Results of the 'Eclipse' soundtrack guessing game

Now that Eclipse premiere week is over, I wanted to follow up on a previous post to see how much of an Alice I really am. I posted a fun little guess-what-song-will-play-during-which-scene game back on June 8 . My predictions are in red, reality is in blue. Feel free to correct me 'cause I'm a little hazy on some of the realities--as always. Reality was never my thing.

Track list
1. Eclipse - Metric *End credits *1st song end credits
2. Neutron Star Collision - Muse *End credits *2nd song grad party
3. Ours - The Bravery *Grad party OR Bella & Jacob moment of some sort *1st song grad party
4. Heavy In Your Arms - Florence and the Machine *"Jella" kiss *2nd song end credits
5. My Love - Sia *Bella pondering her choice in Jacksonville, FL *Leg hitch!
6. Atlas - Fanfarlo *Something wolfy--human pack *Big ?
7. Chop and Change - The Black Keys *Riley with the newborns (Bree?) *Riley/opening scene (I'm giving myself cuz I effing LOVE this song!)
8. Rolling In On a Burning Tire - The Dead Weather *NEWBORNS! *Victoria pulling Riley's strings (I was so close.)
9. Let's Get Lost - Bat for Lashes/Beck *Leg hitching all the way! *Bella trying to sneak away to see Jacob
10. Jonathan Low - Vampire Weekend *Grad party(?) *Big ?
11. With You In My Head - UNKLE *Chase scene: wolves vs Victoria *Training montage
12. A Million Miles an Hour - Eastern Conference Champions *Victoria wooing/changing Riley *Jacob's bad boy first appearance
13. Life On Earth - Band of Horses *Tent scene post "Jella" kiss *"You'll always be my Bella" scene (*swoon* such a good scene I don't even mind losing that one.)
14. What Part of Forever - Cee-Lo *Opening shot/first look at Edward *Another big? (I don't remember--this is hard! I swear some of the songs weren't even in the movie.)
15. Jacob's Theme - Howard Shore
16. Line, The - Battles *BATTLE! *Newborn feeding frenzy (?)
17. How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep - Bombay Bicycle Club *On the Quileute res *Lunchroom scene with the humans

How did you do? I scored a disgraceful 3 out of 16. BUT if you count the songs that I'm pretty sure weren't even in the movie, I scored 6 out of 16. Still pathetic, but I can deal with that number. Alas, Alice I am none.
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Comment by Kim on July 8, 2010 at 10:40am
Jonathan Low - Vampire Weekend was the song playing when Bella went riding off with Jacob on his motorcycle leaving Edward. Bella & Jacob rode to the Rez. I know bc it is my fave song on the ST & I was not happy to see it in that scene especially! Bella would never have just ran off with Jacob like that leaving Edward just standing there.
Comment by Kim on July 8, 2010 at 10:41am
Great post btw! You were close on a lot of your guesses :)
Comment by BethDazzled on July 8, 2010 at 11:13am
Agreed, Kim. Bella would NEVER have ditched Edward like that!


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