*Repost* My Crazy Experiences at Twi-Tour San Francisco

Yes, I know I posted this yesterday, but I was asked to move it up again today. So please no negative comments.

Hey Twifans,

Settle in because this blog’s a doozy! So as some of you know I also attended the Twi-Tour event in San Francisco and I had the most amazing time. So amazing was my luck during the weekend that our fearless leader Alison asked me to do a blog on all of the crazy things that happened to me. I am going to go by days to break it down.

The weekend started early for me, Thursday I picked up Alison and Chelsea from SFO. After dropping our stuff at the hotel we decided to do some shopping. I was admiring this great poster with Edward and Bella with the caption “You don’t know how long I’ve waited for you” when all of a sudden the sales clerk came up behind me and said “I can sell it to you.” I was floored. So not only did I get the poster, but I also bought the foam board of the cast and the “and so the lion fell in love with the lamb” window cling. Great luck we were there right? Little did I know that would only be the beginning.

Friday I met up with Alison and Chelsea and headed down to check in and get our wristbands. As we are going through the line we see that the band 100 Monkeys (Jackson Rathbone’s band) had a table and they are selling t-shirts and posters. Side note: They are all way hot. I go up to the table and am greeted by Jared they’re guitar player. Pleasantries are exchanged and I ask if I buy a poster if the band will sign it. Jared tells me sure, but don’t tell anyone that they will only do it for me and if people found out everyone would want one. Of course I tell Alison and she is bummed when I come back with only one signed. The other members were mad at Jared for saying they would sign mine and he didn’t want to push it. Awesome, I think to myself. I am the only one with the whole band to sign my poster. They did however started selling them signed on Sunday.

As the day goes on we visit vendors and get ready to check out Billy Burke & Peter Facinelli’s panel. After the panel it’s photo op time. And let me tell you get the photo ops. I didn’t get one with Peter and so regretted it. So I am in line to get my picture taken with Billy Burke, when they bring Peter down the hall after his photo op was over. We are standing right in front of him so I have out my camera and take a picture. Well he is walking down the hall and just keeps coming towards me. I am looking at the screen of my camera and after I take the picture I put the camera down and as I do Peter is right in front of me. He grabs my face and plants a big kiss on my cheek! I was in shock. All these girls around me start screaming and going nuts. I just stood there. While I was getting my photo with Billy I said "hey Peter kissed me on this cheek can I get a kiss on this one to even it out. And he did!! At this point I think it can’t get any better and I have blown my wad on the first day.

This was the picture I was took right before he kissed me.

Later Friday night is the Welcome party. As we were standing there waiting for the doors to open when Michael Welch came strolling up. I asked for a pic and he said sure, but his handler was quick to say no that he had to get inside. A little while later he came out the same way and when he saw me he said he could take the picture now. I jumped next to him and Alison was kind enough to snap it. His handler jumped in and said “only one photo ladies”. I also asked for a kiss and said that both Peter and Billy had given me one and he gave me a little one on the cheek too. And alas I was the only one to get a picture with him.

Horrible pic of me, but wanted to include it.
Earlier in the day we had met this girl who said that there were three seats open next to her in the second row. We decided to see if we could sneak over there and sit. After we were there a lady told us that they owners of the seats had arrived later in the afternoon and were supposed to be here for the party. We were bummed and went back to our assigned seats. I was farther back and off to the right so second row would have been awesome. Billy and Peter present the musical guest Goodnight Juliet, who I have become an instant fan of. You have to check them out. Their myspace is www.myspace.com/goodnightjulietband . I digress, so after Goodnight Juliet came out. I noticed the curtain I was sitting next to open up and who should pop out, but Peter Facinelli! I was camera ready again and as I took his pic he just kept coming and ended up right in front of me again. No kiss this time, but he recognized me (I knew having a tattoo sleeve would come in handy someday). He sat in the chairs sitting next to me along the wall and I kept taking pics he smiled and laughed at me. He was of course chewing gum and I asked him to blow a bubble and he did. I have to tell you guys he is the nicest guy I have ever met, celebrity or not! Not too much later out popped Billy and they both sat down and watched the band. Hmmm suddenly not being able to sit in the second row isn’t so bad.

After Goodnight Juliet was done playing I asked ft I could interview them for Twifans, Niki, the lead singer, was overjoyed and said yes right away. As we went to interview them Niki was passing out CDs of their single Let’s Never Die (they are trying and I hope they succeed in getting into Eclipse). She gave me one and I asked her to sign it. Her dad got all excited and said “take a picture it is her first autograph.” Alison was once again there and snapped the pic. So I was Niki’s first autograph which is awesome, because they are way cool. Another side note: Niki’s dad, who also plays in the band is super nice, he must have sat there and talked to us for over a half hour all about his music and Niki’s song writing it was great.

After the interview I was on a high it had been such a great first day. I was the only one to get a signed 100 Monkey’s poster, Peter Facinelli kisses me, Billy Burke kisses me, I get the only photo with Michael Welch and a kiss, I get candids of Peter and Billy sitting next to me and I am get the first ever autograph of Niki Leigh. Both Alison and Chelsea, and me for that matter, couldn’t believe all the luck I was having.
Saturday started off slow, but quickly picked up. A girl I had met that weekend, was feeling sick and wouldn’t be able to make it for the panels for Michael Welch & Christian Serratos I felt really bad, but not so bad as to not sit in her seat, which was closer than mine. So I got great pics of those two. Later I checked in on her and she was too sick to attend Kellan’s panel so I once again got to use her seat. I really did feel bad for her and would have much rather her been well enough to go to them, but it was kinda a cool thing for me to sit closer so I put this in here.
Next up was the 100 Monkeys’ concert. Once the band started to play they took the chairs away and we all got to go up towards the stage. As we were headed up I saw Michael Welch in the corner. I went up to the line they had set up to for us not to cross and said “ I see you over there hiding.” He motioned that he couldn’t hear me and to come closer. I said I couldn’t, just then David, the head bodyguard who we had become really close with, came up to me and said go ahead. So I crossed the line and ended up talking with Mike for several minutes before he hugged me and I worked my way back up to the stage. David the bodyguard was awesome and this was not the first time he hooked me up and it wouldn’t be the last.

We ended up only a few people from the stage. A few songs into the set Jackson and Ben put on these knitted monkey hats (seen in the photos). After a while they each threw them into the crowd. I catch the hat that Ben threw out! This part sucks though. As I catch the hat I bring it into my chest. There is this tall girl behind me, she reaches with both hands around my shoulders and grabs the hat and starts pulling it up. She basically starts choking me with it to get me to let go. The girl, Deanna, I have been sitting next to tells her I have it and to let go she is choking me. This chick doesn’t let go until Deanna comes over and helps get her hands off the hat. Deanna then snatches the hat and puts it in her purse for safe keeping until after the concert is over. That part was not cool, but I got the hat. At one point I thought about letting go, I mean it’s a hat right? But she was choking me so hard I held on out of spite.

Also at the concert Ashley Greene snuck in to watch the band. She was standing only a few people away so I managed to snap a few pics before they escorted her away.

After the shake up at the concert I was so ready to shower and get ready for the ball. I waited to get up until after Kellan came to our table. When he did he stood right next to me. Right before he was to leave I said “I blog for Twifans.com and we have a member Ms. Monkey Man who would just kill me if I don’t ask for a hug” and he was much nice about it. But he squeezed me so hard I was worried that my make-up would come off on his nice black jacket, luckily it didn’t. I got up and walked to another table to say hello to some new friends and sat down. And who should stroll up?? But Kellan of course. He looked at me like, didn’t I just see you? So I got to chat it up with him twice. Later when Micheal Welch came to our table he sat down next to me in an empty chair and I said “hmm I think your stalking me” and he said “I know right?” it was funny.

Me and the Hillywood Cast

Me, Chelsea and Alison

Sunday morning was rough! I didn’t get back to the room until well after 2AM and I had a 730AM wake up call to get to the brunch. I ended up changed the wake up to 630AM so that I could be one of the first in line to get the best table. I stagger down to the brunch room when I ran into David the bodyguard, I asked him what would be the best table. He said, “Have you been in the room yet?” I said no, he said, “come with me.” That’s when he took me into the banquet room and after surveying the place said told me where they would be coming in at and where they would be standing for pics. So I ended up sitting in the first table with no one in front of me for the pictures.
They then brought us into another room table by table. This is when befriending the Head of security and head bodyguard came in handy.

We weren’t allowed to ask for autographs we weren’t even supposed to have a pen in our hand, but I wanted info on the chick that opened for 100 Monkeys the night before. I talked it over with Valerie and David and was able to have Jackson write down the info I needed without and grief from security.
After the brunch I wasn’t feeling so tired anymore and decided to go down and check out Rachelle’s panel. As I was heading down to the main hall when I ran into Ben and Jared from 100 Monkeys. Ben looked up and asked what’s up, and Jared put up his hand to wave hello, again this sleeve is helping out in the recognition department. I then realize I have to tell them about the choking incident at the concert. They pull me into a hallway and I tell them the story. No one can believe it and after a round of hugs I am off again.

My Dog wearing the Monkey Beanie!
It was truly an amazing weekend. I had such a good time, and had such crazy things happen to me. There were a few other things that happened, but for leagal purposes I left those out. I really didn’t think one person could have so much luck, but I have had a bad year and maybe this is the universe’s way of sending me a pick me up.

Alison did I leave anything out?

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Comment by Cat Velazquez on February 25, 2009 at 3:06pm
I loved the photos and stories! It was truly an amazing weekend!!!!!!
Comment by Aimee on February 25, 2009 at 3:45pm
I am so excited for you!! What an awesome weekend. I hope my luck is half as good at the Atlanta convention. The pictures are excellent and the stories are hilarious! Thanks for sharing. Btw-it's probably a good thing one of your Twibitches wasn't sitting next to you when you were being choked with the monkey beanie-I would have seen you guys on the news "It would have been ON."
Comment by Alison Genet on February 25, 2009 at 3:50pm
she was no where near me or we would have ganged up lol. and i can say every single word is true, i was a witness to her luck and none of it rubbed off on me!!! except thanks to cali i got a 100 monkeys poster signed without paying for the bands signatures
Comment by ramora on February 25, 2009 at 4:22pm
Fangtastic!! Sounds like you had an amazing time, and I'm not jealous, no not at all, seriously not jealous, honestly!! Well ok maybe just a little bit!! x
Comment by MeyersManiac on February 25, 2009 at 4:46pm
Thanks for this-so glad I took the time to visit and read. You certainly had good karma working-good for you. What a dream come true!

I REALLY need to see more pics of your beagle though!! Please post! :=)~
Comment by bluegirl on February 25, 2009 at 6:20pm
Wow, All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by Amber Romaine on February 25, 2009 at 6:33pm
I need to hang out with you next time at a convention since you befriended EVERYONE!
Comment by Patricia on February 25, 2009 at 6:46pm
wow!!! so fun for you!!! i would LOVE to attend one of those here in LA!! are there any down here that you know of? :)
Comment by Linda Wolf on February 25, 2009 at 8:59pm
It was nice meeting you at the convention. I am thrilled that you had such a wonderful time. I had fun, too! We had a lot of interest in our Twilight Cruise and Convention at Sea in 2010. All in all is was a great weekend!
Comment by Jess (Team Hexagon Love) on February 26, 2009 at 1:06am
cali!!! great to hear from you, sounds like a fantastic time, great blog


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