Robert Pattinson about aims in life and sex scenes in "Breaking Dawn"

Première: The last time we talked, you were
filming New Moon, the second Twilight movie. Here we are again, a year later
for the opening of Eclipse. I’m having a hard time keeping up it’s going so
fast …

Robert Pattinson: There were only two months
between the filming of New Moon and Eclipse, during which I made Remember Me.
Everything, went by so fast that I never felt like I quit twilight. But I was
still sort of lost when I started Eclipse. I didn’t have the time to prepare
myself so I needed a few weeks to accommodate myself.

P: What did you expect from a director like
David Slade and did was he different on the set from what you imagined?

RP: I had no idea what I could expect from a
director specialized in more mature films, who’s not afraid of explicit
violence. Honestly, I was wondering how his universe would merge with the one
Twilight, which isn't known for its nerve-raking
violence. David had a clear idea of what he wanted to do; he had a different
work method than Catherine and Chris’.

P: Like what?

RP: Eclipse introduces a lot of new characters; the atmosphere is
less stuffy than in the first two movies.
Twilight was
centered on Edward and Bella’s romance,
on Jacob and Bella’s relationship with Edward at the the
allows each character to have its ‘moment’ the spectrum
is wider. The movie is, also, more rhythmed by action, and less focused on
everyone’s intimacy.

P: Knowing that there is a big fight scene
between the wolves and the vampires at the end, did you ever think you were
filming (in) a war movie?

RP: You have no idea. We had to go through a
special training for almost a month before the filming of the first shoots, to
learn how to fight and to organize the stunts. It was nothing like in the
previous movies were the rehearsals were more standard. For this one, we needed
an intense physical preparation. The funny thing was that the vampires and the
wolves each had their own training camp.

P: All the juicy stuff is in Breaking Dawn: The
sex scene, a birthing scene in which your character performs a C-section with
his teeth…

RP: I know! I’m wondering how they will be able to
translate this on screen. We’ll end up with a R rated movie
Hopefully! :-})
… Can you imagine if we decided to go all in and turn
Twilight into a raw saga for adults with sex scenes and everything?(Kate: If
Summit would appear as the most progressive studio in the
world. This would be funny.

P: I’m sure Stephenie Meyers would love that! Some
fans made a petition to keep the movie adaptation of BD as faithful as
possible, and to give the movie an R rating. Since the majority of the audience
is young, they’re actually campaigning to get their access into theater denied.

RP: *laughs* I’m sure they would buy the dvd and
appreciate it even more.

P: When you got the script for Eclipse,
what were the scenes you were the most impatient to film?

RP: Until now, the majority of the scenes in Twilight were
between me and Kristen. I was happy to play this role with other actors. In the
first two volumes, I always felt like Edward was hidden and reserved. In
Eclipse, he’s angry; he sort of flies off the handle. It looks simple said like
this but he seems less taciturn in this movie, to the point where I thought I
was playing someone else.

P: If I was playing someone as serious as
Edward Cullen for months, I’d like to release the tension once the filming is
over, probably by getting drunk all night.

RP: But I was already drinking on set. *laughs*But
seriously, when I was done filming Twilight I shot another movie right away so
I really didn’t have the time to stand back from all this. At the beginning of
May, I went back to reshoot some scene for
Eclipse just as I
was done with
Bel Ami, I was completely lost. I couldn't lose
my accent, I couldn’t find my marks … but once the make-up was put on my face,
and I wore my contacts, everything came back to me.

For the first time, I realized that I missed this
character and how weird I would feel when the saga is over.

Red here the complete interview

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Comment by Gizz on June 9, 2010 at 2:29pm
Comment by Kayla (Team Switzerland) on June 9, 2010 at 3:35pm
awww! awesome! i love gonna be sad too rob! i love you...thanks for posting
Comment by Mrs Jade Edward Cullen on June 9, 2010 at 4:59pm
He's so passionate about his work!! Love him so much!!


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