Renesmee,Morning Moon [Chapter 2: Part 1]

Hey guys! I'm sorry it took me so long to post Renesmee, Morning Moon [Chapter 2: Part 1], but I've been soooooooooo busy lately. Mainly due to acedemic reasons and such. Again, I apologize for the delay. Anyway, I finally have it up! Hope you like it!

-k. lee (:


Chapter 2:
Part 1

“Nessie, what are you doing?” Jacob said, almost scolding me.
“What do you mean?” I said with a loud yawn. Slowly, I elevated myself from the ground. I had grass all over my clothes. I was also drenched from the rain that surprisingly not woken me.
“Have you any idea what time it is?” Jacob said, his face stiff.
“No. Not really,” I said, staring into his black eyes deeply. I shook my head as if trying get myself out of a trance. I looked up at the sky. It was pretty dark out.
Then it finally hit me. S***! I was supposed to be at school. Then back at home. And I wasn’t at either.
“Shit!” I yelled. “I should be home. They’re gonna be so mad! What do I say to them?” I jumped up and brushed all of the grass off of me, but somehow I began to fall back. I usually wasn’t clumsy, but I think I was a little out of it. Jacob laughed a little and reached his hand out to assist me. I took the hand he offered me and I was instantly standing up. Before I could fall forward again, he caught me once more. I laughed in his arms. He laughed too.
“Sorry, I’m being such a klutz. Guess I’m still half asleep,” I said looking up at him. He was so much taller than me. I was so small compared to him.
Suddenly, I began to remember the fight I had had with him in the car. I looked up at him again, biting my lip. I wanted to apologize, but before I could open my mouth, Jacob spoke.
“Nessie, I’m sorry. I really am,” he told me.
“No, Jake, I—” I tried to say, but he placed his hand over my mouth. I frowned.
“Ah, finally, some peace and quiet,” he laughed. I wacked his hand away from my mouth and rolled my eyes.
“Not funny,” I said. “Now, Jake—”
“No, let me finish,” he began. “I shouldn’t have yelled, but why were you so irritable? Did I do something?”
I stood there, silent, staring up at him. I didn’t know how to answer. What was I supposed to say? Well, I think I’m falling in love with you and I don’t like it. . .—no! I would never say that! My god, no.
“Well . . . I. . . I don’t know!” I said, looking away. I didn’t want him to see any emotion in my eyes.
“Is that so? Is this a girl thing?” he laughed. A girl thing? I did get PMS like other female humans, but that wasn’t the case.
“No.” I said.
“So, you’re not gonna tell me . . . ?” he asked, with a slight smile.
“I just did!” I told him. “I honestly don’t know.” I heard him laugh. Suddenly, he pulled me up onto his back and phased into his wolf form. I laughed and pet the hair around his back.
“You know, Jake? I like you better when you’re a wolf,” I said, laughing, patting this furry mane that fluffed around his wolf neck. I saw Jacob’s face look up at me, as if to say: “Why?”
“’Cause you can’t talk,” I giggled. I heard him growl. He shook his head and looked at me. His eyes were like those of a begging puppy. But he wasn’t a puppy; He was an oversized wolf that could probably crush me if he wanted to. He looked so cute, though—in an animal way.
“Aw,” I said. I was just kidding. Relax.” I put my arms around his neck, hugging him. His fur was so soft and comforting.
Something smelled different in there air. I smelled it discretely, gently crinkling my nose.
The scent was different, but familiar, but I disregarded it entirely. It was probably just an animal of some sort. Whatever the case, it didn’t matter. I could tell Jacob smelled it, too, but he did so with indifference. He looked up at me, making it seem as if he was smiling. I smiled back, and hugged his soft and furry neck, still holding on to him tightly.
I could feel another yawn coming on. I felt my mouth open wide as a loud, tiring sound escaped from it, enveloping the forest we were now in. I was sleepy once again. . .
—That is, until I realized I was dead when I got home. I could feel it in my gut. I wouldn’t be in trouble because I skipped school. No, of course not! I was smarter than the entire student body. I was far beyond my years. But I knew I would be in trouble for not telling my family where I had been. My mother probably wouldn’t care so much. She probably assumed I was with Jacob anyway. My father, on the other hand, might be more anger than she. Either way, this wasn’t good for me.
I groaned as we approached my house.
At the front porch, my father stood there, watching me intently. I bit my lip and waved at him. He didn’t respond. I knew he had seen me, but he showed no acknowledgement of subtle greeting. I saw a flash in his eyes. He motion for me to come to him with his right hand. His body was stern. He wasn’t happy with me. I was sure of it. What was I gonna say? It didn’t matter. It was obvious that my father was already my mind—along with Jacob’s. I hated that.
Slowly, I slid off of Jacob’s back and made my way towards my father. I stood next to him, still biting my lip. I didn’t truly understand why he seemed so unhappy. I was with Jacob. What harm could that do? Whatever the reason, I didn’t know. From the beginning my family tried to keep things from me, but eventually I had deciphered what was going on with my advanced proficiency in everything really.
“Hi, Dad,” I said nervously. He nodded his head and looked towards Jacob.
“So you didn’t go to school?” he said. It didn’t sound much like a question—more like a statement.
“This is true,” I said looking over to Jacob who was still in his wolf form.
“And you fell asleep in a meadow. . .” he continued.
“Yes. . .” I said indifferently. This interrogation thing was getting boring. Couldn’t he read my mind?
“Yes. I could read your mind. But from my personal experience, I remember you telling me that you preferred speaking.” This was true also. About six years ago, I had explained that I preferred speaking rather than him speaking for me. It was annoying then; having my father speak for me even though I had been fully capable of speaking on my own. Perhaps, it was just the need for independence. My family did everything for me and maybe I just wanted to do something on my own for once.
I looked up to see my father’s eyes on me. I pushed a strand of soaking wet hair out of my face. I was suddenly cold and remembered that I had been out in the rain. And now I was soaking wet.
“Anyway, I suppose you didn’t do anything wrong, but next time you decide to skip school, tell me where else you’ll be going,” he told me. Surprisingly, he wasn’t as anger as I had assumed he would be. He was only worried about my safety.
“Go on inside then,” he said. I obeyed his command and walked into the door before my father. I stopped, turned around and waved towards Jacob.
“Bye, Jake!” I said, arms wrapped around me, trying to keep myself warm. Jake cocked his head to the side as if to say farewell to me. I smiled and walked inside my home.
I heard the door close behind me—gently, but still loud enough for me to hear. I turned around to face my father, still keeping my arms at my side, trying to keep myself warm. Suddenly, I felt a warm towel wrap around me. It looked behind me. It was mother. I felt slightly warmer, but not entirely warm.
“Renesmee,” I heard my father say as I turned around. There was a slight smile in the corner of his mouth. “We need to talk . . .”
I felt my heart sink. About what?

Hope you enjoyed reading it! I hope I have the next one up soon, but you never know. By the way, I love comments! Hahaha!

With Love,
k. lee(:

If you're a bit confused about something, just ask. I'd be happy to explin--unless I intend to do so in another Chapter/Part!


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thanks !(:
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I can't wait for the next one. Keep it up. They are good.
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