"So this is the chick that makes her move on Edward in Midnight Sun?! Oooh-kay" Find out who I think COULD be a better Tanya.


okay. real life happens so i was so out of the loop of the twilight universe. i was so clueless and i only got to see the full list of the actors who will play the other vamps in BD last night. i'd have to admit that i was excited to see the actress who will play TANYA because it was described that her beauty could almost rival rosalie's. so when i saw her picture, the thought that came to mind was, "so this is the chick that makes her move on edward in midnight sun?! oh-kay..." i will honestly say that i am a bit disappointed. i mean no offense. myanna buring is pretty, but she isn't tanya material. (of course, nikki reed isn't rosalie material either, but anyway...)

then i remembered when i was watching REMEMBER ME, i thought emilie de ravin would make a great tanya. she has an angelic face and big eyes that could pull one in. (i imagine that would be a great asset for a succubus like her.) and in my opinion, she's even prettier than ms. buring (again, no offense meant.)





and of course, the tabloids have already worked hard on portraying emilie as "a villian of sorts" with regards to the ROBSTEN fanbase. we couldn't let their all efforts go to waste now, could we? yeah. insert sarcasm there.


here are other reasons why i think EDR would have been a suitable actress for the tanya character:



according to her IMDB page, emilie is really close to her LOST co-star maggie grace, who will also portray as tanya's sister, irina.






her innocent almost child-like looks can draw a person in (especially weak, hormonal males. tanya is a succubus after all). can you believe she's turning 30 years old this year?


she's got a toned, banging body. not bad for a petite girl who stands 5 feet 2 inches tall (IMDB). not. bad. at. all.



and for us who saw Remember Me, it's hard to deny that she and Rob indeed have a good chemistry together. a good chemistry that could possibly be bothering for kristen... erm i mean BELLA.


so what do you think? do you approve of summit's choice for tanya? do you think emilie would have been a great tanya as well? or do have someone else in mind? feel free to share your opinions!


~kady :D


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Comment by ß.Gomez on January 22, 2011 at 11:08am
I think Jessica from true blood would have made a good tanya


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