Review From Robert Pattinsons "Remember Me " Rough Cut Screening ( EEEEEE !!!! )

Okay WARNING before reading this you may experience a little squeeling , its okay i did it too , I CANT WAITE FOR THIS MOVIE TO COME OUT !!!!! via

Eclipse star Robert Pattinson has the new film coming Remember Me coming out in March February of 2010, which he filmed in the break between the filming of New Moon and Eclipse.

Moon from Letters to Twilight was lucky enough to attend an exclusive pre-screening of a rough cut of Remember Me, and she has a detailed look at what to expect from Rob’s new film. Warning: some minor spoilers are included in this write-up. Highlights include:

I said it on Twitter and I’ll say it again: “holy sex scenes batman.” Um, wow. I think the men in the audience probably felt uncomfortable (or turned on) by the group moans and sighs all the women let out. I’ve also never been more glad Twilight doesn’t have sex scenes. THANK YOU JESUS you know my heart couldn’t handle that.
Rob and his friends banter has some really great one liners and funny moments.
Big Brother Rob is pretty much to die for. The girl who plays his sister Caroline is a star waiting to happen.

Moon summed it up by saying–

It was great seeing him play a character other than Edward! Tyler is definitely NOT Rob playing himself, though there were a few Robisms that made it endearing but I don’t think Rob is anywhere near as intense or ready to throw down like this character is. With a few more edits, fixing a few plot points and shining up the beginning and end, then droping in a killer soundtrack: this will be a really nice film.

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