Robert Pattinson in remake of Dark Arc??

I dont know whether its old news but i certainly havent heard this before. This is a snippet from Spunk Ransoms website on Rob's rumoured upcoming movie,

This is a Spunk Ransom exclusive!

An individual approached us stating they had breaking news that Rob’s next project has been green-lighted and signed! The details I received from “The Insider” are listed below:

The film is a remake of the 2004 film “Dark Arc”.

A major studio is behind the project.

Potential co-stars are Emma Watson and Casey Affleck as the three lead characters with Rob.

Rob and Emma Watson have signed but Casey Affleck is still in talks.

We have confirmed “The Insider”’s location and found it consistent with the other details that were provided.

GO to for the rest of the interesting information

Here is the plot description from IMDB

Director Dan Zukovic weaves together the bizarre story of a love triangle between an artist, a graphic designer, and their inspiring muse. Viscount Laris is an eccentric, modern-day dandy obsessed by the power of art and visual imagery to shape the behavior and destiny of the individual. Juxta, a striking young cosmetician absorbed by masks, makeup, and false identities, soon falls under Viscount's idiosyncratic influence. Together they plot an elaborate game where they seek to influence the behavior of Ed Smith, a harmless and complacent graphic designer, through a meticulously planned series of staged visual events. Smith himself is unaware that these 'visual events' are manufactured and he soon becomes obsessed by Juxta, the mysterious woman he associates with these 'charged images'. As the game progresses, Viscount's experiments grow sinister and cruel. Juxta, having fallen for Smith, decides to turn the tables on Viscount. She enlists Smith's help and together they plot their grand revenge. Sensing the defection, Viscount is determined to raise the stakes and sets in motion a climactic confrontation wherein all three characters will come to together one final time, creating the penultimate 'charged image'. Written by Brendan Keown
Source IMDB

Emma Watson played Hermoine in Harry Potter with Rob and is now sporting a very different haircut

Source Emma's facebook page

And this is a pic of Casey Afflek from photobucket he starred in The Ocean's Triligy and the "assassination of Jesse James" along side Brad Pitt and then there is out dreamy ROB.

from the information I've seen Rob would be possibly playing the Viscounts Role which looks rather interesting and similar to his de-meaner in Bel Ami.

I have to point out just incase you havent read the whole link that this is only a RUMOUR at this time and it has not been confirmed at all but heres hoping it sounds like another challenging role.

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