What do you think? Are shape shifters really neccesary or they just exist because they are hot? Or are you really in love with them and can't get them out of your head? Well I do not really like them... I prefer the cold ones. But if I would be human what would I think of them? I guess they would be rather ok. Well yeah they are hot but why does they always have to run around shirtless? Because they transform themelfes into animals. That fact is disgusting. I mean into animals... HELLO? Can you imagine how much they stinks when they get wet? Eyo...! But hey if you like them or not is your decision...! Good luck in finding out :) Here are some informations for you...


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Comment by Melissa Connelly on June 19, 2011 at 1:50am
Did you even read the books? Yeah, they are necessary because without them Bella would have died many times. In the meadow, cliff diving, on the mountaintop, in the newborn battle, in the Breaking Dawn battle. They are shirtless because they have a temperature of 108 degrees. I reckon that would get a little hot. The wolves live on a reservation which is generally low income so if they change with their clothes on then they would have to spend money they don't have on new clothes. This is why Billy yells at Jacob for ruining so many shoes because they don't have disposable money. Turning into animals? The human race is in the animal kingdom, making us animals, so that argument is out of the question. Disgusting is harsh seeing as they can't help what they are just as the vampires can't help how they are. The wolves exist to keep the vampire population down and to make sure humans are safe. How would you know they would smell? Yes, to a vampire, but not to humans. Bella describes Jacob as having a woodsy scent that's enjoyable. I doubt they'd smell as a wolf since they live by the ocean and a large river to keep clean. You linked us to a Wikipedia page that has nothing to do with the Twilight saga, but has everything to do with mythology in our world and not the Twilight world. So, no, I will not be finding anything out.
Comment by Black Green Eyed One (Shapes) on June 19, 2011 at 7:47am

Hi  Marnie ,

Why would you want to be a cold one? Do you want to be a blood-thirsty, murderer for the rest of your life, having to hide from sunlight, having to watch everyone around you die, having to lie to everyone you know, having to constantly resist what comes naturally - to kill. If it weren't for Werewolves, vampires would run havoc in the twilight universe and have no regard to human life whatsoever. I like Shapeshifters because they are like the guardian angels of Twilight, they'e trying to prevent people becoming cold, which is noble. Look up the definition of someone who is cold sometime.





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