Renesmee, Morning Moon [Chapter 1: Part One]


It’s been at least seven years since my violent birth—even though I appear to be at least sixteen and I possessed the mind of an older woman. And since then, everything’s been great: My family loves me more than anything, I attend the same high school my mother and father attended at Forks—and I’m quite the popular one there, too! Yeah, life’s been treating me pretty well lately. Except for the fact that within each day I feel as if the feuds between my father and I have become even more intense.
Yes, it’s true. My father and I become so aggravated with each other. My mom says that it’s just because we are so alike and we just clash. I disagree. I am my own person—nothing like my father! He’s been anger with me lately. I’m not sure why. . . though. It’s not like I’ve done anything wrong.
Jacob stops by often, too—usually in his jeans and no shirt. For some reason I love his company. He’s so sweet and fun to be around! Whenever he’s near me, I feel my heart race faster than the usual. I’ve also begun to think of him as. . .cute. The weird thing is. . . He’s known me since birth. Weird.


Chapter 1:

“Renesmee! You have to go to school. You’re going to be late!” I heard my mother’s beautiful voice call.
I laughed. It was going to take at least a few more minutes to put my make-up on. I needed to at least keep my vampire properties to a minimum. I wanted to look as human as possible.
Suddenly, I heard my mother’s swift footsteps on the staircase. And within that same second, she was at my side, twirling my bronze hair around her finger.
“You know, you’re beautiful,” she said “even without make-up.”
I smiled and shook my head in reply. “Thank you, Mother. Though, that may very well be, but I want to look as normal as possible.”
She laughed at me. “You never were normal, Sweetheart.”
The words seemed to sting a little, making my small smile twitch, but I didn’t allow her to see it. It was true. I was never, and will never be normal.
It was silent for a few minutes as I looked down at the box of make-up that lay on my vanity. It was luminous as the light from the ceiling hit it, glittering in various colors like a sparkling rainbow after a rainy day.
“Jacob wants to take you to school today. I think he’s outside now actually,” she said to me, still twiddling my hair with her pale finger.
“Oh?” I replied. It didn’t really surprise me. Jacob always wanted to take me whenever he could. Not that I minded it or anything, but I knew my father did. He didn’t particularly enjoy it when Jacob was around me. “Guess I’ll be going then.”
I walked towards my mother and hugged her. I felt her cold lips kiss the top of my head. “Love you and have fun.” she told me.
As I walked down the stairs, I saw my father emerge from the kitchen. He looked surprised to see me. I didn’t understand why. Couldn’t he hear me coming?
“Oh, good morning. Getting ready for school?” he asked me, hands in his pockets.
“Yeah. . . Good morning. Look, Dad; I gotta go. Jacob’s waiting for me,” I said.
I saw his body tense. It made me want to laugh. And I knew he heard my thought.
“It’s not funny. He’s no good for you. . .” he said.
What? No good for me? Didn’t he understand that it was nothing like that? Or maybe it was like that? But his reaction irritated me. If I wanted to be with Jacob I would . . . And perhaps I did want to be with him! I just walked past him, right towards the door, disregarding his clenched jaw. I hope he heard that thought. I’m glad.
As I walked out the door, I saw Jacob smile his big smile. I smiled, too. I felt my heart begin to race as I got closer to him. I think he heard it, too. His had suddenly become concerned which made my heart race even faster. Oh, Goodness!
“You okay? Your heart’s beating over a thousand miles a minute,” he laughed. He did hear it. . .Uh oh.
“Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just a half vampire half human thing.” I lied.
“Never heard that before, but whatever.” He said while opening the car door, his perfect muscles flexing as he pulled it. “Coming?”
“Of course!” I smiled as I climbed into his car. I felt his leather seats beneath my bare hands as I reached for the seat belt. They were cold, but bearable. As soon as Jacob came into the car all would be warm.
I saw his warm face through the mirror as he opened the driver’s side door. As I predicted, the car became completely warm as sat down next to me. I watched him intently as he put the car in gear and drove away from my house.
His car rode smoothly against the road. A few times I caught him looking my way with an absent smile on his beautiful face.
“So,” he began, fingers tapping against the steering wheel. “What’s up? Your father hate me when he found out I was driving you?” I heard a small laugh in his voice.
Why did he find joy in my father’s hatred for him.
“Jake. . .can we not talk about that? Please.” I said looking down at my hands which were rested on my lap, balled into delicate looking fists.
Noticing my discomfort, I saw him look away from me, looking out the driver’s side window.
“Sure,” he said, still looking away. “Look, I’m sorry I enjoy the way your dad hates me. It’s just amusing to me.”
“I can see that,” I sighed, looking out of the passenger window. I could hear him chuckling under his breath. “It’s really not funny. I hate the way you too feel about each other. It kills me.”
I heard him sigh deeply as I looked at him with my unhappy expression.
“I’m sorry, Nessie. I really am, but I can’t do anything about it. He hates me and I hate him. It’ll never change,” he said. I felt his burning hand against my cheek and leaned against it. It felt nice. Slowly, I felt my heart race once more. I hated that! It wasn’t fair!
I looked over at Jacob and saw a huge grin run across him face. What was he smiling about? I could hear his quiet laughter.
“What?” I asked him. He only looked at me and removed his hand from my face.
“Nothing,” he replied, still smiling—still annoying me too. If only I had my father’s gift. . .


Hey! Hope you enjoyed it! This is only the first part of chapter 1! I am currently working on part 2. . .So if you liked please read on! I hope to have it up by tomorrow(:

Anyways, comment or don't !(:

-k. lee <333

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