Regarding recent events, this site, and the twilight community.

Okay folks, I've been with this site a long time. When I first found Twifans, not too long after it was established, I loved that this was a place where I could come and feed my obsession with fellow fans without being judged. I met a lot of great people, and appreciated this site for being a place where everyone was passionate about the series and wanted only to have the opportunity to share that passion with fellow fans. I stayed up many late nights (much later than I ever should have) philosophizing with such great minds as Alison, Cali Twilighter, Ms. Monkey Man, the late Nev (who doesn't seem to come around anymore), Frances, and many others. Never was Twifans a place where anyone had to be afraid to voice their thoughts. Often we has several conflicting opinions, but we were always able to graciously agree to disagree and learn from the perspectives of others.

Since that time, I've seen this site blow up and reach awesome success. It genuinely thrills me to see the following that this site has gathered, and to see the passion for this series continue to grow and flourish.

I have, however, also seen some other tendencies begin to develop. I've seen the focus of this site sometimes shift from what its original purpose was. Not at the fault of anyone, really, but simply because of the masses of numbers (which, again, are awesome).

Though last night was not the first time I've seen it, the incident certainly triggered something in my mind and I think it might be a good time to address it. Last night I posted a blog articulating my position on the Rachelle/Summit ordeal, thinking simply that, like I always used to do on this site, I would express my thoughts and hear from those who agree and disagree with my assessment. As aforementioned, I spent countless hours in the chat and blogs when this site was still young doing just that.

Never did I imagine that the blog I posted would receive me the lashing it did. By several people I was personally attacked and criticized for expressing my thoughts. I was called naive and stupid and worse. I was condescended and mocked for thinking differently than other people. There was name-calling and disrespectful things said targeting me and then Cali Twilighter who had tried to defend me from he personal attacks.

Frankly, it blew my mind, you guys. This is not what this site is about. This site is supposed to be about loving the series we love, not hating those who share our passion for the series. As with anything else, where there is passion for something there will also be conflicting ideas. I understand that we all care about this series, but in no way does that warrant personal attacks on any member of the site. If we are unable to tactfully share and debate our ideas, then we should refrain from doing so at all.

The best thing about this site is that it is a place for Twifans to be Twifans and not have to censor their thoughts or worry that they can't express their points of view on anything Twilight. If at any time someone feels like they can't express themselves on this site because they are afraid of being personally attacked by another member, then this site is no longer serving its purpose and representing what we love about Twifans.

I do not expect everyone to agree with me. I do not expect to agree with everyone. What I do expect is for all of us to treat each other with the respect we all deserve.

Anyway, enough said about that.

Thanks very much to Alison for giving us the gift of this beautiful world where Twifans can happily get lost.
Thanks to Cali for your dedication to this community.

A personal thanks to both of the above for coming to my defense last night (or this morning?), particularly Cali. That was a welcome reminder of why I love this site so much and of how Twifans are truly some of the best people you'll meet.

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Comment by La La on July 30, 2009 at 3:20pm
I think there is some sense of safety in a computer when it comes to expressing opinions. I know that there have been times when I too have gotten caught up in the choas and emotions and not thought about the actions of my words. However, I have never intentionally meant to hurt someone's feelings. I think you have an excellent point. There is no need for name calling or attacking. Thank you for bringing a reality check to my typing.
Comment by Brianna on July 30, 2009 at 4:25pm
that's very big of you to say. i've never seen anything like that coming from you, but thanks for that anyway.
Comment by Morgaine Chya on July 30, 2009 at 7:08pm
Brianna, you are attempting to rewrite history and play the blushing innocent here. Your blog entry started out by disrespecting people who had a different opinion than yours by characterizing it as "boo-hooing." Your post was dismissive and condescending, as if you were the adult here and anyone who disagreed with you was a baby.

That you received returned fire is not surprising. That you are now whining about it is also not surprising.

When you treat others who have different opinions than yours with respect, then you will get it back. When you approach them with a sneer and diminish their opinion as simply "boo-hooing," you will get the same returned to you.
Comment by Sara Cullack on July 30, 2009 at 11:00pm
Never did I personally attack anyone, nor did I target any one person. Nor did I ever disrespect someone as you did me and continue to do. Again, this post sid not personally attack or insult anyone. There was no name calling or insulting from my side. Unfortunately the same can't be said for you.
Comment by Brianna on July 30, 2009 at 11:02pm
my sister logged into her account on my iphone. the above comment from 'sara cullack' is mine.
Comment by Brianna on July 30, 2009 at 11:03pm
Also, morgaine, this post was not addressing you specifically. The personal attacks I was referring to did not come from you, though you did contribute your fair share.


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