I changed my story a little most of the ending is differant because thats what you though needed change!! Hope u like it and tell me if you want more!! I have a few more chapter and feedback would be GREAT!!!

Chapter 1I was running. Faster and faster nearly beatting Edward but I wasn’t racing. I was anxious. We had hunted two days ago, why are we going again? Weren’t we meant to try and blend in? The woods where the same coulour as usal..green..more green..a little brown and some other colours here and there but somehow everything was moving in black and white, like I was looking though somones mind, not my own. These forests were my favioure the best animals were around here, but for some reason I just wanted togo to are small cottage and hug Nessie all night. I pulled a force field around us and waited until Edward could read how anxious and confused I was. “Slow down” he said, “and take down the field I don’t like seeing you worry like this, you’ll see soon”. It wasn’t comforting but I put down the shield stoped and waited. Edward came out from behind a tree and took my hand, I waited for my explanation, looking in his eyes I saw..pain, it might be for me but I couldn’t tell. He then looked down from what he was seeing in the distance and looked into my eyes and said “Look...” he started. “You know Alice is keeping tabs on more or less everyone?” I nodded. “Well...she saw something that I think you need to see, just stay with me promise?” “Yes” I answered and I held on to him as he led me to the familiar city of Seattle.It was dark and past midnight so we weren’t worried about going into the main streets. Edward held my hand tightly and I wondered what would make me to tempted to run away from him, I wouldn’t I had just promised. We walked to a building I recognised as a hospital, I had stayed in after having a brutal battle with James. Edward let go and climbed up the wall I followed. I followed after Edward as he gracefully jumped though the window. It was in a small hospital room I could hear their breathing raged uneven breaths, I slowly, even for a human walked near to Edward, but then the scent hit me. I must have been holding my breath because when it hit me it was like nothing I had felt before. My body went into num..Because I knew that the person behind that curtain, “Edward….?” I whispered. Without relising I had put a field around us and he could see, pain, worry, confusion…things that even I couldnt explan. “Shhh its ok” he said wraping his arms around me. “I think I know whats behind the curtain” with my eye sight I could she the outline of a person…”Its ok Bella I wont let anything hurt you”. I knew that how could I jude that about him. Somehow without me knowing the field went down. Edward let go of me and said “just remember what you promised”. He said it like a question, he pulled back the curtain and I saw…My mother..skinny to the bone asleep, neddels attached to her body and many screens around her showing her heart blood pressue, things I couldn’t understand. I went into lockdown. I moved backward and hit the wall and felt my hair blow, because I was standing outside the windown. My eyes, I could feel were large popping out of my head. I keeped moving backwards hoping to fall though the wall. I must of stood infrount of my mother for hours but something inside me kept moving me backward and eventually I fell out the window, without me relising it I had pushed myself up the wall and still moving backwards I fell. It was like slow motion. I was thankful this hadnt of happened when I was human. “BELLA!” Edward roared racing to try and catch me. It was too late…for me…my mother….everything just went crazy. Somhow the vampire in me reacted to the though of falling a few stories and made me land on my feet. Edward wasn’t to far behind me but I couldnt just stand there. I turned and ran out into the woods. But I put a field around him before I left and said ‘I love you…don’t follow me….yet’. I turned and the last imagine I saw was Edward with so much pain it hurt me…but eveything after that was like a blur…a fast movie….black and white, the only I was sure was in colour was my perfet husband..and I had just left him in pain.

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Comment by Alice Jasper Bella Cullen on October 8, 2010 at 4:56pm
soory the blog thingy woudnt let me do paragraphs!! ENJOY!! :)
Comment by Dani Cullen Khoo on October 12, 2010 at 2:04am
Not bad. Better the the last one :) Keep it coming!


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