. I cried out and bucked my hips up to meet his. I would do anything for more.

“My God, Bella! My God!” He groaned as my hips met his with as much force as I could muster. He reared back and thrust into me again, harder than he had before.

“Ah!” I screamed with each thrust, “Ah, Ah, Ah!” Each one was an individual burst of flame added to the bonfire. He seemed to push a little harder every time, and it was sending me into a frenzy. I needed more, and so did he.

He picked up his pace, and though it was only minutely, I let out a long, loud moan.

“Uuuuuuh, Edward!”

He hissed in a breath at the sound of his name and released a moan of his own.

“Bella, you’re so wam! So warm inside!”

Lord, keep this boy talking! Edward’s passionate words were matches thrown to the fire, and I could feel myself tightening in anticipation of exploding. His thrusts were quick and hard now, but every muscle in his body seemed clenched in his effort to stay in control. He was gazing down at me through heavy, lust-laden lids and his jaw was slack with the intensity of his pleasure. I was screaming with the impact of every thrust, writhing in my effort to meet his powerful hips. Just a few more, my thoughts screamed, just a few more!

“Edward!” I cried out.

“Bella,” he groaned. His voice was so gravelly, so husky and tight.

“Edward! Edward, I...I...” I couldn’t form the words to tell him what was happening. I was dancing on the edge now, tempting the flames to take me.

Understanding blazed in Edward’s eyes and he sucked in a ragged breath.

“Oh, yes, Bella! Yes!” he pleaded. “Let it go, Bella! Come for me!”

His words threw me head first into the fire. The flames of my orgasm leapt up and exploded, throwing pieces of me everywhere while more glorious heat rolled repeatedly in the pit of my stomach. I knew I was screaming loudly but I couldn’t feel my mouth, just the delicious fire that was pulsing inside me. I could hear Edward release a powerful growl and I knew he, too, had combusted. Even through the magnificent heat, I reached out to him and gripped him tightly. This was surely heaven.

He rested his head on my shoulder while the fire died down, then rolled lazily to my side, pulling me on top of him and letting out a low, satisfied sigh. He nuzzled my cheek once and then gave it a soft kiss.

His body had cooled down again and I stretched myself across him, needing the relief from the intensity of what we had just shared. As my breathing slowed and my heartbeat returned to normal, I replayed our actions in my head. I was overjoyed that it had gone so perfectly. Edward’s worries had been in vain. I hadn’t been hurt, not once (except the inevitable) and I had never been so completely happy in all my life. I hoped he felt the same way. I sighed in contentment and looked up to his face. He had been watching me, and the minute my eyes met his, a brilliant, playful smile appeared on his relaxed face.

“And what, Mr. Cullen, do you find so amusing?” I asked with a matching grin.

He didn’t answer, leaning down instead for a kiss. His kiss dripped with triumph, joy, and the same complete satisfaction that I was feeling. By the time he released me, I was breathless.

“Nothing at all, Mrs. Cullen. I was just thoroughly enjoying the ocean breeze.”

Really? He was thinking about the wind? I struggled to make sense of it, to pick up the path that his thoughts could have possibly followed after the evenings’ events that led to enjoying the breeze. It wasn’t until I noticed his eyebrow quirked up in humor that I chanced a look away from his beautiful face to survey our surroundings.

That’s when I saw it. My flimsy towel, that I had left hanging from the palm tree right by his heavy jeans, was rolling along the sand, caught in said ocean breeze. It was almost back to the house.

Warmth rushed to my face and neck. What was it with this island? I decided snow would be a requirement for our next vacation, chattering teeth be damned. But I couldn’t help being embarrassed. It was one thing to be naked while entwined in Edward. It was a completely different thing to be running after a towel in all my unclothed glory.

Edward saw the realization in my eyes and let out a glorious, hearty laugh. Although the sound was literally music to my ears, I felt indignant.

“Oh, you think that’s funny, do you?” I questioned him.

He pressed his lips into a tight line in an effort to keep a straight face, but the corners of his lips were still twitching. That was fine. I’d show him.

Wordlessly, I stood up. He clearly wasn’t expecting that. His eyes popped as he drank in my nude body, more on display than it had ever been before. I was secretly thrilled but tried not to show it as I turned to march through the sand and retrieve my fluttering towel.

Before I had taken two steps, his arms encircled me and his cool breath was caressing the side of my neck. I shivered.

“Leave it,” he whispered.

I opened my mouth to protest, but stopped short when I felt his chilled hands on my ass, giving my cheeks a seductive squeeze. As quickly as he had caught me, he slung me into his arms bridal style. The way his hungry eyes were raking my body was awakening that now familiar heat in my stomach and I bit my lip.

“Edward...” I started. But my request was unneeded. Edward was already jogging lithely towards the house.

For all of you out there thinking that the sex scene was cut off too much... Here is the link go and read there's more and gets more exciting if you know what I mean, http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4461299/1/Warmth

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Comment by christine on August 15, 2009 at 8:28pm
all i can say is OMG this blog should not be seen by young ones under 18
Comment by Ashley Pattz on August 15, 2009 at 8:54pm
i completely agree with christine! all i can say is OME!!!
Comment by Sina Cullen on August 16, 2009 at 1:16am
i was lost when SM didnt go in detiles in BD but this feels like a missing peice in BD. go and check out the rest of the story it gets better!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by Sarai del C. Guevara on August 16, 2009 at 2:10am
yes it does..=D
Comment by Kennedy Meriah Cullen on August 18, 2009 at 5:24am
out of cuiosity i went to the site and read a couple of chapters yah umm lets just say unless you have done the sex ed thing in school you really really shouldnt be reading this


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