Renesmee, Morning Moon [Chapter 1: Part 2]

Hey, everybody & anybody who read my previous story. I really hoped you liked the first one! Anyway, here's the second half of the first chapter! I know I said I was going to try to post it yesterday, but I had alot of work to do. I've got it up today though. And I tink it's pretty long--or maybe that's just me. Anways, hope you like it!<3

--k.lee (:


Chapter 1:
Part 2

I stared at Jacob’s beautifully carved face as he looked towards the road, being extremely careful. I had never really seen Jacob as “beautiful”. In fact I have never really seen Jacob as anything, but “My Jacob”, my friend—my only true friend, the one there for me from birth to death—that is if I were to die. What was happening to me?
“Nessie, you’ve been acting really strange lately. Are you okay?” Jacob said, breaking my trance.
“What. . . ?” I replied absently. I had been staring at him for the past five minutes—and he had caught me! The fact that I was even staring at him was irritating! The thought of me thinking of him in that way irritated me as well!
“Are you feeling okay? Can you get sick? Are you?” he asked me.
“No! I can’t get sick! Is there something wrong with you?! I’m half vampire, Jake!” I snapped. “I fine!”
I saw Jacob’s body tense up, his face getting angry.
“Oh really? Well, your heart seems beat pretty damn fast! I never heard any of your leech family members have their hearts beat like that! Come to think of it, Bella’s heart never seemed to beat like that either!” he yelled back, his jaw clenched. I felt my heart sink and my stomach twist.
“Well, I’m half leech! I’m different from my mom! And if you think of my family members as leeches you can just stop the car and I’ll run to school! Jerk!” I screamed at him. Why was I so frustrated with him?
“Look, I didn’t mean that,” he said trying to apologize. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him raise his hand to the corner of my eye to wipe away a tear. I didn’t even notice I was crying. Why was I crying!
“Stop the car!” I said quietly. Jacob looked at me and shook his head.
“Nessie, Please. We’re almost there.”
“STOP the car, damn it!” I screamed. “I’ll open this door while it’s moving if you don’t stop! I don’t care! I mean it!”
I felt the car come to an abrupt stop and felt my heart rip in two as I opened the door. There I stood, in the middle of the road just staring. Staring at what?—I didn’t know. All I knew was that I wasn’t going to school today. I needed to think . . . in peace. Perhaps, I would look for the beautiful meadow my mother was so found of. Maybe, I would lie on the beautiful flora and just think. I felt so emotionally unstable. It was ridiculous. Why was I acting like this?
I turned to see Jacob. He was looking at me. His face was a mixture of shock, anger and so many other indescribable emotions. He watched me, eyes focused on my face.
“Nessie,” he whispered. “What’s wrong?” I could hear him opening the door of his car, slowly walking out to approach me. I felt his finger tips touch the palm of my hand, trying to wrap his fingers around mine.
I reluctantly took my hand away from him.
“Ness, please—talk to me. What’s wrong?” he said softly.
“Please, stop asking me that? I don’t know what’s wrong! I wish I did know,” I said, holding my hands on my head. “I just need to think. Jake, please, just go.”
“Fine,” he said. I could hear his heavy sigh behind me.
As soon as I realized his car had gone, I ran towards the direction of the woods. I really needed to be alone—without anyone around.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I could smell the aroma of the meadow. It smelled soothing and delicate, tickling my half vampire senses. It was lovely, really. I was sure I could think here, without being frustrated with people or disturbed.
As I lowered myself to the ground I could feel the plants rubbing up against my smooth, pale skin. I was instantly comforted. I could stay here forever. I would stay here forever.
The first thing I thought about was Jacob. Why was I all of a sudden seeing him so differently? I had practically known him my whole life. He was my best friend, My Jacob. When I was younger—which wasn’t long ago—I loved Jacob to death. I mean, I still love him to death, but something’s different. I think I be in love with him—which would explain my heart racing like it’s about to just right out of my chest! But it couldn’t be that! Could it? It’s possible, is it not? But how? Why now? And why did the thought of me being in love with him irritate me? Why did I become so very aggravated with him.
All of these questions bothered me. I felt a head ache coming on as I stared into the azure sky. It was a nice day, beautiful. I could hear the birds chirping, singing their beautiful songs that lulled my into half conscientiousness. I began to feel tired as I lay on the bed of plants. It wasn’t uncomfortable. In fact, the softness of it made me even more tired. I could feel my eyelids become heavy as they blinked sower and slower until they could no longer open. And suddenly, I was asleep.
As I lay on the bed of flora, I dreamed a vivid dream. . .
I felt myself being passed on to another person. I was in my Aunt Rosalie’s arms.
A memory, perhaps . . .
She looked down at me, adoringly. I could hear my mother’s beautiful voice.
“Edward, I don’t want to hurt you, so please let go of me,” she said. My father didn’t reply.
I heard my mother’s voice once more. “Go stand in front of Renesmee.”
I was angry about that. I could no longer see what was going on. What was happening?
“You didn’t,” I heard her snarl. Who was she talking to?
Then I heard Jacob’s voice and a smile stretched across my face.
“You know it’s not something I can control,” he said. Their voices became less clear. Did they leave the room?
“You stupid mutt!” I heard my mother say. She sounded angry. “How could you? My baby!”—Was she talking about me?
“It wasn’t my idea, Bella,” he said to her. What wasn’t his idea? What did he do?—to me?
“I’ve held her all of one time, and already you think you have some moronic wolfy claim to her? She’s mine!” She said, still angry. Wolfy claim?
“I can share,” Jacob’s voice said pleadingly. Share me?
Suddenly I heard my Uncle Emmett’s voice: “Pay up.”
“How dare you imprint on my baby! Have you lost your mind?” I heard her yell. Imprint? What was that? He imprinted on me?
“It was involuntary!” Jacob insisted. “Bella, would you try to listen for just a second? Please? Leah, back off!”
“Why should I listen?” my mother hissed.
I looked up at my heard whose mouth formed the words: That mutt is gonna get it. I could hear her silent laughter as she held me. She adjusted the blanket that was wrapped around me.
I heard Jacob’s voice again. “Because you’re the one who told me this. Do you remember? You said we belonged in each other’s lives, right? You said that’s how you and I were supposed to be. So . . . now we are. It’s what you wanted.”
I heard my mother growl. “You think you’ll be part of my family as my son-in-law!” What?
I could the laughter of my Uncle Emmett. Of course he found my mother’s anger amusing.
“Stop her, Edward,” I heard a clam voice say. I believe it was my grandmother, Esme. “She’ll be unhappy if she hurts him.” Was my mother attempting to hurt him? For what reason? I didn’t understand.
“No!” I heard Jacob yell out. “How can you even look at it that way? She’s just a baby, for crying out loud!”
“That’s my point!” I heard my mother reply. I wanted so bad to see what was happening, but the fact that they were now outside prevented me from doing so.
“You know I don’t think of her that way! Do you think Edward would let me live this long if I did? All I want is for her to be safe and happy—is that so bad? So different from what you want?” I heard Jacob shout back.
I heard my mother shriek loudly. It made my ears ring and I think I might have made a sound because Rosalie had looked down at me, concerned. She moved a small strand of my bronze hair away from my tiny face.
“Amazing isn’t she?” I heard my father murmur.
“She hasn’t gone for his throat even once,” I heard my grandfather, Carlisle’s voice say. Were they talking about my mother? Was she trying to hurt Jacob—my Jacob?
I heard Uncle Emmett’s voice once more. “Fine, you win this one,” he said grudgingly.
Then I heard my mother’s angered voice again. “You’re going to stay away from her!” No. I didn’t want him to stay away from me.
“I can’t do that!” Jacob yelled back. And neither could I. . .
“Try. Starting now.” my mother said through clenched teeth.
“It’s not possible. Do you remember how much you wanted me around three days ago? How hard it was to be apart from each other? That’s gone for you now, isn’t it?” Jacob said to my mother. I couldn’t understand what he meant. “That was her.”—Was he speaking of me now? “From the very beginning. We had to be together, even then.”
“Run away while you still can,” I heard my mother threaten. I felt my body tense and Rosalie looked down at me again. I placed my tiny, baby-like hands to her face and told her that I didn’t want him to run away. I wanted him here. With me. I saw Rosalie’s expression as she looked down at me. She rolled her eyes.
“C’mon, Bells. Nessie like me, too.” Jacob insisted. It was true.
“What . . . did you call her?” my mother shrieked. What was wrong with what he called me? It was my nickname wasn’t it?
“Well, that name you came up with is kind of a mouthful and—”
“You nicknamed my daughter after the Loch Ness Monster?”
Suddenly, I heard people yelling. Rosalie stood up quickly with me in her arms. Did my mother hurt him? Was he okay?
I felt something warm press against my face. Then I felt water dripping all over me. Was it raining.
Slowly, I opened my eyes and saw Jacob kneeling above me. I looked up at the sky. It was raining, the beautiful azure sky had become grey and dreadful.
“Jacob . . . ?” I murmured.


Hey, agian! Well, that's the end of it. I'd really like to write more and I love comments. So, please, go ahead & comment if you want! Anyway, hope you liked it!

-k.lee (: <3

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Comment by Tamara Luna on January 11, 2010 at 7:42pm
Keep on writing!! This is getting good! But, why does Edward hate Jacob?? I mean, he liked him in Breaking Dawn, at the end of Breaking Dawn. He called Jacob "my son".. So, why does he hate him now?? Jake didn't do anything wrong did he?
Comment by GAjujubee on January 11, 2010 at 8:58pm
I agree! I enjoy your writing, as well. I look forward to your next blog.
Comment by K. Lee on January 12, 2010 at 2:49pm
thanks ! & i'll get to the reason why he hates him in anoter blog post. . .i pomise it'll all make sense(:


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