SWATH UK Premiere Contest Winner Shares Her Report & Photos! was granted tickets to The Snow White and The Huntsman premiere in the UK and special entrance into an exclusive fan area on the red carpet. We decided to have a giveaway. The lucky Twifan who won shares her fan report and pictures below. Scroll down under the pictures to read about her premiere experience (her native language is French so please excuse the translation errors).

Thanks for the report Melanie!

On May 11th, 2012, I go on my e-mail box and I see that I received an e-mail of

I open the e-mail and what I see was unreal: " You have won the 2 tickets to the exclusive UK SWATH premiere and fan area " I didn't believe in it... I read again more of 10 times the e-mail to be sure...

I am on a cloud and I sleep not many the last days and I lose the appetite: the stress.

How I am going to go to London knowing that the transport is not included? We live only once so we are going to make of the road.

I passed the weekend, to take the reservation of the ferry the Dunkerque / Dover then the places for the bus (2:35 am to go, 2 hours the return!)

On May 14th 2012, we are there and I can't imagine in a few hours, I will see Kristen but also Chris and Charlize. Up at 5:30 am to take the ferry at 8 am. No way to be late! The journey in ferry takes place in the stress, no doubt to miss the bus to go to London! We go out of the ferry and it is the race against the clock which starts. Car was parked, it is necessary to run to take the bus. After 2:30 am of road by bus wait for us, a real hell. After the road, direction the subway for Leicester Square. Taken out of subway, we look for the place.

Arrived with my mom, we see that everybody bustle for the green / forest carpet! We look for the press office, to remove tickets.

The ladies receive us in French with a big smile. Rest more than to wait to go to the place reserved for "Bloggers". Once the arrived hour, I am more and more impatient. I discuss with another bloggeuse which is great nice and which speaks a little bit French, we make franglaises conversations! :)

Then, the actors arrive, and one wait a great deal of time before seeing them...

Indeed, we are placed after the journalists. It is cold, it is raining, we are great spoiled in more!

The actors pass and arrest, two other bloggeuses which were next to me had " the monopoly ". They discussed 10 minutes sometimes with the actors … I was entitled to photos and everything... Charlize and Kristen passed rather fast, they were cold, I understand them with the interviews... Certain actors did not even come to see us.

Then, we go into the cinema, and the movie begins. Regrettably, I was not able to see it whole because I had to take back the subway, to have the bus but i was see satisfied me and i can't wait more to see the end.

A magnificent day, which will remain engraved for a very long time. We have that a life, I was not on to provide to realize this dream, I darkened! I wish you all to continue to believe in it, it is necessary never discouraged as I was able to make it!

Thanks TwiFans for this opportunity.


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Comment by seekingbecca on May 19, 2012 at 10:08pm

Was Rob seen some where around there?

Comment by sarah cullen on May 20, 2012 at 5:08am

lucky her :)

Comment by Kim on May 20, 2012 at 6:10am

Rob was seen at the afterparty, there are photos of him there but I don't remember seeing anything of him at the red carpet.

Comment by denise koutra on May 20, 2012 at 12:23pm


Comment by Christina on June 10, 2012 at 11:15pm

Hi I read that you won on the Swath Premiere contest winner I am happy for you I bet being on the road was a little frustrating since I am sure it take more time. But that sounds cool to be able to ride the Ferry I hope you didn't have rush too much to catch the bus. I wish you would have been able to talk to Kristen and Charlize But I guess they were in a hurry but from the picture it still looks like you had a great time thanks for sharing.


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