Some Eclipse behind the scenes pics and article....

Following is the translated article. SPOILERS!! Contains making-of info.

The Official Illustrated Guide reveals the inside story of Eclipse

The appetite of the public asks for more, and the history of Twilight always serves the most, “emphasized Eclipse coproducer Bill Bannerman, giving testimony to the compillation of nearly 150 pages formatted by the author Mark Cotta Vaz, under the title The Twilight Saga : Eclipse – Official Illustrated Movie Guide. Candidate to head the list of bestsellers from The New York Times in the wake of the Twilight and New moon guides. The mix of book and magazine subsidizes, with technical information and many images, both professionals from the film industry as the fans too daring, which form the group of Twilighters, a legion multiplied not only in blogs but ubiquitous even in places used in set of the adaptations of tetralogy signed by Stephenie Meyer. To get an idea, the team claims to have seen declared fans of Vancouver (Canada) before appearing in the film made in Italy.

Author of the publication that examines the background of the famous company Industrial Light & Magic (which served as the classic Star Wars), Mark Cotta Vaz, the new book goes into details as to explain the magic to be multiplied to 8 million by the number of digital for each of the lobes seen on screen. Very specific, the narrative brings records as the use of three wigs for the composition of Bella (Kristen Stewart), the presence of 700 people involved in the tempo of the film and the creation of a tree (aluminum) at 12 meters tall and made linied with foam for the crucial scene in the cold mountainous region in the end.

In reading, there is information that the fighter kickboxing Jonathan Eusebio served as a consultant for training to fight the cast backstage after participating in Iron Man 2. most intense scenes of action are the series of Eclipse, evaluates the actor Jackson Rathbone, who is responsible for interpreting the vampire Jasper Hale, the target of intense revelations in the new chapter. The sequencing of the plot, by the way, emerges as a priority in most relevant statement of Robert Pattinson the vampire Edward. “My greatest hope is that fans see how the films are connected and are not just random products,” says the leading man. The vision of the producer Wyck Godfrey supports the weight of momentum in the final product: “We all love Eclipse because it is the film with more action and it’s more manly.”

Devices such as the creation of storyboards for the first and bustling scene of the attack on Riley (Xavier Samuel, because, at one point as “a general hipster”) are described in Chapter Shadows gathered. In it, there are boundaries for the use of colors printed on film: cold tones of blue to surround the Cullen clan, advancing on the red representing the nation Quileute earthy palette and go around the universe of the small town of Forks. Film’s director, David Slade appears to explain the “emotional component” linked to the use of colors. The shades come again on the agenda when the cinematographer Javier Aguirresarobe comments on the appearance, in part, of the dreaded Volturi : “It is a monochrome image, austere and hard, an image that exudes fear.”

The explanation of the blend really captured the scenes at Mount Seymour (north of Vancouver) and that obtained in the studios generate curiosity, like the passage in which the effect of “magic carpet”- for agile chase scenes in the forest – is described, with comments in the wake of successive runs of 30 meters which was towed by a truck. Tricks as the use of bags of “potato”(actually\objects sized with more than two meters to simulate the trunk of wolves in the scene) were part of the creations of Tippet Studio (Phil Tippet, a dissident of the Head of Industrial Light & Magic) combined with Image Engine, a company that said the effects of District 9, And Eclipse, stuck to the puzzle as the study of the properties of the crystals in order to provide a basis for the scenes where the vampires were members of some parties, in passages of greater violence.


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Comment by sarah catheryn on July 12, 2010 at 6:23pm
hey guys!
if you want you can read this note in spanish in DIARIOTWILIGHT!
Comment by TeamEdwardForever<333!!=) on July 13, 2010 at 7:38am
ive already seen all! :)


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