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Hollywood looking for a successor Leonard DiCaprio, someone Shilhit the Lilotihn of Htinayeg 'solidarity and fill the pockets of producers. Then came Robert Pattinson, the rest belongs to history, hysteria. Exclusive Interview

Hollywood looking for a successor Leonard DiCaprio, someone Shilhit the Lilotihn of Htinayeg 'solidarity and fill the pockets of producers. Then came Robert Pattinson, the rest belongs to history, hysteria. Exclusive Interview
Amir Kaminer, Cannes
Published: 02.12.09, 07:57

Representatives of law bodyguards charged with the safety of the stars arriving on the French Riviera seen almost everything. They experienced displays of admiration and worship bordering hysteria, but nothing prepared them for the arrival of Robert Pattinson, star of films Vampire series "Twilight". When Pattinson Cannes last he tried to walk the famous Riviera passageways, but soon found himself surrounded by hundreds of young people (Yeah, well, mostly girls) that shook the air screaming.
The bodyguards had to extract the high-decibel assault Pattinson, drove him to a bar - restaurant located on the Mediterranean coast, where we met. Pattinson looked shocked trauma dubious, and it took him time to relax.
Soundtrack to our conversation was different than usual: more usual sounds (sound waves clink martini glasses and champagne), the conversation was followed by the length of screaming fans outside the compound ambushed Pattinson saved well. "It's bizarre, embarrassing and amusing to do the interview in a restaurant, when outside screaming fans," admits the 23-year-old Pattinson. "When I came to Cannes did not expect the girls screaming.
Cannes vocal display purpose, held last May, was only Promo wave caused enormous admiration
The second film in the series, "New Moon", with the release at -20.11. Already within its first day in North America GRAPH Balad imaginary sequel "72.7 million dollars, thus breaking the record revenues for the first day in theaters.
Within its first weekend he set another record jackpot plump Cshniv of 140.7 million - opening third highest amount in the history of Hollywood, when "The Dark Knight" and "Fiidrmn 3" ahead of him on the list. Meanwhile, Pattinson became a huge star that many compare to that caused hysteria around Leonardo DiCaprio in the port after "Titanic". Without a doubt, Hollywood has a new star scale unseen for a long time.
It's hard to ignore the beauty of Pattinson. Hmtohazkt hair well, dark eyebrows and piercing eyes carved Luke offerings of classic breaks hearts. The fact that he was dressed all in black sitting in a restaurant surrounded by stylish black and white images of sex symbols past, like Marcello Mastroianni, just upgrading its presence in space. One can understand why a magazine "People" recently chose him the sexiest man in the universe, divided every year degree is not necessarily the most sexy men, like most successful.
In the case of Pattinson selection is justified precisely because sex is a combination - even difficult to spell. Pattinson is a conqueror, intelligent, self-awareness has developed an attractive and indifference that makes the whole thing. After recovering from the experience of the siege around the boardwalk, he shows a relaxed and stress, if left like that, it freezes the game at the gate of his chest.
Pattinson was born in London mother and father who worked for a modeling agency to import cars from the United States collectors. Is the youngest son, and has two older sisters away. Legend Pattinson, an androgynous appearance, dressed in my clothes childhood, but he denies it: "It was kind of a joke," he chuckles. "Simply invented the tale that worked on people, and it rolled on."
Youth experienced amateur theater, where he caught the eye of agent players enthusiastic young actor began to promote his business. Pattinson came in parallel institutional theater began to model. "I looked like a girl," he once explained, "so I got a lot of modeling jobs. At the time thought it shows two kinds of sound".
Accompanied by early career disappointments, delays and failures. Yad Reed Vanity role (alongside Reese Witrsfon) Left on the editing room floor, and he was deposed a play just before the premiere. Then came the "Harry Potter" luck has changed. At age 20 Pattinson appeared in two successful film series ( "Order of the Phoenix", "Goblet of Fire"), which played Cedric Digori, actor Quidditch group of Hufflepuff, finished following the teachings of Lord Voldemort.
After "Harry Potter" Pattinson moved to live in a small apartment and slept in Soho in London and continued his attempts to break big. "It was the smallest apartment there. There was nothing inside. I lived there without a carpet, without a radiator, there was even a shower. I had to go to my parents to take a shower. It was so cool bohemian. I could go on the roof and see the whole landscape. And every day I wrote music full of things. I'm upset that I lost it. "
After a dry period of year exams approached Pattinson canvas movie "twilight", a bestseller adaptation of Stephanie Meyer published in 2005. The producers were looking for the player who could fill the shoes of Edward Cullen, a vampire romance, pale, charming and melancholy, serving as the object of her love of the girl Bella Swan. Pattinson man on thousands of candidates and won coveted role.
"Twilight" graph 350 million, Pattinson Kristin Stewart and his film became Taylor Mautner youth idols. Now, also the second film in the series starring at the box office, three bouncing lightly talk show each other and managed to pass with Jay Leno, Conan O'Brian, Ellen DeGeneres, David Letterman and all the other immediate suspects. Quick peek at newsstands in the United States reveal their faces decorate almost every gate two.
They seem everywhere at any given moment. United States develops an obsession with the gloomy trio not seem to calm down soon (see third column). Only recently was a documentary called "Robsessed", deals with obsession that is occurring around Pattinson. Meanwhile, the magazine Vanity Fair this month placed him on the cover and referred to again compare the hysteria around Leonardo DiCaprio in "Titanic" worship develops around the young actor and a successor is determined.
Pattinson in turn became a symbol of sex role model fashionable young men began to imitate his pale Gothic Luke, when they do not give up even lipstick. "It's strange to see how young people react to me. Ten years old came up to me and said: 'You can bite me?. Some journalists asked me' Who would you want to bite?", And told them: 'I do not know if I want to bite Someone, I'm not really into bite people. "
Mass scene before our meeting soon led to debate the phenomenon of admiration for him, dealing with fame excited about the moment that "imaginary" was released late screens in 2008. "Actually, everything that happens to me is quite bizarre. Even what is happening here now. Sometimes I sit in a restaurant and fans come up to me. I never run away from them. I'm probably pretty stupid.
Overall, they devoted great. The phenomenon of admiration is something to be known for. If you continue to be negative and say you hate the glory and admiration, then go crazy really, because you can not stop the phenomenon. It's okay when you expect it, but when you're surprised, and things get out of control and you're caught in chaos as here in Cannes, it's scary. Fortunately, such cock-ups happen only rarely. Not always get to be surrounded by hundreds of people.
In general, I felt no desire to satisfy the need of people, including photographers require of their supply that could enter
News Page. Sometimes I try to make their life difficult. They want Shastta to their images appear on the front page. They do desperate things awkward passages. They do not stop to make provocations. Even yesterday in Cannes photographers shouted: 'smile, smile. I told them: 'But I smile. So they grumbled: 'you're so boring. "
Pattinson's presence in the gossip columns has become commonplace. Any place of entertainment he has ordered for consideration, any sidewalk which took getting attention, of course, every girl that looked at romantic affair becomes vague.
How do you get along with gossip you must appear in the tabloids?
"I do not care what gossiping about me. It does not affect my career, in the immediate vicinity Most people know the truth, but my mother, who apparently believe every negative word written about me. She keeps saying: 'I can not believe you did it'"

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