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- "There was a nice surprise this morning for the fans who waited. Did it get
you all pumped up? I can't follow that surprise.. let's give you an exclusive
first look at the film! Before I do that, please welcome director Bill
11:26 - Eric: So Bill, you're new to the project. Talk how you got
11:27 - Bill: The very nice folks at Summit.. they sent me the
novel. I loved it. It's such a lucky thing for the director because amazing
things happen. I started off in horror movies.
Eric: Did you immerse
yourself in this world?
Bill: Totally. I quickly imprinted on the
11:28 - Eric: How about we bring
out the others? (applause) A few people you might be familiar with. Please
welcome Kristen Stewart, Rob Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner!

11:28 -
All three coming out.. huge applause, photos.
11:28 - No one in the back of
the hall is applauding really.

Eric: What
was it like to shoot the wedding?

Kristen: I'd been ramping up to
shoot that scene for four years. They also put it at the end of the entire
filming.. so had to wait so long for it to happen. When I got to set I was just
as nervous and terrfiied as I expected myself to be. When I got to set.. it was
just so beautiful. I had to go get locked away in a room for the rest of the day
because I was locked into my dress and had to protect it. It was secret service
style security. I ended up being much more relaxed than I thought I was going to

Eric: Rob.. (appaluse) Edward and
Bella go on a honey moon. The scene was shot in Brazil. Talk about filming

Rob: Brazil was amazing. It was really amazing the day we got
there. Beautiful, warm, everything you'd expect. It was beautiful the first
day.. then suddenly the remainder of the shoot it was raining.. hurricane
storms. It was kind of like a honeymoon in England. We stayed in side, played
chess. Bill fixed it.

Eric: Taylor, I
have a question for you as well. But first Bill has a surprise.

We're gonna show a couple of clips. They're actually pretty long. Two big scenes
from the movie. This first one is Jacob.. he's pulled away from his family,
tribe, pack, and he's joined the Cullens to protect them against Sam. This comes
deep into the movie where Bella needs more blood to survive. These are scenes
that don't appear in the books so it'll be a new experience.

SCENE: Jacob, Carlisle, Esme talking about saving
Bella. Jacob: You've risked our lives. Esme: Of course we would
Jacob: I know
what I have to do. Cut to Jacob in the forest looking around, runs into wolf
pack members. Waiting for other wolf pack members who split off from

Eric: From the clip we just
saw it's clear Jacob has a large roll. Breaks off from the old pack. Can you
talk about your character's new found freedom?

Jacob: Yeah. It's
difficult because Jacob at the beginning of the film is the Jacob you've always
seen before. He's immature, in love with Bella. Then he gets his heart crushed.
He doesn't handle it well. He handles it how Jacob would usually handle it. He
becomes an entirely different person. He's forced to mature and become his own
man. If that means separating from his own pack, brothers, he's willing to do
that and he does.


Bill setting up a second clip. First
glimpse of Edward and Bella on honeymoon.

SCENE: Edward and Bella head into Isle esme. Rob
picks her up. Brings her into house. Bella looks beautiful and not pale. Looking
aroudnd the home. Edward: want to take a look around?
Bella walks into
another area of the house. BEdroom. Stares at the bed, touches the curtains
around the bed. Can see ocean in background. Edward looks at the bed. Tension
between them s they consider going into the bed. Continue putting suitcases
down. Edward and Bella hold each other's hands. Still lot of tension. Edward:
Want to go for a swim? Bella: yeah that sounds nice (it's night time). Bella: I
could use just a few minutes. Edward kisses her. Edward: Don't take too
long.Edward walks outside. Takes off shirt to get into water. Bella goes to
bathroom. Looks at herself in mirror. Fast paced scene. Brushes teeth, cleans
mouth. Very nervous obviously. Fast paced scene with a song we don't know.
Washing hands. Takes off wedding ring. Dries hands. Wipes water on forehead.
Shaves legs. Picks out a bra to wear. Pulls out lingerie.. unsure about wearing
it. Sits on ground in nervousness. Bella: Don't be worried.Cut to going out into
the water. Bella walks up to Edward in the moonlight. Bella is naked and walking
towards the water. Edward already in.

Question for Rob: Did you have more fun playing Cedric
Diggory or Edward?

Rob: They were both really realy fun. I didn't know
what I was doing when I was playing Cedric. I wasn't sure if I wanted to be an
actor at the time. Twilight has really changed my life. It's allowed me to live
in this world.. it's almost impossible to find another way of living in
Rob: They were both really realy fun. I didn't know what I was doing when
I was playing Cedric. I wasn't sure if I wanted to be an actor at the time.
Twilight has really changed my life. It's allowed me to live in this world..
it's almost impossible to find another way of living in it.

Question for Taylor: You have roles that require
martial arts. Do you want to be an action star?

Taylor: I've always
been a fan of action movies. It's not all I want to do. What I like about acting
is that I can challenge myself to many different things. I love Jacob and this
franchise has given me an incredible opportunity to do what I want to do and
that's challenge myself more. My next one.. I play Nathan in Abduction. He's
completely different than Jacob which is a weird change because I've lived Jacob
for so long now. But I'm really excited for you to see that as

Question: Nice hair Rob. What was
your initial reaction to reading the Renesme birth scene?

Kristen: I thoguht it was so cool. I think we did try to go as hardcore
as we could. It's not your typical birthing scene. It took two days to shoot.
Two day labor is really hard (bill condon laughs). In the book, as you all know,
she's literally joking on blood. It was always in my head that she's able to
fight harder than any human would really be able to.. because it's in her..
literally (huge laughs).
Kristen: In Part 2 I get to play with the venom
running through my veins. And that's after a moment of sheer exuberance. Having
a calm breath after the birth.

I was very pleasantly surprised by your back muscles in the trailer Rob. I can
speak for all of us when I say "nom nom nom" (huge laughs). My question is
actually for Kristen. After all these years you got to experience vampire make
up. What was that like for you. Was Rob's whining justified or was he being a
big baby?

Kristen: So, so justified. You feel locked in there all day.
But it helps too because you're so much more aware of your movements. The
contacts suck cause you cannot see anything. especially when we both have them
in there, we can't see each other.

Question: Hi! Question for Rob.. if I could give you a
CD? Gave you one two years ago and want to give you another one. And what was
your favorite scene to film?

Rob: My favorite scene to film was the
birth scene. It was different to anything I've done before. I never got to play
Edward in a way.. literally he's so aware of his own helplessness. There's no
one else around. He's tried to help Bella but there's nothing he can do. He's
desperate. Normally when that happens in the other movie Bella comes in to save
the dead. Every single time, Bella comes to save him. But this time Bella can't.
It was nice to play someone who's totally annihilated by the entrie
Bill: Someone asked before and there are so many big things that
happen. They all.. I really dont' have one. They're all huge

Question for all: My mom
would like to know what was the difference between filming in canada and

Kristen: All the exterior stuff was shot in Canada. In
Louisiana we were on a stage primarily. Mostly the stuff we had to do inside was
kind of more emotional. More based in reality. Not that anything in the story
isn't.. it's just personal intimate scenes. It was a different tone change
between the two. I was a vampire more in Louisiana which was cool

Question: I'm so excited for Breaking Dawn. What scene
are you excited to reveal to the fans in Part 2?

Taylor: I'm going to
be boring and go back tot he birth scene. I want to give Bill some credit. When
I read it in the book it was a lot to take in. It was so interesting, I had no
idea how it was going to look visually. I gotta give bill some credit. It's
really amazing. I dont' want to give too much away so I'll force myself to not
talk. But the birth scene was phenomenal. The fans will eb really really
Kristen: You have to give Bella credit of having semi devine
intution at times. She's said at time she's going to times. This time she's
willing to

Question: My questions for
Kristen. Being pregnant is such a life changing experience. What experiences did
you pull from to have that moment?

Kristen: What experiences? Hah.
I've been asked recently what it's like to play such a far fetched story. This
story feels the most real in terms of what can happen to you in your life. At
18.. it's so very very ossible. It's hard to talk to you about this (the person
who asked the question is pregnant). I didn't have any experiences drawn.. there
ya go.

Question for Rob and Taylor: How's
it like working with such a beautiful cast.

Rob: it's crazy
Kristen: that's the first time it's been asked at one of
Rob: Not true! I've always been asked.
Taylor: And what do you
Rob: Any way to approach this answer is inappropriate or just plain
wrong. So.. Taylor you answer!
Rob: it's great, it's nice to be surrounded by
hot girls all the time. It's why I became an actor.
Taylor: You summed it up.
There could be worse jobs. We have a lot of fun. It is weird. We're all so
Kristen: it's so weird that we're all so hot (laughs).

Question: I was wondering can you tell us what songs
will be in the mvoie?

Bill: We're just figuring that out now. We have
15. I don't know if we should say it yet because we haven't made deals with
everyone but I think you'll be happy.

Question: Hey taylor! what's it like to rehearse the
fight scenes?

Taylor: My fight scenes.. I'm usually a wolf. So... I..
it's a bummer. I wish I could actually be doing that. I'm super jealous of my
CGI wolf. Although he is pretty cute and fluffy. But I actually got beat up a
little bit in both movies. In Part 1 edward gives me a nice punch after he finds
out I imprinted on his daughter.
Rob: There was a stunt where Taylor jumps
out of the house. It's a really cool stunt. He jumped down ten stairs. And then
Taylor was like "ehh I don't really need a wire" and then goes and sprints and
makes a huge jump. It was one of the most impressive things

11:57 - Eric:
We have surprise guests.. please welcome Julia Jones, Elizabeth Reaser, Nikki
Reed, Ashley Green

Question from little girl who gets a lot of "awws":
Rob.. do you like having the baby with Bella? (awwws)
Rob: The look
on your face makes me think you're asking something else (laughs). No i do. I
really like babies. I like doing scenes with them too. It was really fun..
especially with this series as well. You're playing this statue-esque guy most
of the time. Can't be hard.. but he has the baby and it makes everything more
human. And babies.. in terms of acting with it.. they just do their own thing.
It's more fun. You're basically improvising.
Question for Taylor:
Did you like playing the character in Abduction more than the character in the
Twilight saga?

Taylor: Why is that so funny? (audience
laughing). Honestly I wouldn't be able to choose. Like I was saying earlier they
are such different characters. I was able to go from playing Jacob, who I really
love, to playing another character who I could really explore. But i would not
be able to choose. That's a good question! You put me on a tough spot

Eric (moderator): Question for those who just joined us at
the table. Talk about the growth of your characters through the course of the

Ashley Greene: It's always been fun playing Alice. Super
perky, super happy all the time. But the nice part was there was opportunities
to really see her defending her family. A dangerous side of her that you didn't
see in some films. You get to see her at her peak as she defends her family. She
goes to darker places you haven't seen her go to before.

Reed: Rosalie is not super happy and perky (laughs). It was nice to not play
that for 5 minutes. It was nice to smile. I think this journey, watching Rosalie
unfold, and working with Bill really closely to find the comedy in this and the
humor and the lighter moments was nights. I experienced in Eclipse that the
audience was laughing most of the time which was amazing. In this one Rosalie
and Bella get to connect and it becomes greater than all the petty

*connect over the baby

Elizabeth Reaser:
Working with the international vampires was a lot of fun. We had a full house at
one point. What I really enjoyed about Breaking Dawn was seeing her become a
stronger version of the character than I think we've seen. I found that to be a
more honest version of the character because every mother I've ever know..
they're the fiercest person in the family.

Julia Jones: I think
that Leah in Eclipse was always angry - to say the least - and in Breaking Dawn
she makes a decision. Growing up for her is deciding to do something tha tmakes
her happy. Makes her care. Jacob gives her that opportunity and it opens her
heart, and she now feels passion. To me that was such a relief. And I'm glad I
could leave her in that state.

Question: Did you have a chance
to watch Brazilian cinema while you were there?

Bill: First of
all we had a tight schedule, but we were right there during a festival in Rio.
We had some really great people on our crew. We managed to pick them up for 6
weeks. So I get a chance to experience that film scene down

Question: Thanks for talking to all of us. My question is
for the director. What tool did you use to make the movie more like the books.
What did you use and what were your inspirations?

Bill: Having
Stephenie Meyer there. And also Kristen. She's the biggest fan you'll ever meet.
We had a week long process where we talked through the script. We put things
backed based on suggestions from Kristen. Then on the day of shooting.. we both
spent the night before going through it again. The films are from Bella's point
of view so we wanted to get inside her head. That was our mission,

Kristen: Yeah. Ultimately you should let moments live.
Bill makes it pretty easy. As do all these folks.

Question: For
Taylor.. first off, i love you. I was just wondering, what's it like to be such
a main focus in the movie and being so in your mind?

It's a lot of pressure because there's some great stuff going on down in Brazil.
It's interesting to see moments, tidbits from Jacob's point of view to see what
he's dealing with. He matures so much. It's interesting to see how he handles
situations and how he handles them in the end.

Kristen: Also, to
step out of Bella's point of view is quite perfect because she's really
withdrawn from everyone. It's good.. she says "everyone go away".. so it's cool
to not know what's going on with her. You wonder what's going on with Edward.
They're definitely at odds.

Question for Nikki Reed (Rosalie):
What will you miss most about being on set with each other? How do you plan on
staying in touch?

Nikki: I'll miss.. we had some really special
moments, all of us. Individually. We had some really great moments together.
I'll miss being a part of the community. one thing I've noticed with this series
is, no matter who's dealing with what issue or where, ther'es always someone to
be with. In terms of being in touch, I don't know what will happen. I'd like to
say it'll be a fairy tale ending and we'll have dinners once a week. There will
be things that live on forever. It's been a really great thing for all of

Ashley: Nikki summed it up. It was nice being able to
personally - as an actor - learn and grow as an actor. For the next two years we
should be okay because we'll have premieres and conventions. But eventually it
will all sadly come to an end.

Elizabeth: I'll miss the weird
normalcy of getting up at 4 AM every day. It sounds crazy because we weren't
loving it in the moment but I do love the moments of going to set, going to
kraft services. I'm going to miss the make up artist, the director of
photography, bill condon of course. we got to work with such amazing people. The
more you go about in this industry, the more you realize you're so lucky to have
THESE kinds of experiences.

Julia Jones: I'm going to miss the
simplicity of being away from home with a group of people who wind up sustaining
you in many different ways. You spend so much time with each other. I really
appreciated the people that were there. And the way to keep in touch is to try
and prioritize it. And to say in LA (laughs)

Rob: Everyone's
really cool.. and there eventually comes a point where I say "no more!" "After
the large premiere that is IT!"

Question: I just want to say
congratulations to everyone on your success. This is for the panel. Which movie
is your favorite in the saga?

Bill: Breaking Dawn.

Part 1 or 2?

Bill: Part 1.

Rob: What's it going to be next

Bill: Part 2. (laughs)

Taylor: I'll be completely
honest. The third book I loved. But.. this movie (Part 1) is my favorite. I
just.. it's a testament to Bill. And everybody else. We had an incredible time.
This movie.. you're able to see all of the characters in a different light that
you've never seen before. We're dealing with things we never have before. I
think that's why it was my favorite. It was a challenge but we had a lot of fun
is my favorite by far.

Kristen: My favorite book was always New
Moon, but I really like Twilight a lot. Catherine did a spectacular job that
made it different from the rest of them. I like this one (Part 1) a lot. I just
saw it. Seeing them at points that are nostalgic for anyone.. seeing them at
weddings, Bella pregnant.. it's weird. It's incredibly connected to

Question: For Taylor.. does your character relate to your
real personality?

Taylor: I would hope so. I don't know if I
would be the best judge of that. I loved Jacob. He has amazing qualities. He's
loyal, persistent, I think he's an incredible guy. I would be honored if people
around would say I'm similar to Jacob.

Question: Are we going to
see some of the back stories?

Ashely Greene: Most of the fans
know more about Alice that I do. A lot of people already know about her
background. It's not in the film. I'm okay with that.

I love the audiobooks. Will any of you ever do voiceover

Elizabeth Reaser: I would love to because you can wear

Kristen: Everyone probably would right? I
Question: Do you guys use music to get pumped up for the
emotional scenes while filming?

Kristen: I definitely use music.
I have a perfect story for you actually. On the day we shot the wedding
ceremony. There was a perfect song. It'd be great if it was in the mvoie. Band
of Horses has this song Annabelle (spelling?) that should be in the movie. That
was one of the most moving experiences. They played it loud and it helped me
on wedding scene: "I ended up being a lot more relaxed than I thought I would be
... I was thinking, 'this is sort of my day.'" Honeymoon clip. She looks at the
bed. He looks at her. She looks at him, the bed, him. "You tired?" he says. "I
was a vampire a lot more when I was in Canada." - Out-of-context K-Stew quote.
"I was a vampire a lot more when I was in Canada." - Out-of-context K-Stew
quote. "It's so weird that we're all so hot." -Out-of-context K-Stew quote #2.
Bill Condon: "Kristen is the biggest fan of these books you'll ever know." Says
she had tons of input on what was being captured."Everyone AWAY, and I'm not
even going to explain myself to you." Out-of-context K-Stew quotes. "Everybody
had a really good time but eventually I come to a point where I say, 'NO MORE'."
Out-of-context Robert Pattinson quote"The third book I loved ... but this movie
is my favorite. It's a testament to Bill. And everybody else." Lautner (nice
catch there buddy) "I am so goddamned mis (GASP! hands to mouth)" Out-of-context
K-Stew quotes. And K-Stew's get-pumped-up-for-a-scene song is: "For Anabelle" by
Band of Horses. "It should be in the movie. Really." They showed actual sex!
Whereupon Edward's grip on the headboard splinters it like twigs. We've all done

@comingsoonnet Haha...Bill is funny "I quickly imprinted on the
material" Kristen Stewart, Rob Pattinson, Taylor Lautner have joined him.Robert
Pattinson is talking about the honeymoon scene, which was shot in Brazil. Awww
can't wait :) Kristen is talking about the wedding scene and how it was
something she was anticipating since the beginning of the

@MTVstyle Rob Pattz talking about the honeymoon scene -
"beautiful and warm in brazil and then HURRICANES" obert Pattinson likened the
rain in Brazil to a "honeymoon in England"

@NextMovie #SDCC #Twilight
First glimpse of Honeymoon: He carries her over the threshhold!!!
tension and longing looks at that bed that's totally gonna break!!! Bella
prepping for sex. Hilarious and HAWT!!!

@hoboswearplaid: "Bella is naked
and walking towards the water. Edward already in" "Question for Rob: Did you
have more fun playing Cedric Diggory or Edward?"

@Movieline Breaking Dawn
Comic-Con surprise: Bella as new blushing bride, preparing herself for the big
night. Ends with both naked in moonlight #sdcc

via @comingsoonnet the
honeymoon scene: The second clip showcases the honeymoon scene in an exotic
beach hotel. Edward carries Bella over the threshold. They move to the bed and
stand opposite one another. Edward sets luggage down and they stare at one
another. "I need few human minutes," Bella says. "Don't take too long, Mrs.
Cullen," says Edward, stepping outside to the beach and beginning to take his
shirt off. Bella goes into the bathroom and tries to get ready. She's frantic
and we get a musical montage as she brushes her teeth and tries to prepare. She
can't figure out what underwear to put on and falls to the ground, frustrated.
"Don't be a coward," she tells herself and heads out to the beach, wrapped in
just a towel. Edward is already in the ocean, which glitters under the
moonlight. She disrobes and heads in to join him.

@Movieline: Fan
compliments Rob on his back muscles in the trailer. "I think I can speak for all
of us when I say, 'Nom nom nom.'" #sdcc

@PattinsonStew: No doubt about it
RT @AMCMovieNews "Twilight has really changed my life." - Robert Pattinson

@BuzzSugar: Rob's favorite scene to shoot in #BreakingDawn: the
birthing scene. #comiccon

@Twilightish: RT @natfinnonE: Kristen says the
contacts rob is always complaining about really are that bad.

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