This story is not written by Stephanie Meyer. But I wrote this because I wanted to know wat would happen next, so this is what I think happened after Breaking Dawn. I encurage people to wirte your comments, so i can fix the story even more. Comments and ideas welcome to all that read this. There are or may be a few mistake, but thats only because this is my first draft. Enjoy Twilight Fans.

Renesmee’s Story

My name is Renesmee Carlie Cullen, Neisse for short. I was born into a family of vampires, but I myself am half human. My best friends are Clarie and Seth and my closest family-like member is Jacob, he is not my big brother but he acts like he is sometimes, I have most fun when he’s around and I hate it when mom kisses him on the cheek, because he’s mine!!!

My mother is Isabella Marie Cullen Swan, and my dad is Edward Cullen, my aunts and uncles are: Alice Cullen, Jasper Hale Cullen, Rosalie Hale Cullen, and Emmett Cullen. My grandparents are Charlie, and Renee Swan, and Esme and Dr. Carlisle Cullen. Auntie Alice never lets me wear the same thing twice, and I find that Aunt Rose and Jacob are usually taking care of me.

I grow faster than normal humans but I age like them too, I will stop growing when I am 6 or 7 years old. I love my life but I also wish that I could have aged like a normal human; it’s not that fun when your friends don’t age as fast.

My parents and I live in a small house near Grandpa Carlisle’s house, Jacob visits everyday with his girlfriend Leah, did I mention that Jacob is the Alfa of a pack! Yep he’s the reason that my mom and I aren’t dead, but mom got pretty mad when she found out that he imprinted on me.

I love it when Jake and Leah visit because they always have presents for me. Seth and my sort of Uncles Quil and Embrey come around too. Mom says that Jacob and Leah aren’t really boyfriend and girlfriend but I say they are, Leah tells me they aren’t too but I think that she’s just trying to hide it.

I’m going to turn 5 but I look like a 13 year old and am as smart as a 15 year old, so were supposed to celebrate my 14th birthday tomorrow. Jacob says that he has a big surprise for me and that Embrey has big news, sometimes I wish Leah didn’t exist so he could love me both ways… sometimes I think he does but dad won’t tell me (dad can read minds.)

Chapter 1


I was sitting in the living room of Grandma Esme’s house with my Auntie Alice trying on some shoes when suddenly the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it,” I heard mom say, “I bet it’s Jacob, Seth and the rest of the gang.”

If it was Jacob’s Pack it was so my turn to open the door-I ran as fast as I could and reached the door in a second-and I threw the door open and there stood Jacob, Seth, Leah, Embrey, Quil, Sam, Jared, and my personal favorite from Sam’s pack, Paul.

“Hey you guys!” I said cheerfully as Jacob picked me up and spun me in a circle.

“Hey Ness, how’s it going?” Seth asked, “Wait let me guess perfect.”

I laughed Seth and Jacob were always making jokes, “Ding, ding, ding,” I told them, “Auntie Alice is making me try on like 500 shoes for tomorrow.”

“Oh come on Neisse you’ve only tried on ten,” I heard Auntie call from the living room.

“Good old Alice,” Jacob said then whispered to me, “Don’t get her started on baptism suites and dresses or you’re done for.”

“Ha, Ha, Jacob.” Mom said coming up behind me with dad then kissed him on the cheek.

“Mom!” I said trying to sound embarrassed instead of annoyed, but Jake noticed and picked me up.

“Come on squirt,” he said in my ear laughing his wonderful laugh, “We’re just friends.”

Then I kissed him and said, “Yeah but you’re mine.”

Then Leah came up beside me and put her arm around Jacob’s waist and said, “We can all share him,” and kissed Jacob on the lips a kiss I thought he gladly returned.

“Hey none of that. Esme made these awesome muffins and I can’t eat when there is that right in form of me!” Uncle Embrey said.

Another thing why I liked to hang out in LaPush away from my family, vampires stopped growing but they act their age (like dad acts 108 like without the old people things) but the wolves don’t ever age both their body and their minds.

I put my arms around Jacob’s neck so that my head rested on his, a signal all the girls in the room meant back off.

“So, uh em, Em, Lee weren’t you guys going two share some news,” Jacob said, at that Leah left Jacob and put her arm around Embrey and Embrey put his around her.

“Oh, yeah,” Embrey said, “Um, Leah and I are getting married…”

“And we want little Renesmee to be the flower girl,” Leah finished for him.

I was shocked, I had always thought that Leah liked Jake or that’s what I had thought I never imagined that she and Embrey had something going, I felt relieved somehow, and hugged Jacob tighter. I would be a flower girl at Leah’s wedding and she wasn’t marrying Jacob, everything seemed right again.

“Oh, snap!” Seth suddenly yelled, “Jacob! Look at the time!” Jacob turned his head.

“Holy crap!” he exclaimed, “Sorry Neisse, me and Seth have got to go, NOW, I’ll be back at three, or do you want me to drive her to school Edward?”

“No, no, Jacob I’m sure Rose won’t mind taking her, you do what you have to do,” Dad answered.

With that Jacob put me down and kissed my cheek and Seth ruffled my hair and with that the both left. The last thing I heard was the roar of the engines of their motorcycles.

Auntie Alice said, “So should we try on pair 501?”

Then Dad chuckled, “Alice do you really think that’s necessary? Embrey and Leah just announced that they were getting married and you say ‘should we try on pair 501’.” Then we all started laughing, suddenly I heard Aunt Rose.

“Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t come earlier, Emmett and I were hunting and…” Aunt Rose said coming into the living room with Uncle Emmett, “What did we miss?”

“Nothing much Blonde, just that Embrey and Leah are getting married,” Paul said sacastacly, then added, “Oh and Neisse has tried on 500 pairs of shoes.”

“Oh, really, how nice. Congratulations Embrey and Leah.” Aunt Rose said before asking dad, “Edward, today’s Jacob’s turn to drive Renesmee to school, where is he?”

“He had some errands to run Rose, so I told him that you could drive Renesmee to school, I’m sure you can and if not Alice would be more than willing to…”

“No I can do it.” Aunt said then addressed me saying, “Come on Renesmee, into the red B.M.W.”

“Fine,” I said, “But as soon as I get home Jacob’s going to be here right daddy?”

“He’ll try honey.” Daddy answered but I wasn’t so sure.

As I got into Aunt Rose’s red B.M.W. I was surprised when she said that I can sit in the front with her and she started to ask questions I didn’t want to answer.

“So, Neisse, is anyone taking you to prom?”

“Uh, Auntie Rose, the only boy I’m interested in is like three years older than me.” I told her not trying to be specific but she knew I meant Jacob.

“Um, are you sure Neisse?” Aunt Rose said.

“Auntie why do you, Uncle Emmett, Uncle Jasper, Mom, Dad, Jacob, and Auntie Alice don’t go to school, your all 17ish.”

“We’re too busy taking care of you, silly.” My Auntie said.

“So Grandpa Carlisle could take care of the house...” I said, “You should go to school too!” the rest of the car ride was silent, and as I got out of the car onto the LaPush territory Clarie was there to meet me.

“Hey Ness!” she greeted me enthusiastically, “What’s going on today?”

“Nothing much Clarie. Do you know what Jake and the boys are up to?” I asked her

“No but I bet Emily does,” she said as we walked towards school, humans were so slow, “We can visit after school, is Seth coming today?”

“No he and Jake had some ‘errands’ to run.” I told her.

“Oh, well. We’ll have to arrange that later. Hey did Embrey and Leah give you the big surprise?” she asked me.

“Yes, picky, yes they did.” I said.

“Well you’re not the only flower girl.” She told me smiling. It took me a minute to get the message.

“OMG no way! You’re one two!” I exclaimed, “That’s awesome Clarie!”

“I know right!” she said and we both started jumping up and down.

“We’d better get to the school were all the boys drool over you.” She said teasing.

“Hey get on my back and I can run us there its faster.” I said.

“Uh, fine.” She said jumping on, “but Nathan had said he could give us a ride.”

“Now get off.” I said dropping her, “A werewolf offers you a ride and you don’t tell me.”

“Remember something, you offered to carry me.”

“Yeah but you never said that Nathan offered give you a ride!”

“Oh sorry.” She laughed, “NATHAN! Get your butt over here!”

“Oh you just happen to call him after, that’s very helpful.” As I spoke a orange brown wolf came out of the forest near us.

“Okay, let’s get on,” Claire said jumping on Nathan, then looked at me,
“What are you waiting for?”

“Oh you think I can’t run as fast as a wolf, you’re probably right but I can run fast enough, plus he’ll be caring you so he has to go slower, I can keep up.”

“Fine,” Clarie said, “Come one Nathan lets go.” Then we all took off I was at Nathan’s heels, sometimes he as at mine. It was fun until we got to school. We walking in the hallway, and I opened Claire’s locker and she opened mine, then we switches so we were at our own lockers and right there in front of me there was a picture of Jacob I started crying without meaning to.

“Come on,” Clarie said rubbing my back, “It’s not that bad.” And the murmured to her, “it can’t be.”

“Its. Fine. I’m. Okay.” I said between sobs.

“Wait let me guess, Jacob and Seth came in all smiles and then, they left?” She asked.

“Exactly.” I answered as I stopped crying, “How did you know?”

“It’s their plan, Jacob doesn’t think he’s good enough for you, so he and Seth are getting that half vampire from South America or something to come for you, Jacob wants you to love the half vampire dude cause he thinks you’re too good for him even though he’s utterly in love with you.” She explained.

“Wait did you say? Did you just say Jacob Is in love with me?” I asked her getting really excited.

“Yeah,” she said confused, “Why?”

“I have to go find him,” I told her, “Sorry I got to go now, I’ll have to miss school, and you can make an excuse for me right? Well bye!”

I took off, I heard her mumble something like “Us Quiltique imprintees.”

Chapter 2
I ran as fast as I could to Grandpa Billy’s house (he’s Jacob’s dad), not caring if I got Auntie Alice’s new outfit all dirty. When I saw the old house sitting there I ran strait to Jacob’s garage, he had remodeled it, and had (with the Cullen’s help) added a security system, but I knew all his passwords.

“Renesmee Carlie Cullen.” I said impatiently, waiting for the door to open. As it did it revealed, Mom’s, Jacob’s, & my motorcycle, all built from scratch, or sort of, by Jacob.

I took mine without hesitation, it was crimson and red like vampire eyes, but it had a black color leather seat and this cool rusty brown color on the wheels. All personalized, my favorite touch was that Jacob and Sam’s packs had signed it.

I kicked it into gear, and heard it roar into action. I let go, and was off, it was faster than running, at least for me. I didn’t know were Jacob was but I knew were Seth was he had given me a clue without trying before Jacob had come today he had called and told me “I won’t see you in a long time; I’ll be on vacation in Peru.” So I knew exactly where to find them, sort of.

I turned in the direction of my parent’s house. I pulled up in front of the forest, I took the motorcycle into the forest and hid it; I ran to the house and when I got there I grabbed my passport and a suitcase of clothes that we always had packed for an emergency I had just made it yesterday. I wrote a note to my parents:

Dear Mom and Dad,

I’m not with Jacob or the wolves but I’m ok. I will be with him shortly (hopefully) please don’t tell anyone I’m gone, they notice on their own, Clarie knows more. If you want to know, I’m going to look for Jacob I need to tell him something, my first stop is Sea Tack Airport, then Peru.

I Love You Guys,

(Mom please let people call me Neisse (I like it))

Then I raced out the door and back to the motorcycle and tied everything on; got it back on the road, and brought it to life. I raced down the highway towards the airport.
I had just gotten off a plane ride that was 5,899 miles long and was exhausted of trying to communicate in this other language. As I approached the door to the exit I could feel that Jacob and Seth were still here I inhaled and smelled humans and werewolves. As I walked outside and looked around I saw Jacob and Seth taking to some native person. I speed walked over to them and tapped Jacob’s back.

“Can I speak with you,” I asked him, he gestured me to go on,

“Alone,” I concluded. He sighed.

“Okay. But make it quick Neisse.” He told me. Once we were out of earshot I started talking.

“Why didn’t you tell me? I felt the same way about you. You never told me, never gave me any sign.” I stopped he wasn’t paying attention, he wasn’t himself, he was swaying from side to side unsteadily. As I looked at him I could tell he didn’t seem happy but he was happy.
He notice me staring, “What?” he asked confused. His breath smelled like beer. You know what some people drink; my Grandpa Charlie had some sometimes smelled like beer too. But I couldn’t believe it, Jacob? Who was my brother, my best friend? Drinking? He was drunk; there was no other explanation. Seth came up behind him; he looked at my astonished face then at Jacob who was watching a butterfly fly around.

“Yep,” he said, “It’s what you think.”

“How could you let him?” I asked him still staring at Jacob, who seemed to take no notice to what was going on. Suddenly he saw Seth next to him and held out a hand. I saw as Seth reluctantly put a beer bottle in his hand, Jacob drained it in one gulp, and resumed following the butterfly with his eyes.

“And you don’t do anything to stop him?” I asked him emphasizing the word, “nothing? Nada?”

“Nope,” Seth said, “That was the exception on me coming,” he said when I still looked confused he added, “I have to do anything he says.”

“But why? In this state he won’t remember,” I asked, “Take him home. For my sake? For Leah’s? My mom’s? Please take him home.” I begged him.

“I’ll try,” he said looking up at the sun, “But don’t count on it.” He told me. Suddenly I noticed that he wasn’t involving me in any of his planning.

“What about me?” I asked, “I’m not going to go around while Jacob makes a fool of himself.”
Seth suddenly steeped back and Jacob’s empty eyes focused on something behind me.

“Hello, Seth, Jacob, Renesmee,” said a honey sweet voice from behind me. “What’s going on?”

Chapter 3


Nahuel, the other half vampire, half human stood there behind Nessie, just standing there, doing absolutely nothing. Then Renesmee put her hand to my cheek and an image of me holding her went into my mind along with the words ‘pretend to by my bf’ and I thought, “Shit how am I supposed to do that Jacob will kill me. She put her hand down and I embraced her anyway, if I’m going to hell anyway what’s the point? Her head was at my chest, she was so small you see. She stroked right up and kissed the hollow of my neck and I thought …. Ahhh…..
Don’t think badly of Neisse ok? She was just watching her back, yeah, yeah she likes Jacob whatever but that s*** of a vampire came up and she panicked enough said.

S***, F***, Hell, Damn, what the hell what that s*** of a vampire doin in this part of town. Then I remembered I was on his turf.
But the stupid b**** was comin up behind my girl, steelin my lines, and damn Seth has huggin and kissin her, now what am I supposed to do? Then I got all mad and started swearin out loud, big diff Seth and Ness stopped but the anger had already started, and it was building suddenly I …


Jacob, if that was his name was definitely in over his head to explode that close to Renesmee Cullen. He litterly shredded his clothes. One second there was a buff, drunk, human being the next, a huge un-drunk rusty colored wolf.
It growled at me, and Renesmee released Seth Clearwater, and hugged the wolf around its neck, it, what was the word, purred? But no it was a wolf it couldn’t purr. Could it? Then it liked her. Seth grabbed her by the arms and held her back as that she wouldn’t get near Jacob. She tried to get loose but Seth’s grip was too strong.

“Are you going to attack me or not?” I asked the wolf. Seth’s eyes went all black then and when he spoke it was Jacob’s voice not his.

“Are you sure you want that to happen I have a very firm bite, being Alfa of a pack,” Seth said, or Jacob, Seth? Jacob? “I’m sure you wouldn’t want that. Oh but I haven’t eaten raw meat in ages I am starving for it, um, I can almost taste it.”

“Since when do you like your meat raw Jake?” Renesmee asked in Seth’s grip, she looked frightened. I don’t know why but that got me a little mad.

“Since I found out that it tasted so much better with a little rinse.” Jacob/Seth said, every time it spoke Renesmee got a little bit more scared.

“Oh you’re not talking about” Renesmee began, “Oh your low, Jacob, that’s low,” Seth’s eyes turned back to normal for a bit while he said.

“It’s true Jacob.” Then his eyes when black again and Jacob spoke in Seth’s body.

“Shut up Seth let me do the talkin’,” Jacob told himself/Seth. Then he addressed me, “Would you like to visit Forks? Nahuel? I’m sure Edward would rather see his little daughter with you than with me,”
Renesmee coughed loudly indicating that she was there, “Jacob, you don’t offer someone something or someone that’s not already yours.”

“Ahh,” it said, “But you are mine you said it yourself, you feel the same way also I imprinted on you so your automatically my property and I’m yours.” Renesmee sighed Jacob had won. “So are you coming Nahuel?” he asked.

“A little visit never hurt anyone,” I said, laughing to myself, Jacob had just given me the keys to a great kingdom.

Chapter 4


We were staying in a hotel in California, our flight to Seattle had been delayed and we’d stopped here. Seth was in the room to the left, Nahuel the right. I had demanded that Jacob stay in my suite for the night, he had his own, next to Seth’s but as always I felt safer with him.
Dad had tracked me all the way from Forks, so Jacob had offered him his room. Jacob hadn’t gotten drunk since Peru, but he had asked me if he could have a few sips I said sure and now he was drunk again.

Its 12:29 AM. Dads in his room, Seth’s sleeping, and Nahuel went down to the restaurant because his human half was hungry. Jacob was holding me not hard, lightly, he was behind me. He bent down and kissed my ear. I don’t know how tall he is I think around six foot seven. I was about five three, almost as tall as mom.

I walked him to the bed; he looked like he might pass out any second. But he refused to let me go, and when I tried to pull away he just held me tighter. So I sat with him and we talked, around 2:00 am he was back to his normal self and fell asleep quickly, holding me, I fell asleep too my head on his chest.

The next morning when I woke up Jacob was pacing around violently shaking his head while repeating the words, “No, No, Edwards going to kill me, No, No, No, I didn’t do it.”

“Jacob?” I asked him puzzled, “What’s wrong?”
He seemed to have just noticed I was awake and collapsed on the floor,

“Everything’s wrong, I shouldn’t have done it, I’m dead.” He said when he look up at me I was he was crying. “I shouldn’t have done it,” he repeated.

I went over and rubbed his back, “It’ll be okay Jake,” I told him, “It’ll be just fine.” But I didn’t understand what he was talking about, why would my dad kill him? Suddenly there was a knock on the door and we both jumped.

“Yo, Jake plane leaves in an hour. Is Ness ready?” I heard Seth call.

“She just woke up Seth,” Jacob shouted in return and then sighed. He got up off the floor, that’s when I noticed that he had no shirt on and he was in boxers, last night he had been wearing pants and a shirt. I felt myself to make sure I was still wearing my nightgown. I was but my bra was missing, so was my underwear.

Now I understood, he had done it to me. He had made love with me while I was sleeping. I didn’t understand why I wasn’t mad at him. I just looked at him and smiled. He blushed.

“I’ll go to the closet so you can, uh, change.” He said.

“What’s the point? You’ve already seen me.” I said, so he stayed. He threw on some pants and picked a shirt at random and put it on. I was trickier. When I finished dressing I was getting my hair ready and Jacob came up behind me and hugged me.

“Come on Jake,” I laughed, “Let go.” He did an instead kissed me on the lips. He escorted me out the door.
We rode in a limo, thanks to dad, to the airport and got first class seats on the plane, I noticed that were ever we went Dad separated me and Jacob in the Limo I sat next to Seth in the plane next to Nahuel. I was getting bored.

When we got home we dropped Jake and Seth off at the LaPush reservation line and we continued on to Grandpa Carlisle’s house. When we got home mom had a huge surprise for me. Mom, Auntie Alice, Aunt Rose, and I were going to go on a shopping trip. Nahuel got a proper welcome from the guys (Uncle Emmett, Uncle Jasper, Dad, & Grandpa Carlisle). So we got into moms red Ferrari and drove off to Seattle.

Weirdly enough I saw Clarie there with Quil. But mom said we couldn’t say hi because they were going to a movie. The car was already filled with shoes and outfits of all sizes of course I had to pretend to be their little sister and they had to pretend to be triplets but it was really fun.

Later we went to Bellevue Square, and shopped around there, then to Factoria Mall, and to many others too. By the time we had finished I had enough new clothes for three times my closet space.

“So Renesmee how did you like the trip?” Auntie Alice asked.

“Yeah honey did you enjoy it?” mom asked then.

“Please tell me you did there were so many shoes.” Aunt Rose said.

“Yeah I enjoyed it,” I told them. “Especially buying all those dresses, mom, I don’t think that there are enough dances at school for me to wear all of them.”

“That’s fine,” mom said as we pulled up in the drive way, “you can share with Clarie.” I was Jacob and Seth’s motorcycles outside they were here.

Suddenly dad’s voice yelled from inside the house, “RENESMEE CARLIE CULLEN SWAN GET IN THE HOUSE THIS INSTANT!”

“Uh oh, what did you do Renesmee?” Mom asked.

“Actually mom,” I said, “I don’t know.” And we went inside together.

“Renesmee,” dad said, “would you mind explaining to me what’s going on in the back yard?” When both I and mom looked confused he showed us to the back yard, they were wrestling but in teams, Jacob & Emmett the strongest vs. Nahuel & Jasper the most experienced, Jacob obviously was beating Nahuel by a lot, Emmett and Jasper were fairly tided. Embry, Seth, Paul, Sam, Jared, Nathan, Conner, Micheal, and Brad were cheering from the sidelines, so to speak.
I ran down, Mom, Alice, and Rose behind me, and Jasper and Emmett stopped fighting and started explaining themselves to Auntie Alice and Aunt Rose who were looking at them disapprovingly. Jacob and Nahuel just looked at me and resumed fighting this time more severely. When I got close enough I could hear what they were saying.

She’s mine you wolf,” Nahuel said as he gained the upper hand, “you gave her to me!”

“I was drunken bloodsucker!” Jacob yelled back, “do you think I was thinking strait, I don’t think so!”

“We’ll you should have thought of that before you got drunk” Nahuel screamed in Jacob’s face.

“Do you think I had planned to get drunk?” Jacob asked as he resumed gaining upper hand, “No, I hadn’t so if you would excuse me I would just love to LaPush you off a cliff. She already told me, she loves me, and I love her back.” He said as he punched Nahuel in the face.

“You’re not the only one!” Nahuel said as he grabbed Jacob’s arm and threw him across the yard. Jacob ran back and grabbed Nahuel by the shoulders and pushed him to the ground.
Then Sam yelled, “This is getting out of control, Paul, Jared, grab Jacob, Seth, Brad, grab Nahuel, I don’t want any injuries today.” At his command the wolves phased and started to drag Jacob and Nahuel apart. They finally both gave up.

Then I got to see them more clearly. Nahuel, being half vampire, wasn’t bleeding, but being half, human; he had way too many bruises to count plus a recent black eye. Jacob on the other hand had no bruises what so ever. But he had a bloody nose, and he was bleeding from him lip, I think he might have twisted his ankle when Nahuel threw him across the field. Both boys’ clothes were stained with blood and were shredded (shirts at least).

“Renesmee?” dad asked as Grandpa Carlisle came out of the house and started taking care of Nahuel and Jacob. “Why did they start this?”

“I, I, I don’t know dad,” I stuttered, “Is anything wrong with a little fight from time to time? Brad, Seth, Nathan, and Micheal have a lot of them just for the fun of it.”

“No,” Dad said.

“Your father is just concerned about what Jacob and Nahuel were yelling about.” Grandma Esme said.

“Huh?” I asked.

“The ‘she’s mine’ and ‘she told me she loved me’ stuff,” Auntie Alice said giggling, “To tell you the truth,…I think we all would like to know,”

“Oh” I laughed; they just stared at me, “Oh, your serious,”

“Yes, we’re dead serious Renesmee,” Aunt Rose said, “We want to know, who, and why they were yelling that.”

So I told them the almost whole story, I left the part of what he did to me out. Obviously. But otherwise I told them how Jacob had gotten drunk, and how he had ‘given’ me to Nahuel or so to speak, and I summarized the shopping trip for dad.

Suddenly Jacob came up behind us with Seth and Paul laughing, “Hey Bells.” He said, “Alice, Rose, Esme, Edward, Emmett, and Jasper.” He said notifying each one. “Hey-a Neisse,” he said picking me up and spinning me before putting me back down.

“Hey Jacob,” mom said looking at him disapprovingly.

“What?” Jacob asked confused that everyone was looking at him like that. “What did I do?”

“Nothing Jake,” to told him and hugged him, he looked scared.

“What? Will someone please tell me what’s going on!?” he asked.

“You. Drank. Beer.” Mom said very slowly so he got each word.

“Yeah, so?” He asked putting on hand on my shoulder. “Big deal.”

“The ‘big deal’ is, Jacob, that you got drunk,” tears went into mom’s eyes and I ran over to comfort her, “How could you? Your 16 or 17 no were old enough. How could you?” she sobbed.
Dad went over to her and patted her back saying, “There, there, Bella, its fine.”

Jacob just stared, confused, and said, “Bella, this is my life, and I’ll do with it what I please. If I want to ruin it that’s totally up to me, you can stop babysitting me now Bella I’m 21.”

“No Jacob,” mom said looking at him again, “You’re 16 you’ll always be 16 and if you have a problem with that then too bad.”

Paul was just getting more and more confused as the conversation wore on, poor Paul.

“Bella your husband’s a hundred and something.” Jacob retorted,
“You’re about 23. I’m 21 you like it or not.”

“No Edward’s 17, I’m 18, and your 16.” Mom said, “You’re not going to make me change my mind Jacob Black.”

“Wait slow down one minute,” Seth finally came in, “I thought you two were arguing about how Jacob’s drinking not about the fact that he’s 21 or 16.”

“Seth has a point,” Paul said, “Look, Bella, if you’re going to get mad at Jacob, also get mad at Sam, Embry, Quil, Jared, and me. We’ve all been drinking; Jacob has just been doing more than us.” He finished and smiled half-heartedly, “Please don’t get mad at Jacob, its Jared’s fault really, and he got us in this mess.”

“Fine I won’t get mad at Jacob,” mom said, both Jacob and Paul sighed, “for now, Jacob you can drink, but if you get drunk again you can’t talk to Neisse for a month.”

“Yes Mom,” Jacob said teasing.

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Comment by princesskae on December 8, 2009 at 6:59am
i like so much. but.. a few points are missing. like clair. clair is 2. at breaking dawn. if this is five years later shoul'nt clair be 7 years old? hmm. anyway. can you please notify me when you make others. i really like it.
Comment by Brenda Cullen on January 7, 2010 at 2:23pm
I like the stoyline its good, very creative.
but edward acting he´s age well just abit to much "there there bella" anyways it´s good.
I´ll add u as a friend and you will notify me when you continue after "Yes Mom"
Comment by jacob 4 eva and eva and eva on February 20, 2010 at 7:20pm
i loved it i didnt think anything was wrong with it


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