Screw Robsten, Suits "Concerned" About Eclipse

This has got me so worried about Eclipse.....

Bad news from Deep Twi: Eclipse's heat is being, well, eclipsed!

We know the studio has tried to assure fans reshoots don't mean trouble (which is usually true), but we're hearing that may not entirely be the case. It is stress city over at Summit...

Execs over at our fave Twilight studio are "concerned" about the third film and how it's going to be received by fans. With David Slade directing, Twi-hards have been nervous that Eclipse would be all action and very dark...which is all true.

And while we've heard positive things thus far from people who have seen some Eclipse clips, the studio is semi freaking out.

"It's just not all there," is how one of our sources put it.

Basically everyone is frantic that the movie isn't going to be good enough to go on June 30. The reshoots, or "pickup shots," are a normal thing to do, yes, but there's a lot riding on these to make the film ready.

Nerves aren't uncommon before a major blockbuster release, especially when they have to try and top the hundreds of millions they made last time. What has Summit more worried is the fact that we're all worried!

When we asked one of our studio moles for the latest love update on Rob and Kristen, here was our source's response:

"Who knows? Who cares? It's not an issue right now. We're just trying to contain this [notion that something's wrong with the film]. It's just pickups, nothing more, but there's this other perception out there."

Oh yeah. Summit is stressed! But one thing they aren't stressed about, we're told, is Slade. We hear the rumors that David was on the outs with Summit are "not true" and that everyone really enjoyed working with him. Let's just hope the personal lovefest makes for a good movie, ya know?

So back to what most of you care about—Rob and Kristen (who, yes, are together together): The studio's over it...for now.

"Oh, I just could care less anymore," vents our insider. "Nobody here does. Who knows what they're going to do."

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Comment by Heather on April 18, 2010 at 1:20pm
I read this on E news..its got me worried but im going to try and keep an open mind about it all cuz I'm with y'all eclipse i s my favorite and I want to see bella and edward and jacob and the cullens. Not so much the story about victoria and riley which I also read there is going to be a lot of in the movie(hince the new bree book) I mean why would they only release 2 trailors till the movie comes out when they released so much more on new moon...I'm nervious for sure


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