Chapter 9 Begging part 2

The weather was awful, well it would have been if I were human. I was actually pleased, the thought of going alone without my family sounded terrifying. I never let go of my mothers hand, even when she was trying to kiss my father goodbye. If times were different i reckon my father would have cracked a smile. Except that times were still in my little long life.

We were just outside Volterra- in a stolen car- discucssing what should happen. Me and mother were going all the way in. Mother was keeping her mind far out, so father could come to our aid if anything went wrong. Not that he could do much.

I was quite excited myself, the thought of being allowed to be in the arms of my one true love was insanely comforting. Everyone, could see my face growing more eager to get moving and i could see they were going to restrain me if i moved one step.

Carlisle turned to me in the car, I gazed at him not really seeing him. I could only picture Jacob and I could feel my grin widening every second. "Renesmee, concentrate. You cant get distracted or their is a good chance you wont even get what you want" His voice was serious, it made my heart sink. There was a huge chance, i'd just get kicked out on my ass.

I shook my head, coming back to reality. "Your right, grandad Carlisle, your right. Concentrate Rensemee, Concentrate" I was mostly talking to myself. I talked loudly to get it into my mind.

"We are here, so dont be scared they have no reason to hurt you" He reached back and patted my knee, i caught his hand before he could take it back. I bent down and kissed to back of his hand.

"I love you" I kissed his hand again, grabbing my mothers wrist. I opened the door and stepped out into the rain. I was surprised it was raining, It was Italy, and Volterra. I thought it possible for it to rain here. Obviously i was wrong. at least one of my worries was taking away.

I heard the car door close only half a second that we was out the car. I turned to my mother in the same second. "Ready mother?" My voice sounded scared. She put her arm through mine, holding my hand.

"Only as ready a you are, baby." She gave an encouraging smile, and we were suddenly outside the entrance to Volterra. I gulped, suddenly my great plan seemed to easy.

We walked into the city, I could feel eyes all over me. Great city of the undead. I was half- vampire, but I had a huge fear of vampires, except my family and the Denali family ofcourse. I ofcourse was half- human, so they could still feed on me.

We came to a huge fountain, my mother had run through it, once as a human to save my suicidal father. I looked on at it pleased, if that werent there. I probably wouldnt be here either. I gazed sideways at my mother, she looked scared and almost resentful. I knew the memory of the volturi terrified her, and i understood. The Volturi wanted to take her reason to exsit twice. Me and my father.

She gazed at me and smiled weakly. "Come on, lets hurry, i hate being her." Her voice was even scared, so i clutched her hand tighter.

"Mother, you can go back" I informed her, even though i knew she'd never leave me here unprotected. She laughed angrilly.

"I'd never leave you" She shocked me by her vicious tone.

We were walking again, towards the clock tower. It had just gone 3, hopely i'd be out of here before 4.

I could sense, someone waiting and I pulled my mother along. She didnt hesitate as i expected, she was shocking me alot today.

As we came into the shadows, a red cloaked small female was strolling towards us. She looked very childish, almost as if she were a child. I knew her, smile from anywhere. Jane. I remembered her smile from my childhood. It was scariest thing i had ever seen. It was directe at my mother, i guess she was checking.

"Hello Jane" My mother was suddenly calm, and i knew she was restraining from attacking the little witch. I was restraining her as well. Jane gaze turned to me, and she smiled hugely. I expected the pain but it never came. My mother obviously wasnt taking any chances.

"Hello Bella" She hissed my mother's name through her vemonous teeth. Her gaze didnt leave me. "Renesmee, how are you?" She smiled in a friendly way, i nodded in greeting, just to be polite. Wink.

"I'd like to talk to Aro, there is something i'd wish to ask him" I couldnt be bothered to share a heart to heart, with an evil witch. Except i wouldnt use the word witch.

Jane's face turned smug. "Oh really, i see. Well then i guess, you should follow me" She turned sharply, and walked forward. Me and mother followed, keeping 3 meters behind. The thought of even being in the same room as her, was uncomfortable, let along being so close.

The rooms were really big and old fashioned. I was impressed by there choice of red, it was one of my favorite colours ofcourse. It wasnt my favorite the only reason was due to the fact, the colour red were the eyes of my enemy.

We came to an oval shaped room, Three chairs, i immediately thought of as throne's. Three men accompanied them. Two dark haired, however pale. And one golden blonde, also pale. They were so beautiful, i had to blink. a Scarey beautiful, My heart sank so deep.

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