We know just how badly you Robstenites wanna adore your fave young, hot H'wood couple, and sticks-in-the-mud like Summit just won't let you love them up close and personal. In Robert Pattinson's case, it's prolly for the best if he wants to live another day to film Eclipse.

There's one way to declare your love of Robsten from afar: fan-made vids! And holy Canadian cow, there are hundreds of them all over the Net. You guys getting any fresh air out there? There's a fan vid that emphasizes how awkward Rob and Kristen Stewart can be in front of the cameras and another all about freeing Robsten from their Summit shackles! One fan even created a friggin' multiepisode series chronicling the love story of how Michsten turned into Robsten. What, no love for Latsikki?

But there is one unlikely duo that comes superclose to inspiring even hotter fan vids than Robsten, and they would be...

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki from Supernatural. Nobody comes close to capturing YouTube adulation like these two doable dudes. If the photo-heavy clips weren't precious enough, Jen and Jar licking one another on the red carpet is almost too cute not to rewatch a dozen times. Or this one, which claims that Jensen finds Jared hot—hey, we can't disagree!

Seriously, at the rate these vids are posted, J.A. and J.P. had better slap a ring on one another so they don't let all their tech-savvy fans down!

Are fan vids creepy? Who cares. Some of them sorta come off that way, but we think it's just a lot of innocent fun, especially when the alternative is getting an elaborately inked Twilight tattoo you can never, ever remove. Admit it: Some of you all went too far with those worshipping needles.

So can you guys beat our findings? Send us your best Robsten or Jackles fan vid and we might post it! Just keep it on the sexier side, babes, and try to avoid creepytown. R.Pattz has enough security surrounding him as it is, right?


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