Dissecting Seven HQ Breaking Dawn - Part 2 Movie Stills - Come see what we learned!

Summit Entertainment sent us a little gift today, seven Breaking Dawn - Part 2 movie stills so we can zoom in and dissect them!  What we learned was...we can't find much.  So here is my guesses and observations.

1.  Bella as a vampire.  She is still in the blue transforming dress so she is a very new vampire.  Probably just after waking up.  Holy cow Bella...you are beautiful as a vampire just like in the books!  We had to zoom in for a closer look.

The red eyes in my opinion are flawless and I am so happy with her non-cakey vampire whiteness!

2.  Trouble is already in paradise cause the Denalis are in the photo, but what is it Carlisle?  Are they in the Cullen backyard looking up a one of the balconies on the Cullen house?  Why does Edward look like he is reading Carlisle's mind and not looking up like the other vampires?  It looks like Bella is still a baby vamp and her eye are still red.  Carlisle is wearing his Cullen crest ring.

We are totally thrown by this pic.  Bella's hair looks disheveled, but we are glad it's real hair and not a wig!  Was she just running through the woods with flat hair Eddie? Anyone's guess is our guess with this pic.  See more Cullen house pics here.

3.  Christmas at Charlie Swan's house!  Looks just as we pictured in the books.  I giggle at all the food on the table.  Sweet Jacob is probably smiling at good ole Charlie.

How are those human eye colored contacts working for ya Bella?  We can't see Bella's eyes in this pic, but we assume they are human brown.  Notice we are moving forward with the two rings.  You can read all about that discovery here.

4.  Bella showing Renesmee something inside the locket.  Could it be a phrase that was engraved?  We zoomed in, but couldn't see anything engraved on the outside of the locket.  Is this Bella's fight outfit?  Notice they are in a tent.

We hope there is a sweet photo of Mommy and Daddy and a little French phrase engraved:

plus que ma
propre vie

The English translation is "more than my own life," as mentioned in the novel, and describes Bella's love for her daughter.

5.  Daddy and Renesmee moment.  We love Daddyward.  Notice that Renesmee is now wearing the locket and is in a different outfit than in the tent.  Nice to see Edward looking more relaxed and not so stressed.  Is this after the battle?  We think so, but only time will tell.

Notice the fleur-dis-lis on the front.  A fleur-dis-lis is a French symbol.  With that on the front, we are confident that the engraving with also be in French, like the books describe.  In French, fleur means flower, and lis means lily. 

6.  Bella and Edward alone.  Is that a cottage window we spy in the right behind Bella?  My imagination might be running away with me, but are those jammies that they are wearing?

Notice Bella's eyes are still red here and you can see a satin-type fabric with buttons.  I wonder if Edward is wearing pajama pants!?!  Sigh...possibly outside the cottage in jammies. 

7.  Edward and Bella in the meadow.  Bella's eyes are now amber so she is not as new as the other photos above.  She is also dressing more herself.  Jeans, tennis shoes, and a tee.

That concludes are dissecting.  Please click on the photos to see more detail cause they get larger.  I would love to know if you see anything differently than I do, so please comment away!

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Comment by Kimberley Cullen on August 17, 2012 at 8:10am

Can't wait until 11/16/2012 :) I just Love the picture with Edward and Renesmee...


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