Some Girls have OUR Dream Day with Kellan Lutz on the set of 'Warrior'

Some girls decided to go to their mother's place of business after hearing that the move 'Warrior' was being filmed there and to their surprise it was an open set. Meaning just walk on or watch. They brought cookies and made friends fast! And the friends and videos will last a lifetime!!!

"We found out it was an open set so after some time pondering what to do, a man told us to just walk on. Low and behold, there is Kellan just standing there; Ari being bold, walks up and makes our presense known. That night we were able to meet him and spend some time with him (he is an amazing person, in case you were curious) and we made friends with the stunt guys. They joked about us bringing food, but we delivered."

'The next night we came back with a humongous tray of cookies and let me just say, they were a hit. C'mon, all those guys on set, they couldn't resist. It went so well we brought more the next night. They loved it, and us. Everyone on set was so nice and made us all feel so welcomed. After those few days we were sad it had to end, but we knew the time was coming, or so we though. Basically long story short, after all those days we were able to just walk right on set the next few times they were back since they needed to shoot more than planned. It was a great experience and we met some great people".
'I really hope he stays true to who he is. He is sweet, caring, and loves him family, friends, and fans. Oh, and he gives amazing hugs! I also love his little sister.'

From Kimmy Hand blog

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