Chapter 9 Begging Part3

Letting go of my mothers hand and giving her a look saying dont-follow. I turned and walked toward the red eyed beautiful demon. I shoved my fear, down to the core of my half-beating heart. i concentrated just as Carlisle had said on my courageous and brave Jacob. I know Carlisle said not to concentrate on him, but he was the only thing that kept my fear at bay.

Aro looked at me in astonishment, he was smiling, as if he was happy that i was being so brave. I glanced at the other two, Marcus looked bored, from my mothers description, i guess that expression never left his face. The other one Caius was fixated on me. His mouth curled into a smug, that I nearly flinched from, if i didnt feel so brave.

I smiled, it must have looked weak on my face, because they all relaxed. Aro, expression turned to amusement.

"Sweet, Renesmee Cullen, what do i owe the pleasure of having your adoring presence in my home today?" He asked, his voice was even beautiful, However i held onto my courage. That meant no looking back at my mother. I come to a halt, only a meter from the steps leading to the three thrones.

"I want to ask you something" I declared, using up all my strength, some fear slipped back in. My heart sank a inch deeper into the pit of my stomach. Aro's face rose further into amusement, but he also looked wary. He glances at his two companions quickly, before turning back to me and crossing his hands.

"Oh, and what is it that you wish to ask me, young one?" He didnt even talk wary, probably years of practice. I hesitated. I didnt think this far, well i did, but i never made up my mind. Think Nessie.

"Well, a few months back. You said that I was never to see my boyfriend again, if Jasper was to be kept alive."I stopped, to make sure he got that before I carried on. He finger sprialled in a circle and i toke that to carry on. "Anyhow, I cant live with that. You see, I love him, with all my heart and I dont think I can stand another day with this pain." I glanced at all there faces, individually. Catches all of there glances. They all still looked amused except Marcus ofcourse.

"And so, you wish us to what?" Caius said harshly, I noticed Aro, glanced at him. I felt a weird likeness to Aro, he didnt seem all that bad. If you didnt think about how intimidating he is.

"Well I was hoping , you could well, let me see him" I gulped, knowing that just sounded desperate. I let my fear take over for that sentence. I narrowed my eyes a little.

"Why should we?" Caius hissed, I tightened my fists. feeling the tears build up.

"To be moral?" I asked, nearly a whisper. I wanted to hold my mothers hand but I needed to be strong on my own.

"What about him?" Marcus added, I was shocked by his question and quite insulted.

"Well, he is the only person who can make me happy by only being there. I love him" I said strongly, letting my hands fall loosely to my side.

"What will we have in return?. Obviously not Jasper" Caius was still sharp and i had to double take to actually believe what he said.

"What would you like?" I asked sheepishly, not sure i should have asked that.

"A number of things, but you cant give that to me. At least not willingly. How about here is two options. Your family or you Fella?" I was shocked by Caius's slang and by my mothers sharp intake I knew she was as well. Unless she it was about my options.

Jacob or my family. Happiness or pain. Each one of them was important to me in there own ways. Each of them i needed like oxygen, one of them i had to give up.

"So If i choose Jacob, I can never see my family again?" I asked, quite saddened. I faught back a river of tears ofcourse there was a little drop that i quickly wiped away.

"That is correct, unless you wish to hand over Jasper" Aro cut in before the other two could comment. The fear overwhelmed me. I shranked into the inevitable.

"Jacob" I breathed. "I choose my Jacob" The tears sprang out and I shrunk to the ground. Cradling my head in my hands. I could feel my mothers pain.

"So Isabella, it will be best if you left" I heard Jane call. My head shot up, and I ran to my mother, throwing my arms around her.

"Mum, im so sorry, please please understand" I begged, crying so hard, i couldnt breath. She hugged me back and kissed my hair.

" I understand, sweetheart, just never forget I love you" She whispered. Still holding me, she looked up at the Volturi.

"At least let us take her home, she will need to get all her things. You can send..." She glared at one of the guards. "one of your guards to make sure we dont cheat." She nearly growled. I hung onto her.

"Ofcourse, we arnt that heartless" Caius snickered. I peeked at them. I couldnt believe i had actually stood infront of them, bravely.

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