Renesmee, Morning Moon [Chapter 2: Part 2]

heyy guys! I apologize to those who actually enjoy my writing. It's been at least--or almost--a week since my last chapter/part. I've just been so busy with shcool lately! I must admit though, I am a bit discouraged. I don't think many people read my stories. I must say; I have been extremely happy with the comments I've been getting. Those of you who have been commenting, thank you oh so very much! I greatly appreciate it! I'm glad people enjoy it because I'd like o continue writing my stories! I find it fun to be able to put my own twist to Stephenie Meyer's story. Anyway, enjoy This is basically just Renesmee, Edward and Bella discussing some things. I actually think this may be the shortest one I've ever written and I promise they'll get better soon!

-k. lee

Chapter 2:
Part 2

My father approached me, placing his hand on my shoulder. What did we need to talk about? I turned my body to face my mother. She just stood there, arms crossed, but with a small smile. I wasn’t in trouble obviously. So what was there to talk about?
I watched as my mother and father sit on the same couch. Slowly, I walked towards the couch facing them, felling it’s soft texture against my palms.
“Yes?” I murmured. “What’d we need to discuss?” I tucked a lock of hair behind my ear. My father sat forward, hands folded and looked at me. There was a hint of a smile on his face---probably trying not to be so hostile. My eyes shifted from one person to the next; my mother, then my father.
Suddenly, I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. I looked in the direction of the noise, distracted. I laughed a bit. It was my Uncle Emmett. He looked at us as if he didn’t realize we were in the house.
“Oh, my bad,” he laughed. “I forgot about this little ‘talk’” He was booming, laughing hysterically. My mother shook her head, a big grin stretched across her beautiful face. My father shook his head, though the grin was absent. So the whole family was in on it. . .
“No,” my father answered my thought. “We just asked them to go somewhere. So we, meaning your mother, you and I, could discuss this in private. But it seems that Emmett just completely disregarded it.” My father smiled.
“Sorry, man,” Emmett said with a grin. “I have nowhere to go.”
“I don’t believe that one bit. You could have gone with Rosalie, Alice and Jasper to the mall.” My father replied.
“Nah. That’s not fun,” Emmett answered in a joking manner. “I guess I’ll go then, seeing as I’m not welcome here.”
Emmett was already out the door.
“Anyway. . .” my mother began. “We—mainly your father—want to discuss something with you.”
I frowned. “About what?”
“Well, theoretically you appear to be sixteen or eighteen and you kinda. . .” my mother trailed off.
“Kinda what?” I said, trying to comprehend what she was saying.
“Well, you go through the same changes as someone your age might be going through. You know, like hormonal things? You’re beginning to think differently—at least that’s what your father has been telling me. . .” she said seeming a bit distracted.
Okay? Yes I did think like someone my own age might think, but I’ve had this talk when my parents thought that I was about thirteen. I was very well informed. Believe me . . .
“Yes, Renesmee. But it’s different now,” replied my father, answering my thoughts. “You’re older; more mature. And you . . . feel different things about . . . certain people. Like. . .” he breathed.
Jacob, I thought.
Yes,” he breathed. “Him.”
The way he said “him” made me cringe. It sounded so hateful and spiteful. I didn’t like it. Why did he hate him so much?
“Renesmee, I don’t hate him,” my father sighed. “I just don’t think he’s right for you . . . right now considering you’re only seven and—”
“I’m physically seventeen or sixteen and so is he!” I shouted back.
“That may be, but he is actually over the age of twenty!” he replied.
“And you were at least ninety when you ‘fell in love’ with Mom and she was only seventeen! How are Jacob and I so different?” I said, half angry.
My mother’s eyes opened wide. She was confused. That’s right. I forgot. . . She wasn’t necessarily in my conversation. I put my hand out to her to show her what we were talking about. I rolled my eyes as she pressed her cool fingers against my hand.
“Oh. . .” she murmured. “Edward, she has a point.”
“Renesmee! You are seven!” my father yelled.
“I’m mentally over the age of forty with the body of a young adult!” I yelled back. “I think I qualify as an adult!”
“Edward, she’s right. Technically she is only seven, but she is also a young adult,” said my mother as she stroked my father’s back comfortingly.
“Is this what the talk is about?” I asked.
“No, Sweetie. That’s not all. . . We just know that you’re going to want to. . . How do I say this? Right! Um. . .you’re going to want to explore with your relationship between you and. . . Jacob. We just want you to make sure that you won’t do anything that you may find . . . inappropriate; something we wouldn’t approve of.” My mother told me gently. “Just be safe, okay?”
I rolled my eyes. I found this “talk” utterly and entirely pointless.
“Right,” I sighed. “Is there anything else you’d like to discuss with me or can I go?”
“You can go,” replied my father. As I got up, I heard him laugh a bit. “By the way,” he began. “You should probably discuss your dream with him.”
What dream? What was my father rambling about? Then it hit me . . .
I hadn’t even though of the dream for at least a few hours. Now, it played through my mind like a video, starting from the angry voice of my mother as she screamed at Jacob about something called “imprinting” and ending when Jacob had woken me from my slumber, touching my cheek gently.
Imprinting . . .
What was it? It kept echoing through my mind—along with the dream. Did my father know something I didn’t?
“Perhaps, you should ask Jacob yourself,” said my father’s voice.
I turned around and looked at him. My mother did the same. It was clear that the fatc that she didn’t know what we were talking about bugged her.
“I’ll explain later, love,” he told her, kissing her pale forehead.
“You better,” she laughed. I turned away from them. I hated it when they kept things from me.
Regardless, I walked upstairs to my room. It was late and I was tired. Exhausted, really. As I walked into the room, I went directly to my bed and collapsed onto it. It was so comfortable. It was as if I were sinking into the plush mattress as if it were a pool of silk.
My eyelid had gotten heavier and heavier within each blink until I was entirely out.


Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed it too! Comment--or not!(:



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Comment by GAjujubee on January 23, 2010 at 1:40pm
Don't get discouraged! If you enjoy writing, then continue it. I enjoy your chapters and look forward to when you put more on your posts. Let me know when you do. I try to check regularly.
Comment by K. Lee on January 23, 2010 at 3:26pm
Thank you! It' means alot(:
Comment by Rose Patterson on January 26, 2010 at 12:12pm
This is good. Can't wait for more chapters... x
Comment by Tamara Luna on January 29, 2010 at 1:04am
When's the next one coming out?? I wanna read how Nessie and Jacob talk about imprinting.. :)


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