Rob & Kristen talk sex, feathers, birth and white paint!

Unless you have been living in a cave or on Mars (which would suck considering there wouldn't be any Twilight or Twifans), in Eclipse Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan) and Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen) end up engaged. In Breaking Dawn, Alice goes over board and throws them an elaborate wedding, which I personally can't wait to see.

Well, that brings us to that age old question, "So what happens when they become man and wife?" Okay, okay. Get your heads out of the guttter. Granted, mine is already in there, but do all of our heads have to be in the same gutter at the same time? LMAO.

I would yell SPOILER ALERT, but if you are oblivious to what happens in Breaking Dawn and you are actually waiting to see the movie versus reading the book, you my friend, a total dork. I say that with the up most love and complete sarcasm.

So here goes the interview from Access Hollywod. Why the hell Kris, Rob and the rest of the cast just won't let Monica and I interview them is beyond me. We are way more fun then any other media outlets. Partly because, well, ummm, we carry a drool bucket and mop with us and we insist on FUN, FUN and more FUN. No offense to anyother media outlet. Either way, I will be having a talk with them about that, stat. You know the whole "have your agent call my agent" thing? LMAO. KIDDING YA'LL. However, I firmly believe we are just as important and credible as the "others". Yes, I am being sarcastic again. Sorry. I will be good.


"It does actually literally get more physical [in Breaking Dawn]," KStew tells Access Hollywood, referring to the couple's very passionate and well written sex scenes. "It doesn't get more action-packed … [But] they definitely get more physical. Well, they get married."

Melissa Rosenburg, the film's screenwriter since the inception of the first movie, Twilight, has mentioned on several occassions she plans to show Stewart's character, Bella, giving birth, so how steamy will the pre-baby scenes get? [We can all agree the birthing scene isn't exactly "steamy"].

"Well, they're man and wife now," Kristen states. "They have a kid and stuff too, so, I guess to get there that happens."

Kristen adds with mocking excitement, "We totally have sex – finally!"

Robert Pattinson jokes, for his part, that one particular moment of the Edward and Bella romantic scenes in the book stuck out to him.

"I'm looking forward to the pillow-biting scene," he adds with a laugh. "I thought that was so funny. Of all the random things too do, really? He bites the pillow." Of course when I first read the book, what I thought was so funny was not the fact that Edward decided to chew up a pillow, but that Bella had feathers stuck to her hair and they were unable to get them all out despite their best efforts. I mean come on, how hard is it to pluck feathers out of your hair? Can you imagine Alice's reaction if she saw that? Major catastrophe!

Plus, now that Rob will be showing more skin, he states, "I can't wait to get all my body makeup on," Pattinson adds, "to be especially pasty looking." My comment to Robert's statement is well, my unique sarcastic way of looking at things. First of all, I love Rob, don't get me wrong. I realize that Bella and Kristen's first sex scene or real intimate relation occurs in the warm ocean during the moonlit night, but our man Rob is NO Taylor Lautner. So don't hate me Rob lovers (cuz I luv me some Rob), but I hope he starts training with the Wolfpack and Taylor for the scenes in the bedroom. I want to see some smexy abs. Second of all, come on Rob!?!? Do you really expect us to believe that you are looking FORWARD to looking like casper the ghost with layers of white makeup slathered all over that hot body of yours? But I am more than willing to be part of the make up crew slathering the white creme all over that lucious body of yours. I know you are just messing around with us. Think about it, everytime him and Kristen touch, or he touches a couch, chair, bed sheet, table, or anything else he comes in contact with, the crew will be yelling, "CUT-Makup NOW".

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Comment by Aidinslevel on September 3, 2010 at 6:56am
But we would have to come up with a creative way to edit out all the cuss words ;o)


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