Ok number 1: This Vanity Fair interview was done while he was in San diego for the comic con... which means that he said these things 4 months ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A Lot changes in 4 months and yes he deflected the question by turing it to the tabloids because thats what they always do and I believe that from this and the way they were acting at the comic con that at that point their feelings for eachother were just starting to become more.... and that was right after she just broke up with Michael!!! so he was very smart in not confirming nor outwardly deniing the relationship bc knowing that the mag would come out now, he did not know where their relationship would be standing!!!!!! Look at everything that has happened in the recent months!!!!! The K.O.L concert for one, the teen choice awards( the time spent in LA together befor, and then leaving together), Them practically living together for the shooting of Eclipse, and the VMA's which we've all seen the picture to understand the chemistry, and now with them spending the only day they had in LA together. So I have faith in Rob and Kristen!!! They are just too perfect for eachother to ignore their chemisrty!!! And until i see them both deny it upfront and in the present Im not believeing anything!!! It just makes me upset that an interview taken months ago causes this much of a stir and gets everyone worked up over something that was said 4 months ago! Now every news souce is going to get fired up and be excited to report that Rob has denied their relationship, when really he didnt and it was said so long ago!! I am sticking to believing what it is i see for myself not what i read.. Because actions clearly speak louder than words!!!! I know i have moved way passed obsessive and onto insane but these people are literally my life!
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Comment by Missangietoyou on November 2, 2009 at 12:43pm
Who care if there going out or not!!!!!!!!!!!
There people just like us and they need love to you know!!!!!
It's very hard to have any romance in hollywood life style.
So please I ask you nicely to lave them alone would you want some watching every move you made!!!!!!!!!!!!


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