My little sister's friend, Baeli was lucky enough to picked as an extra for Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning's movie The Runaways. I asked her if she would allow me to post it for her since she is not able. Here is what she said:

Kristen wasn't there because it was Dakota's scene... she's still so cute!!!

Alright so I got there and I went to wardrobe and they dressed me in an UGLY brown dress... Like long sleeves and turtle neck dress and I went to hair and makeup. I looked totally 70s. Then we went to the big auditorium and we got seats.

(Blogger's note) Okay watch the comments little one! You will one day dress like that again when the style is recycled!

They took us out so Dakota could rehearse. When we went back, Dakota started her scene; it's when Cherie (Dakota's character) performs at her talent show. She sings this David Bowie song and she's got crazy paint on her face. She starts and the crowd (me) is supposed to laugh and make fun of her, so someone throws a paper wad at her and someone yells "Freak!" (that dude got paid $700 for yelling!!!) So then we throw a couple more balls and she comes up to the front of the stage and flips us off, so we boo and make a ruckus and throw more... It was fun! We did that all day till Dakota's shoe like ripped apart. So yeah. I was sitting like a row or two behind Elvis's great granddaughter and Michael Jackson's like step granddaughter or something; she played Dakota's sister! So I should be on camera.

Dakota giggled when my mom was in the hallway by her and her mom. Some people were talking about whether it's easier to raise boys or girls. Dakota's sweet and shy, but when she's in the zone, she doesn't mess around!

We were also supposed to do a lunch scene, but we didn't... I could be called back. I got paid $134 ever 8 hours and I worked 10 1/2 hours, so I better be paid overtime! {giggles}

Thank you Baeli! You are too cute!

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Comment by bae kay on June 27, 2009 at 4:09pm
YAY MEEE!:D oh n i found out, she was elvis' grand daughtr n, micheals ex step daughtr! :)


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